[Story in Theme] Hyosung embodying Patriotism for Fifty Years

2017. 6. 23. 10:34

 Hyosung embodying Patriotism for fifty years.

The Korean War began on June 25th 1950, and in memorial of the Korean War, Korea celebrates June as the month of Patriotism. Hyosung also conducts various activities to respect and honor war veterans and to pray for peace. Here are several examples of Hyosung, embodying Patriotism.

 Sharing love with soldiers

Thanks for the soldiers, guarding our country and protecting the people 24/7, corporates can focus on and devote themselves to economic activities. That is why Hyosung has always respected and honored those who serve the country, and has not hesitated to express its gratitude to the soldiers. 

Since entering a one-company-one-camp sisterhood relationship with ROK Army 1st Corps (the “Gwanggaeto Corps”) in 2010, Hyosung continued its support by supplying goods and funds for the troops serving the country. Directors and employees of Hyosung, along with members from the Hyosung Sharing Volunteer Corps visits sister memorial halls of Seoul National Cemetery, Daejeon National Cemetery and Yeongcheon National Cemetery, all which entered into a one-company-one-memorial park treaty with Hyosung, to pay their respect to those who sacrificed themselves for the country, and to clean the scenery of the memorial park. 

On every Memorial Day and Armed Forces Day, Hyosung visits these memorial parks to wipe the tombstones, to remove weeds, and to pay their respect to those who served for the country. LEE Joo-young from Chemicals Team 2 of Chemicals PU, who visited Seoul national Cemetery on May 24th as part of the one-company-one-memorial park program, recalled his gratitude by saying “It made me think about the sacrifices made by the soldiers who has protected our country.”

 300th veteran supported by ‘Patriotic Housing’

Hyosung has supported the ‘Patriotic Housing’ project ran by Headquarters of ROK Army since 2012. The ‘Patriotic Housing’ project selects struggling veterans who served in the Korean War and Vietnam War to protect the people of Korea, and renovates their houses to enjoy a better life, and Hyosung is supporting the program with ROK Army, public institutes, and other business entities. 

There are over 130 thousand Korean War veterans, with an average age of 86, while the majority of the 200 thousand Vietnam War veterans are living under basic welfare policies. Most of these veterans require consistent and sincere care to improve their daily living, moreover their housing. On May 12th, Hyosung visited Headquarters of ROK Army and donated 100 million KRW (approx. USD 890,000) to fund the project. 

 Hyosung, supporting ‘Book reading barracks’ program

Hyosung is supporting the ‘Book reading barracks’ program of its sister camp, ROK Army 1st Corps (the “Gwanggaeto Budae”). In 2016, Hyosung donated 2 book cafes, including one at the HWANG Joonghae Post (a post named after the army hero from 1980), of ROK Army 9th division. The book café donated to the HWANG Joonghae Post is a container type building (3m x 9m), holding over 1,000 books, and can facilitate 12 soldiers at once. 

Hyosung is donating this program to help soldiers develop themselves during their service, and to support soldiers rehabilitate to the society after their discharge. Surveying soldiers from 20 camps, book cafes help the soldiers spending their personal time, and comparing with before the book cafes, the number of average books soldiers read has tripled.

 Hyosung’s global patriotism

Patriotic acts of Hyosung USA. 

Hyosung holds a celebratory event with Korean War veterans and their families every June at the Redstone Arsenal located in Huntsville Alabama. Hyosung USA holds this event to honor those who put their lives on the line during the Korean War to protect our country. Alabama, where Hyosung USA resides, is the home of many Korean War veterans, and over 300 veterans and their families are expected to attend this year’s event. 

KIM Seungjin, Consul General of the Republic of Korea in Atlanta, will also attend the event to express his gratitude and respect for the Korean War veterans for their service and sacrifice to protect freedom and peace.

"We will remember the gracious sacrifices made by the war veterans." Terry Swanner, President & CEO at Hyosung USA, Inc.

“Among all Korean companies operating in the US, since 2013, Hyosung USA Inc. is the first to hold celebratory events to honor and respect those who sacrificed for the sake of Korea during the Korean War. Alabama, where Hyosung USA, Inc. resides, is the home of numbers of Korean War veterans, along with other southern-east states of Georgia, Tennessee, and Texas, where our event is noted by the local press and institutes. Hyosung USA, Inc. will continue its efforts to remember and honor our freedom and peace.”

Written by, Photo | Public Relations Team 3

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