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2017. 3. 17. 15:21

Listening is the catalyst for amicable communication for overseas offices in different cultures and languages. Vietnam Division’s enormous success by satisfying customers proves its ability to listen to customer voices. KIM Kwang-jae, Department Head of Steel Wire Sales Department of Vietnam Division explains the know-how to growth, communication and collaboration all derived from listening.

 Making a Happier Workplace by Listening to the Voice from the Field.

Hyosung Vietnam Co., Ltd. (the “Vietnam Division”), located in Nhơn Trạch, Vietnam, is the largest and only facility in the world where textile, steel wires, and tire & industrial reinforcement materials are fabricated in the same facility. The Vietnam Division is the largest international business operation stationed in Đồng Nai, Vietnam with over 7,000 local employees. The Vietnam Division facilitates over 50 buses to commute workers between their houses and the workplace.

Considering a joint-working environment with people from different cultures using different languages, communication is the most important factor for a fluent operation. Amicable communication allows collaboration between employees and departments and eventually brings upon synergy to the overall operation. Vietnam Division is implementing various efforts to generate synergy. The quarterly department meeting is a significant effort for Vietnam Division. Presided by Sales Department, representatives from production department and quality control department gather together and share their difficulties and listen difficulties others have, to improve the overall operation.

“Strengthening the bond between departments, we collaborate to deal with samples for approvals and official deliveries, and overcome obstacles together as a team. Our departments are all different but we complement each other to move forward rather fight over job scope”

The efforts of each individual departments are also the key to success. KIM Kwang-jae, Head of Steel Wire Sales Department introduced a story which epitomizes the generosity toward local employees. The Steel Wire Sales Department manages a brief business log to help employees to get familiar with their jobs. Every meeting is conducted in English, however to ensure that all local employees understand the subject matter, it is translated to Vietnamese again. Moreover, officers listen carefully to the voice from the field, and tries to solve each and every complain or inconvenience reported by any employee.

 Successful Localization with Specialized Sales Strategy Targeting Local Customers.

Vietnam Division ensured its internal stability with communication and collaboration, and acquired new customers and ultimately, is focusing on achieving greater business results. These efforts are the core factor to Vietnam Division’s successful expansion with an annual revenue twenty times larger since its opening in 2007. In 2014, the annual revenue of the Vietnam Division exceeded 100 billion Korean Won, still increasing, and its ability to increase revenue by obtaining new local customers is remarkable.

The secret to Vietnam Division’s successful localization is the specialized sales strategy customizes to each local customer. The Vietnam Division explored new possibilities in India and Myanmar to obtain new customers, and supplied products of various specifications according to detail and meticulous requirements of existing customers in Vietnam and Sri Lanka.

Not only dissecting customer opinions, Vietnam Division rapidly responds to market changes and increased sales efficacy with mutual communication with customers rather than simple one-way informative notification.

Communication between staff members also contributes to improving the way of work.

“In case of a senior of mine, I strong drive was pushed considering the market situation having a larger supply over demand, and the trending plunge of oil cost. Active negotiations with section chiefs of sales resulted in continuous c complement each other to move forward. Reduction. The support from headquarters and Hyosung Trans-World was also beneficial”

Witnessing actual improvement with their eyes encouraged staff members and motivated them to find more points of improvement in other fields of work. Subsequently, Vietnam Division succeeded to increase the loading capacity per lot for containers with the help from Hyosung USA.

“Presented with tangible results, employees took over more self-control. Several customers accepted delivery documents to be submitted via e-mails to increase operation efficiency, which is symbolizes the more active approach to business operation. For us, this is a big achievement and change.”

Establishing a business culture based listening and communication, the Vietnam Division successfully displays communication between departments and also business achievements, there is no other reason why the local employees are proud of themselves, and customers show great satisfaction in business.

Written By | KIM Hee-seon

Photo | Vietnam Division

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