[HYOSUNG NEWS] “New Leadership” Chairman Hyun-Joon Cho, taking office

2017. 2. 24. 10:55

Group News

 “New Leadership” Chairman Hyun-Joon Cho, taking office

Inaugural Ceremony for the new chairman Hyun-Joon Cho took place on January 16th, at the group headquarters in Mapo. In the attendance of directors and employees representing every unit, Chairman Hyun-Joon Cho encouraged members of Hyosung to always listen to the voice of customers and to organize a winning formula. Chairman Hyun-Joon Cho visited domestic workplaces for 4 days from January 4th. During his visits to the Spandex Plant and Nautilus Hyosung PU office in Gumi, Ulsan Plant, Yongyeon Plant and Changwon Plant, he encouraged the directors and employees and expressed his support Meetings were held with directors and team managers to acknowledge the current status of operations and have lengthily discussions on solving problems.

 Introduction to “Fair Transactions in Subcontracting Act” conducted to materialize cooperation and shared growth.

Introductory session to the newly amended “Fair Transactions in Subcontracting Act” was held on January 23rd, at corporate headquarters in Mapo. Damages which may be upheld upon the company in case of law violation and practical precautions of actual violation cases were presented to directors and employees to embrace the sense of cooperation and win-win growth.

This introductory session is expected to help directors and employees in actual work execution.

 [Textile PG] New Year’s Ceremony with Customers

The Textile PG held its New Year’s Ceremony on January 10th, at the Daegu Textile Complex with the attendance of invited customers. This year’s ceremony displayed the Textile PG’s effort to listen to the voice of customers, and build customer trust. Distinguished products of Hyosung were introduced throughout the ceremony, with segments of actual demonstration providing opportunities to listen to customer opinions and increase customer satisfaction.

 [Textile PG] Taking part in the “Outdoor Retailer Winter Market 2017”

Hyosung, took part in the Outdoor Retailer Inter Market held in Salt Lake City of the U.S. from January 10th to 12th. The Outdoor Retailer Winter Market is recognized as one of the three major outdoor conventions, and Hyosung attracted spectators by displaying numbers of new products. After the convention, representatives who attended the show are expected to conduct marketing activities to expand our economic territory.

 [Power & Industrial Systems PG] Changwon Plant, Earning highest ratings for its Win-Win Cooperation Program from KOSHA

Changwon Plant earned the highest ratings for its Win-Win Cooperation Program from KOSHA. Achieving the best ratings is the by-product of Hyosung’s comprehensive dedication to occupational safety & health. Based on the win-win management, Hyosung consistently efforts to improve working environments, with its outcome of zero industrial accidents in any of all domestic partners. An official of Changwon Plant said, “This year, we will expand our safety culture and continue our track record of no hazards.”

 [Information & Communication PG] Hyosung ITX, Sign MOU for Hologram Street Lights on Sevit Island

Hyosung ITX signed MOU with Holotive, a ‘Hologram Total Platform Entity’ on January 10th. This MOU is purposed to participate in the IT project establishing hologram street lights in and around Sevit Island, where Hyosung ITX leads the overall planning and engineering of the project. Both parties promised stronger cooperation and demonstrated hologram technology during the signing ceremony. Bright hopes on the technical exposition of IT technology lead by Hyosung ITX.

Social Contributions

 Neighborly Love, on Lunar New Years

Hyosung reached out to our neighbors on lunar new year’s day. On January 26th, the Industrial Materials PG donated rice and glutinous rice to Young Nak Aenea’s Home. On January 20th, the Changwon Plant of Power & Industrial PG sponsored the “Holidays with the physically challenged” project held by the Gyeongnam Assistants for the Physically Challenged and donated holiday meals to 60 low-income, physically challenged households. On January 21st, 40 new employees of the Gumi Plant of Textile PG visited the Sunshine Silvertown Nursing Home and Gumi Social Care Center to provide their hands of aid and provided hand-made cookie sets to 600 less privileged households.

 Fist community activity for the 51st class of new employees

On January 6th, over 300 members of the 51st class of new employees, President H.S. Cho, and 15 directors from the Kyeongin area teamed up with 45 members from the Mapo Comprehensive Senior Citizen Care Center to visit 75 households of senior citizens. In groups of 4, they sealed windows and doors and cleaned houses and surroundings of senior citizens who live alone. They shared the warmth and their stories over refreshments.

 Hyosung USA Inc. Providing scholarships to students in Alabama

On January 14th, Hyosung USA Inc. awarded 6 high-school and jr. high-school students in Madison County, Huntsville Alabama, where the company resides. The selected 6 students are all well-rounded students who come from less privileged communities or children of families which are actively involved in the community. Over 250 people were in attendance at the ceremony including the mayor of Huntsville and Korean Americans. 

 Donating Daily Necessities to the less privileged in Ahyeon-dong Seoul

Hyosung held the “Share Daily Necessities with Love” event on January 18th. During the event, planned to help less privileged neighbors spend a warm holiday, directors and employees of Hyosung handed out their neighborly love to 200 less privileged households in Mapo-gu, along with tuna and ham sets. Hyosung pledges its dedication to be an active member of the community and helping community members who are experiencing difficulties of life.

 Changwon Plant, Hold “Coal Briquettes for Neighbors in the name of Love” Event

On January 7th, 30 directors and employees from Changwon Plant and their families held a “Coal Briquettes for Neighbors in the name of Love” in and around Gimhea-si. Participants visited 6 low-income households and delivered 250 coal briquettes to each household. In the event, providing opportunities to be involved with community work for its employees and families, every participant voluntarily came upon the vent and shared their warmth.

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