[Hyosung People] Respond to the Voice of Customers

2017. 2. 24. 10:55

Every VOC is valuable information. Quality improvement, new product development, further more new market exploration can be achieved from the voice of customers. Here are 8 Hyosung People, who heard the voice of customers and successfully responded to those voices.

 Development of distinguished new PVNA, resulting in new customers and sales expansion

Section Chief Hong Ji-hye, Spandex Research Team, R&C Center

“I heard that a customer of ours were looking forward for us to develop a high performance anti-odor spandex, which can remove unpleasant sweat odors better than other competitive products. Since then, I focused on developing an anti-odor spandex which successfully removes unpleasant odors from sweat, feet and elderly people. Last July, Gumi Plant initiated commercial production, sample tests were presented to customers to identify and improve all outlying issues, which helped us perfect the quality. There were opinions that fabrics used for products supplied to Vietnam have insufficient pH levels compared to other competitors, and such fabrics do not meet the standards of American brands. These kinds of various suggestions helps us to satisfy customer needs, moreover, bring upon cost reduction, which are beneficial for both customer and us.”

 Proactive Customer Sales to enlarge contract size and extend contract term

Section Chief Im Seong-jun, Tire & Industrial Reinforcement Materials PU, Hyosung USA Inc.

“The main reason we were possible to enlarge the long-term contact size of GY, and enlarge the contract size & extend contract term of BS in Brazil, Mexico and northern America, was our proactive customer sales strategy. We identified what the issues of the customers were, and what we have to complement, we then promptly proposed our plans of improvement. Especially, to enlarge the 5 year GY contract size in Asia and southern America from 3,000 tons per month to 3,200 tons per month, we provided a differentiated product reducing the costs borne by customers. For the CT sales in northern America, we learned that manufacturing facilities were facing shortage of supply due to the increased operation rate. We suggests additional supply through our DCT plant, which was accepted to enlarge our supply. If we identify customer needs one step ahead of our competition, and implement the strategy to suggest proper alternatives proactively, we can and will build trust with our customers and be successful in the global market.”


 Awarded with new project contract for Automotive Customers in northern America and Europe

Deputy Dept. Head Yun Seo-yeon, PET overseas sales, Nylon Polyester Yarn PU

“I believe that building customer trust is the key to winning new project biddings in northern America and Europe. Through regular meetings with customers, I provided 11 automotive yarn trends from all over the world, and came upon their needs of FIAT car seat yarns with a softer touch. This necessity was forwarded to production where they successfully produced a softer yarn on time, which lead to expanding our yarn sales. Initiating car seat sales in Europe also benefited from thorough market research focusing on customer needs. The research concluded that stringent accreditation of environmentally hazardous substances is required in Europe and there were a large market for yarns fulfilling such accreditation. We moved forward and researched car seat brands for infants which lead to production and sales since June of 2016 through collaboration with customers.”


 Engineering of High-viscosity PET Car Mats for 5 car models

Section Chief Choo Won-sik, Car Mat Sales Team, Interior PU

“High-viscosity PET Car Mats were developed by monitoring development intents and efforts of competition, and recognizing customer needs through countless meetings with customers. Real time cooperation with technology teams based on customer needs is why we successfully developed the product. Furthermore, to allow customers to make a rational decision, we provided objective test reports derived from product analysis, comparison and verification. We also provided production standards of other overseas competitions and opinions from actual automotive manufacturers to emphasize the excellence of our high-viscosity PET car mats. Nevertheless, our prompt visits to customers, issue recognition, and real-time response to their demands and requests helped us earn customer trust. As the result of such efforts, we achieved to deliver high-viscosity car mats for 5 domestic car models, and sustain ours status of largest distributer in the domestic car mat market.”


 Awarded with Energy Storage System (ESS) for Frequency Regulation (FR), largest project in Korea

Deputy Dept. Head Kim Hong-seok, New Renewable Energy Team, Power Systems PU

“Every ESS supplier in Korea had bid for the ESS project for FR, operated by KEPCO. This bidding was a monumental event where each party, displayed their quality and technology. Hyosung, not having the opportunity to be involved in an ESS project for the past 2 years, was the underdog. As much as we were disadvantaged, we planned out thoroughly and robustly. While preparing our proposal, we formed a consortium with a partner who was already involved in the FR project from the previous year and analyzed what we were lacking in previous biddings and the customer needs. We went through each evaluation category and established strategies to differentiate our proposal for others and get the highest evaluation in each category. With the help from numerous available human networks, we prepared a complete and comprehensive proposal. Our proposal received the best technical evaluation amongst 14 proposals, and was awarded with the largest industrial contract in Korea. Furthermore, we now have the capability to enter bids, and win biddings of large-scale contracts. Thoroughly analyzing customer standard, and establishing our strategy based on our customers, will make us achieve above our limits.”


 Appointed as Supervisor for Gyeongbu Expressway Branch Construction

Department Head Lee Beom-seong, Civil Engineering Sales Team, Construction PU

“To complement the insufficient reference of Construction PU, mainly organized for housing business, as a relevant player in of civil engineering, I excessively tried to widen the corporate portfolio. However, private investment businesses allow little to no opportunities for those who are entering the market, and is exclusive only for large construction companies. However, the civil engineering sales team was successfully appointed as the supervisor of Gyeongbu Expressway Branch Construction Project, a private investment business project, with our thorough feasibility study and demand research. This project is our bridge to future private investment projects with a similar role. We also won the bid for the 2nd Gyeongbu Expressway Project, which was the largest turn-key contract awarded in 2016, and completed the highly profitable Wanju Techno-valley project, adding revenues of 67.2 billion Won to our annual order book of 186.6 billion won from 2016.”


 Increased orders in northern America capitalizing extensive cost reduction activities.

Section Chief Ju Ji-yeong, Power Transformer Design Team 2, Power Systems PU

“AEP and FP&L, in northern America, already executed long term contracts with other transformer manufacturers, and it was merely possible to submit an offer. We had the smallest window to enter the bidding for 9, 138kV Class Transformer units in 2015, and viewed that as an opportunity and focused on establishing a trustworthy relationship with customers. We draw upon customer satisfaction by reducing the cost 9% by applying the TOP idea, and customer trust with high quality, proven by previous transformers delivered to others. After extensive discussion with Production Team, Manufacturing Team, and Procurement Team, we were able to adjust our production schedule to meet the required delivery date. 4 230kV transformer units were ordered by FP&L through individual biddings, but to execute a long-term contract, additional cost reductions and plant production lead time reduction were required. Previous designs and test results were thoroughly analyzed to reduce margins, and repeated engineering lead us to achieve an 8% cost reduction. We shortened the production lead time 2 months to satisfy customer needs, and accordingly, we signed a long-term contract of supply.”


 Establish base frame of sustainable growth by developing new items

Lee Gi-baek, Fine Chemical Team Manager, Chemical PU

“Isn’t developing sustainable new items the strongest weapon to win the customer’s heart? The Fine Chemical Team signed contract with Kayaku Japan, by developing Nitric Acid and Initiative business from Huchems one of the largest chemical provider in Asia. We also signed an exclusive sales contract with a customer of Huchems, operating in Guangdong China, and developed new trade partners in India, Mexico, Thailand etc. We developed new items in the field of paint to have a 120% growth from the year before, and established a bundling Bounding Biz structure to secure a stable sales of fine chemical products. In the second half of 2016, we achieved a 136% growth from 2015, and a 122% overachievement from our initial business goal. We will not be satisfied on our current achievements and continue to earn customer trust with the mindset of a challenger entering new markets with new items.”

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