[HYOSUNG NEWS] The 2017 Regular Executive Promotion

2017. 1. 20. 10:58

Group News

 The 2017 Regular Executive Promotion

On December 29, our company did the regular executive promotion for a total of 34 including 17 newly promoted executives. The promotion principle was to choose those who contribute consistently to the Group’s profit maximization and can do profit management on the basis of responsibility. Emphasis was put particularly on the capability strengthening in the global field and outcome creation under the globally competitive circumstance.

List of the promoted

▶ President → Chairman

Hyun-joon Cho Textile PG Head and Information & Communications PG Head

▶ Vice President → President

H. S. Cho Strategy Division Head, Industrial materials PG Head and Chemical PG CMO

▶ Managing Director → Executive Director

Pyo Kyung-won Nautilus Hyosung COO and Strategy Division Head Lee Jong-bok US Tire Reinforcement Materials Division

▶ Deputy Managing Director → Managing Director

Lee Shi-yeon Industrial materials PG, TECHNICAL YARN PU

Park Jeon-jin Industrial materials PG, Carbon Material Business Division, Jeonju Plant Manager

Jeon Yu-suk Industrial materials PG

Kim Sung-gyun Chemical PG, Optical Film PU, Oksan Plant Manager

Kong Myung-seong Chemical PG, Optical Film PU

Lee Jong-hUn Chemical PG

Lee Cheol-gu Hyosung Goodsprings

Choi Won-ho Power & Industrial Systems PG, R&D Center

Lee Ho-haeng Nautilus Hyosung Hyeju Division Head

Cho Do-joon Brazil Division Head

Lee Jae-joong Brazil Division

Kim Cheol Hyosung R&D Center

Lee Ban-seok Strategy Division

▶ Department Head → Deputy Managing Director

Ju Young-kwon Industrial materials PG Tire Reinforcement Materials PU

Park Chan Industrial materials PG, Tire Reinforcement Materials PU, Ulsan Plant, Deputy Plant Manager

Park Byung-kwon Industrial materials PG Tire Reinforcement Materials PU

Choi Hak-cheol Industrial materials PG, Ulsan Control Division

Kim Jong-gi Chemical PG PP/DH PU

Lee Geun-woo Chemical PG PP/DH PU Yeon Gyu-chan Power & Industrial Systems PG Power Systems PU

Heo Woo-haeng Power & Industrial Systems PG Power Systems PU

Kye Min-hyeong Nautilus Hyosung NHA

Park Tae-hyeong Hyosung Capital

Kang Byeong-soo Barcelona Branch Head

Yoo Yeong-sik Vietnam Division

Im Jang-kyu India Division

Kim Yong-tae Hong Kong Division Head

Lee Shi-sun Jiaxing Synthetic Fiber Division, Film Part, General Accountant

Kim Gi-hyeon Beijing Branch Head

Im Seok-joo Finance Division

 [Common for all companies] The 2016 Hyosung Employees of the Year Awards ceremony was held

On December 30, at the Mapo Head Office, our company selected Managing Director Park Yong-cheol of the Neochem PU’s Yongyeon Plant as the recipient of the 2016 Hyosung Employees of the Year Awards and presented the prize money and plaque to him. On this day, the ‘2016 4th Hyosung Employees of the Quarter Awards’ were also presented. As recipients, our company selected Managing Director Joo Yeong-don of Vietnam Division for the Support Category, Dept. Head Son Hae-seong of the Spandex PU’s Marketing Team for the Marketing Category, Dept. Head Lee Hun of the Nautilus Hyosung PU’s NBS Business Department for the Technology Category, and Deputy Dept. Head Jo Boo-yeong of the Hyosung R&D Center’s Polymer Process Research Team 2 for the Research Category. At the subsequent Outstanding Partners Awards, Shin Jeong Synthetic Fiber Co. and M.T.C received the honor of the awards.

 [Common for all companies] ‘New Comers Day’ the welcome night for the 51st term new employees 

On December 9, our company held the ‘Welcome Night for New Employees’ event at Some Sevit in Seoul to encourage and congratulate the new start of the 51st term new employees. In this event, more than 400 people including the 51st term new employees, executives representing each business division and team managers participated and had a time to help understanding of our company and give congratulatory and welcome messages. We anticipate great company lives of the 51st term new employees who became new members of our company.

 [Common for all companies] Legal education was given on the fairness of trades with agencies 

On December 19, our company gave the ‘Legal education on the fairness of trades with agencies’ at the grand auditorium of the Head Office. This education was given for the managers of domestic sales teams doing business with agencies and special agencies to help them understand the law and its enforcement ordinance overall. In the education, past cases of regulation of unfair trades by the Fair Trade Commission were reviewed and how to prevent violation of the law in real work was introduced. This law also called the ‘Agency Act’ took effect from December 23.

 [Textile PG] Gumi Plant, received appreciation plaques for the outstanding work-study parallel company and a commendation for outstanding employees 

On December 13, Gumi Plant received an appreciation plaque for the outstanding work-study parallel company and a commendation for outstanding employees, at the ‘Workshop to Spread Outcome of Work-Study Parallel System’ held at the Gumi University. At the place with a total of about 200 attendants including Gumi University President Jeong Chang-ju, Gumi Employment & Labor Administration Head Park Jeong-ung, Human Resources Development Service of Korea Kyungbuk Branch Head Go Chang-yeong, Representatives of participating companies and studying workers, Gumi Plant received 2 plaques and 1 commendation in three categories; an appreciation plaque for an outstanding company, a commendation for an outstanding studying worker and an appreciation plaque for an outstanding HRD person.

 [Textile PG] Gumi Plant, was selected as an outstanding human resources development company of Kyungbuk 

Gumi Plant was credited for successfully operating not only the previous education but new education for employees capability improvement in 2016 and was selected as an outstanding human resources development company at the ‘2016 Kyungbuk Human Resources Development Day’ event held by Kyungbul Human Resources Development Committee and Kyungbuk Creation & Innovation Center on December 15. This year, too, Gumi Plant will newly open a qualification associated course under the work-study parallel system and a 1 night 2 day intensive quality education course for field employees, to contribute to employees’ self-development and Gumi Plant’s competitiveness strengthening. 

 [Industrial Materials PG] Industrial Materials PG, had the Family Day in celebration of the 50th Anniversary of Foundation 

On December 18, Industrial Materials PG had the Family Day to invite employees’ families to the company. About 180 PG employees and their family members participated in this Family Day event which was planned for the parents, children or spouse to visit the company, experience the workplace of their family members, meet families of other employees and understand the company life of their family members. The event was comprised of the occasions to understand company business, such as introduction of PG, introduction of executives and welcome address by the Industrial Materials PG Head H. S. Cho, and a quiz program enjoyable by everyone from kids to adults.

 [Industrial Materials PG] Industrial Materials PG, held the 2016 Industrial Materials Employees of the Year Awards ceremony 

On December 29, at the Mapo Head Office, Industrial Materials PG held the ‘2016 Industrial Materials Employees of the Year Awards Ceremony’. It was an occasion that the Industrial Materials PG’s Head H. S. Cho and employees attended and reflected together main news of the year and the Industrial Materials PG’s outcome. The ‘2016 Industrial Materials Employees of the Year Awards’, which are supposed to be awarded to the individuals and teams that raised the Industrial Materials PG’s outcome, were awarded to 12 employees who contributed to the PG outcome and 2 teams that contributed to development of the organization with effective teamwork, in the categories of production and R&D, sales & planning and outstanding suggestions.

 [Construction PG] Construction PG, had a technology presentation meeting to strengthen technical knowledge of employees 

On December 20, Construction PG had a technology presentation meeting at the Bangbae Office Building for the employees of Construction PU and Jinhung Company and about 80 site managers. At this meeting, together with presentations on quality and cost competitiveness strengthening through R&D and new technology application, a special lecture on earthquake was also given.  

In a special lecture, Construction PG Head Cha Cheon-soo requested to strengthen development of new technologies and methods to advance to a technological company with competitive advantage.

 [Information & Communications PG] Nautilus Hyosung PU, participated in the 2016 Branch Transformation 

Nautilus Hyosung PU participated in the ‘2016 Branch Transformation’ conference held in London, UK from December 6 to 7. At this conference participated by more than 500 from the finance industry all over the world including US and the whole Europe, Nautilus Hyosung PU exhibited Digital Kiosk and MS500SE and received huge response from participants. We anticipate Nautilus Hyosung PU the front runner of ‘New Branch Solution’ to keep on rolling in the bigger world.

 [Information & Communications PG] Hyosung ITX, released the big data analyzing ‘xtrm VOC’ 

Hyosung ITX released ‘xtrm VOC (xtrm Voice of Consumer)’ a new AI solution which analyzes and manages big data in the communication content with customers. xtrm VOC is a new tool that coverts automatically the voice conversation between call center counselors and customers and then uses the big data technology to classify customers in several types and make a real time analysis of issues or keywords contained in the inquiries of customers. When applied to governmental organizations and customer centers, xtrm VOC is expected to be a service that will raise business synergy.

 [Information & Communications PG] Hyosung ITX, participated in the Cyber Security Summit to introduce tanium 

On December 13, Hyosung ITX participated in the ‘Cyber Security Summit’ held in Seoul to introduce the next generation security solution ‘Tanium’. Tanium grasps the security state of the whole system within 15 seconds, and can save cost greatly by taking charge of the security of hundreds of thousand PC’s with only one PC. As customers recently show growing interest, Tanium is making outcome including being purchased by domestic public institutions. Great performance is anticipated from Tanium that began serious entrance into the market participating in the world famous security conference.

 [Information & Communications PG] Hyosung ITX, received the ‘Minister of Gender Equality & Family Prize’ for the outstanding work-family compatible company 

Hyosung ITX received the Minister of Gender Equality & Family Prize at the ‘2016 Outstanding Work-Family Compatible Company Awards Ceremony’ held on December 20 at the Korean Chamber of Commerce & Industry. Hyosung ITX is successfully practicing the family-friendly management through establishing the family-friendly system and making the gender equality system such that employees using the pregnancy and childbirth leave will not be excluded from work.

 [Independent Corporations] Hyosung FMS Co., Ltd., held the 10th Partners Day 

On December 8, at Hotel Prima, Hyosung FMS Co., Ltd. invited employees of the partner companies and had the year-end event completing the year. In the awards ceremony held on this day, the company appreciated the efforts of the partners that strived hard for development of our company’s electronic payment business in the difficult market environment and expressed gratitude for them. We wish that Hyosung FMS Co. may grandly lead the electronic finance industry and develop even more in 2017.

 [Overseas Division] Hyosung USA Division’s Decatur Plant, held the Safety and Quality Management Proclamation Ceremony 

On December 1, Hyosung USA Division’s Decatur Plant held the ‘Safety and Quality Management Proclamation Ceremony’. At this place, employees vowed together to do best to obey strictly quality management and safety first, and then the executive of each part of design, production and quality control explained the principles of quality management.  

Decatur Plant is the ‘global production base’ that produces tire cord and vehicle carpets in US and supplies those peoducts to the famous tire companies and auto makers.

Social Contributions

 One billion won was donated to ‘Fruit of Love’ for the year-end campaign to help neighbors in need 

On December 21, our company donated one billion won to Community Chest of Korea for the year-end campaign to help neighbors in need. Our company does various social contributions such as support to the vulnerable social group by voluntary involvement of employees. We hope that warm minds of our employees were also delivered to the neighbors who were getting through tough winter here and there of our society.

 The Happiness Factory Modeling Program sponsorship money was delivered to the Eden Welfare Foundation 

On December 27, our company visited the Eden Welfare Foundation located in Paju, Gyeonggi-do and delivered the three hundred million won sponsorship money for the ‘Happiness Factory Modeling Program’. This sponsorship money will be used to improve working conditions and create stable jobs. Eden Welfare Foundation promotes this program to realize the workfare policy that the severely development-disabled can stand on their feet through working.

 One hundred million won sponsorship to the disabled children & youths orchestra 

On December 27, our company visited the Onnuri Church located in Yongsan-gu and delivered the one hundred million won sponsorship money for the Onnuri Love Chamber orchestra. This sponsorship money will be used to purchase instruments required for the orchestra and for scholarship fund for members. The Onnuri Love Chamber, which is an orchestra in which about 80 disabled children and youths are currently active, is doing more than 50 domestic and overseas tour concerts being loved by people.

 Support to treatment of a Vietnamese cerebral palsy kid 

On December 20, our company visited Gangdong Kyunghee University Hospital to comfort the Vietnamese kid Nguyen Thi Linh Dan who is a follow-up treatment patient of the overseas medical volunteer corps Smile Expedition. Linh Dan was an innate cerebral palsy patient suffering from deteriorating listening and linguistic abilities. She underwent the artificial cochleae implanting surgery by this support to the follow-up treatment. We hope that this six year old girl may show her bright and pretty smile again as soon as possible.

 The 2016 Year-end Purme Mini-Concert was held 

On December 21, our company held the ‘2016 Purme Mini-Concert’ on the occasion of year-end. This concert invited disabled children whose medical expenses were supported by our company and their families, about 150 in total. It was a time when all family members were able to complete the year while enjoying together through the concert composed of not only performance but also such diverse programs as experience activities.

 Daily necessities were delivered to the vulnerable social group living in Ahyun-dong, Mapo-gu 

On December 14, our company did the sharing relay campaign, ‘Chamch (tuna) Touch Love’. This was a sharing campaign that if a netizen posted a winter-warming photo on SNS, daily necessities were delivered to the alienated neighbors under the name of the netizen. One hundred netizens were chosen out of the participated and the tuna and ham giftsets were delivered to 100 families of the vulnerable social group living in Ahyun-dong, Mapo-gu under the names of the corresponding netizens.

 The ‘Warm Christmas with Disabled Children’ event was held 

On December 15, the Sharing Volunteer Corps held the year-end party with disabled children at a theater located in Mapo-gu. After watching a movie with disabled children and childcare teachers, about 100 in total, the Sharing Volunteer Corps dressed as Santa Clause and gave gifts to the children. On the other hand, on December 9, Gumi Plant sponsored the ‘10th Santa Expedition with Masked Santa, Fun & Fun Santa’ and spent a pleasant time giving volunteer service and delivering 10 million won donation and gifts.

 Anyang Workplace, delivered the 2016 donation for neighbors in need 

On December 26, employees of Anyang Workplace visited Anyang City Hall to deliver 37 million won collected through salary sharing to Mayor Lee Pil-woon for neighbors in need. This donation for neighbors in need will be used to support living of the low income social group of Anyang City. 

Anyang Workplace vowed to continue taking care of neighbors in need and active involvement in activities for the regional community.

 Anyang Workplace, did the Anyang Creek cleaning 

On December 27, employees of Anyang Workplace began to clean Anyang Creek at 8:30 am. In spite of severe coldness, more than 30 employees picked up dumped trashes here and there from the Anyang Plant back gate to the riverside near Hoan Bridge of Anyang Creek. Those employees who completed cleaning vowed one again to preserve and manage carefully the neighboring creeks through this activity.

 Ulsan Plant, delivered the neighborly love sharing donation 

On December 7, Ulsan Plant delivered the neighborly love sharing donation to the Fruit of Love of the Ulsan Community Chest of Korea. Employees of Ulsan Plant have eagerly participated in the Salary Sharing Campaign since 2009 to practice love for neighbors and, in 2016, 208 employees participated and collected a total of 22,700,000 won. This amount was added by the money donated by our company through matching grant and finally 45,400,000 won was donated.

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