[10 Q&A’s for Global Hyosung People] Hyosung Teheran Branch

2017. 1. 20. 10:57

10 Q&A’s for Global Hyosung People that resolves curiosities about overseas divisions one by one and delivers the global market information. This is the occasion to look at how our company’s technology is spread out to the world, through replies of the employees of overseas divisions who fully know the overseas market. This month’s issue introduces the Hyosung Teheran Branch which is quickly pursuing localization after its opening in 2016. 

 Hyosung Technology, Captures minds of Persian merchants

Q1. We wonder what features the Iranian market has and what kind of efforts are given for localization. 

Iran has a slow culture called Yavash which is similar to the mahn mahn di custom of China. Yavash means ‘slowly’. In Iran, business should be pursued patiently in a long pace. Iran tends to encourage production inside Iran through industrial cooperation with foreign companies and currently Hyosung Teheran Branch examines this policy and is making the localization strategy accordingly.  

Q2. What is the 2017 goal of Hyosung Teheran Branch? 

Hyosung Teheran Branch opened in July of 2016 and is now doing business. At the moment, it is slowly securing business facility and manpower including hiring local people for each PU. In 2017, we will try so hard that Hyosung Teheran Branch can successfully make a soft landing in Iran and achieve all planned target values. Give your support for the employees of Hyosung Teheran Branch and their families to stay well in Iran healthily. 

Q3. What are characteristics of Iranians you experienced doing business in Iran? 

Most Iranians are friendly, kind and good-mannered. Particularly, their hospitality for guests may be called extreme. But, as for business, Iranians closely calculate pluses and minuses with the pride of ‘descendants of Persian merchants’. I was impressed by that they closely examines item by item on business while being extremely kind and generous. It is the most fruitful time when these water-tight Iranian buyers are satisfied with Hyosung products and conclude the ‘supply to project contract’ trusting our technology. 

Q4. What are the keywords describing recent issues of Iran? 

First, Presidential election. The Iranian Presidential election is in the coming May. We are closely observing because the state of business in Iran will depend on who will be elected. Second, air pollution. Due to lax regulations on vehicle environment here, most people use old cars and the fuel quality is also low. So, air pollution is an issue all the year round. 

Q5. How good is the internet and communication environment of Iran? 

The internet environment of Iran is poor for the most part. As cell phones can access the 4G level internet, internet search is possible although the speed is slow. But, government censorship is so strict that social media or SNS are difficult to access and some news of portal sites or some video are impossible to watch.   


 Scene of lives in Iran delivered by Section Chief Lee Bum-kyu

Q6. Introduce cultural features of Iran different from Korea, if any.  

Iranians are amicable and open in character, whereas the Islamic conservativeness is deeply rooted in each area of society such as clothing, administration, and jurisdiction. Especially, every women including foreigner must wear scarf and long coat when goes out. At a business meeting, handshake with women is a taboo and private questions or jokes should be refrained from.  

Q7. What does New Year look like in Iran? 

In Iran, there is a traditional term called Nouruz which is like the lunar New Year’s Day in Korea. Nouruz is a compound word of nou meaning ‘new’ and ruz meaning ‘day’. This corresponds to a week from March 21 in the Western calendar every year. Around this time, most Iranians are busy making the vacation plan.  

Q8. What were the most impressive tour attractions in Iran? 

In Teheran, there remain such palace of the Iranian Dynasty as Golestan Palace, Niavaran Palace and Saadat Abad Palace. They are not as grand as the Forbidden City of China or Kyungbok Palace of Korea but they are places where you can sense any trace of the life style of the dynasty.  

Q9. Recommend the most appealing Iranian dish to Korean’s taste. 

I want to recommend ‘lamb chop’ called ‘Sisillik’. Especially, lamb chop of a restaurant named ‘Syandijeu’ located at downtown Teheran is so famous that most foreigners residing in Iran may know. If you visit Iran for business trip, never miss the lamb chop of that place. 


Section Chief Lee Bum-kyu trying hard in Iran for globalization of our company (third from the left end) and employees of Hyosung Teheran Branch.

 Hyosung Teheran Branch Local employees speak of Hyosung

Q10. What is your impression of working at Hyosung? 

Mr. Mostafa: Hyosung Teheran Branch is a great place in numerous aspects including work environment and company culture. Iran and Korea have different cultures, but I like Hyosung’s culture admitting and respecting the differences. I want to learn many things at Hyosung to grow and develop even higher. 

Mr. Shaygan: At first, I thought that being a foreign company, it would be difficult to adjust to. But, as time passed, I realized that the difference was not as big as I had thought. Of course, there are differences from Iranian companies in such things as work hour, holidays and meal, but I was able to adjust easily, understanding cultures mutually. I am working pleasantly thanks to kind and cheerful Hyosung People.

 Never forget this! Iran business tip

Holding an event in Iran definitely requires permission of the Iranian Government.

It is rude to handle important business in phone calls or letters. Iran business should be handled by meeting the person in charge.

Iran business is a ‘chicken game’ that the quick-tempered loses. It should not be scheduled to the quick-tempered Korean’s time table.

You should never ever be angry whatever happens. The moment you are angry, business is over.

Communication environment of Iran is worse than any other country. You have to finish any preparation in Korea.

Iran is still a deeply controlled country. You have to be careful of your comments on politics or religion. 

Iranian Government prohibits alcohol regardless of nationality. If uncovered, drinking is punished by public flogging. 

In Iran, they do not use Arabic numbers. Before arrival in Iran, learn the numbers used in Iran. 

Iran belongs to Islam religiously and Middle East regionally, but Iranians are ethnically different from other people in Middle East.   It is quite a discourtesy to call Iranians Arabs. 

Traffic congestion in Teheran is the worst in the world. Be sure to start early as if you would arrive one hour early. 

- Source: <Salaam, Iran business> Maekyung Publishing

Arranged by | Editorial Office Materials provided by | Lee Bum-kyu (Section Chief, Hyosung Teheran Branch)

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