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2017. 1. 20. 10:57

There are Hyosung People who completed 2016 more fruitfully than anybody. They are the recipients of the 2016 Hyosung Employees of the Year Awards ceremony, held on December 30, who raised the global competitiveness under the difficult business environment. We meet those persons of honor from the recipient of the 2016 Hyosung Employees of the Year Awards to the recipients of the 2016 4th Hyosung Employees of the Quarter Awards and the Outstanding Partners Awards.

 Recipient of the 2016 Hyosung Employees of the Year Awards


Glory achieved with best, innovation, responsibility and trust Neochem PU, Yongyeon Plant, Managing Director Park Yong-cheol


In the year of 2016, Managing Director Park Yong-cheol who ran harder than anybody contributed to profit increase, in the strong sense of ownership, by completing expansion of the ECF-2 unit at the right time and lowering cost drastically compared the ECF-1 unit. Along with this, he also gave full efforts for discovering new ideas constantly to improve processes, such as raising current efficiency by changing the ECF Cell electrode size and increasing cell production. As a result, he was able to accomplish productivity improvement and cost saving, to secure cost competitiveness. Besides, communicating eagerly with engineers, he puts such a confidence of ‘we can do it’ into them through mutual respect and cooperation and also creates the atmosphere of not being afraid of challenging new things. Consequently, he improved production of the existing plants and led new plants such that those could be operated stably in a short time. He has secured the ‘highest’ cost competitiveness and continued the ‘innovative’ attitude looking for better methods until now. He vowed to put ‘trust’ in the customers coming to our company by constantly doing his ‘best’ in the sense of ownership.

 Recipient of the 2016 4th Hyosung Employees of the Quarter Awards - Support Category


Profit maximization with thoroughness Vietnam Division, Managing Director Joo Yeong-don

Managing Director Joo Yeong-don led 6 projects to success in 2016 as the executive in charge of projects in the Vietnam/Dong Nai Division. Especially, he secured the highest cost-competitiveness by saving 20% of the total investment and did his best in such things as securing construction quality and complying with construction due date to maximize our company’s profit. Such an effort of his resulted in complying with project due date and zero safety accident.

Managing Director Joo Yeong-don saved the total investment by making thorough market surveys and discovering new companies, and he also led new companies even more completely. From his responsible attitude that created ideas endlessly to save investment cost after recognizing that saving investment cost contributes to saving production cost, the bright future of our company could be read.

 Recipient of the 2016 4th Hyosung Employees of the Quarter Awards - Marketing Category


Endless passion for new customers Spandex PU, Marketing Team, Dept. Head Son Hae-sung 

Dept. Head Son Hae-seong who concentrated on Brand Pull Through Marketing to raise awareness of creora and build the entry barrier against competitors including Chinese products. He showed a successful case of marketing by suggesting collaboration of our company’s global organization and VIU suiting their needs to a German big retailer that was using Lycra mainly through nomination. In particular, thanks to his drawing strengthening of the Pull Through Marketing by inducing development of the new product Fresh (odor-eliminating spandex) in accordance with market needs and applying it to several global brands, it was possible to anticipate other than just the monetary effect, such as securing new customers. From Dept. Head Son Hae-seong who also devoted himself to educating, such as global capability strengthening through regional determining system of his organization and brand study to give work-related knowledge, the passion of flame not extinguishing even after time was fully sensed. 

 Recipient of the 2016 4th Hyosung Employees of the Quarter Awards - Technology Category


Outcome made by strong sense of responsibility Nautilus Hyosung PU, NBS Business Department, Dept. Head Lee Hun 

Dept. Head Lee Hun who takes the overall control of NBS Business Department developing differentiated new products of Nautilus Hyosung PU and is perfectly practicing Hyosung Way. He is developing VIU products satisfying needs of important overseas customers and performing successfully important development projects with thorough responsibility. In addition to this, as the leader of the development part, he plays a leading role in organization control, process improvement and cultivation of young developers. He is a role model for others. As a result, he has created high business profit from later 2014 when the NBS Business Department was established to the end of 2016 and, particularly, made a big contribution to the sales portion increase of the high-reward products and consequential profitability-rise in the PU. He vowed to continue to practice Hyosung Way, having interest in various technologies and industries and collecting their information actively.

 Recipient of the 2016 4th Hyosung Employees of the Quarter Awards - Research Category


Secure of world top level technologies Hyosung R&D Center, Polymer Process Research Team 2, Deputy Dept. Head Jo Boo-yeong 

Finding a way under difficult circumstance is a special feature of the proud recipients of the Hyosung Employees Awards. Deputy Dept. Head Jo Boo-yeong is not an exception to this. Under the circumstance that no design technology existed for reaction process, he developed independently the source technology for reaction process design on the basis of the catalysis data for propane dehydrogenation reaction. Above all, it is noticeable for him to have secured the reactor design source technology to be able to design independently the propane dehydrogenation reaction process. Establishing the high-performance reactor design theory, he made the splendid achievement of designing independently DH-2 and DH-3, saving the process licensing cost, improving propylene yield and consequently raising business profit. This is why 2017 is anticipated even more from Deputy Dept. Head Jo Boo-yeong who played the core role in securing world top level technology compared with the process of other companies.

 Outstanding Partners Awards - Road for win-win is promised

Outstanding Partners Awards were presented together with the 2016 Hyosung Employees of the Year Award ceremony. This award was made in the level of win-win growth of our company and partners and is awarded to the partner companies that contributed to the quality and technology improvement and cost saving of our company’s products. Here are those companies that have made win-win with our company.

Win-win growth strengthened by trust Representative Director Lee Sang-won of Shin Jeong Synthetic Fiber Co. (Partner of the Nylon Polyester Yarn PU)

 The time Shin Jeong Synthetic Fiber Co. has spent with our company is passing 27 years. The relationship has been able to be continued for such a long time because each has played the role of wooden support for the other. Nylon Polyester Yarn PU is pursuing expansion of automotive products sales and reduction of low-price regular products and their switch to high-price DTY products, to expand sales of high value differentiated products. But, the facility gave a limitation to the DTY switch. However, as Shin Jeong Synthetic Fiber Co. invested for 2 years on DTY facility expansion, it is now possible to expand the capacity to produce high value products and sell them continuously. Like this, Shin Jeong Synthetic Fiber has given strong support to business profit improvement. The foundation of win-win growth that has continued for 27 years on the basis of trust will become more solid.

Intimate partnership improves global competitiveness Representative Director Lee Sang-sik of M.T.C (Partner of Changwon Plant of Power Systems PU) 

M.T.C has been with Changwon Plant of Power Systems PU for about 20 years as a reliable partner. The hydraulic and spring operating mechanisms for the circuit breaker supplied by this company are such core parts of the circuit breaker that reliability in quality and technology is highly required. In spite of such a difficulty, M.T.C has derived successful results by consistently making sufficient investment and so improving the cost and quality competitiveness.  Especially, in accordance with our company’s policy to secure global-top level quality competitiveness, M.T.C organized and now operates the Quality Department and, after making intensive quality improvement, once accomplished zero quality-flaw for over a year from 2015. As M.T.C is now accelerating development of bulk products to invade Indian market, it is expected to make big contribution to our company’s profitability improvement in the future.

Written and Photographed by | Editorial Office

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