[HYOSUNG NEWS] Our company’s management, met the Vietnamese Prime Minister to discuss over ‘economic development’

2016. 12. 16. 11:45

Group News

 [Common for All Companies] Our company’s management, met the Vietnamese Prime Minister to discuss over ‘economic development’

On November 10th, the management of our company including President Cho Hyun-joon and Vice Chairman Lee Sang-woon visited Vietnam and met Prime Minister Nguyễn Xuân Phúc. At the meeting with the Vietnamese prime minister, our management discussed with him over the cooperative plans for the Vietnamese economy including building the infrastructure for industrial development. Our company is operating plants at the Nhon Tracch industrial complex of the Dong Nai Province located near Ho Chi Minh City to produce such global No.1 products as spandex and tire cord.

 [Common for All Companies] ‘Yo-Yo Ma Teaching Class’ was held for the disabled youths

The ‘Yo-Yo Ma Teaching Class’ was held on November 18th at the Seoul Arts Center located at Seoch-gu, Seoul. This year’s class was the 4th of the Teaching Class and planned such that members of the ‘Silk Road Ensemble’ would give support, as one-day mentors, the members of the ‘Onnuri Love Chamber’ orchestra, which is composed of about 80 disabled children and youths, for them to be able to grow to the next generation performers without losing their dream. On the same day, the Silk Road Ensemble performance was given and employees and people of the neglected class were invited and enjoyed together the music.

 [Common for All Companies] The 2016 9th Win-Win Growth Week was opened  


The 9th Win-Win Growth Week event was opened on November 1st at the COEX Intercontinental Hotel in Seoul under the title of ‘Coexistence for the Future, Win-Win Growth’. Attended by about 300 persons including Deputy Minister of Industry, Trade & Energy and Chairman of the Win-Win Growth Committee, this event reflected the outcome of Win-Win Growth between companies and sought development plans. In the meantime, our company received the Commendation by the Director of the Small & Medium Business Administration at the award ceremony for the contributors and outstanding companies that contributed to national economic development through cooperation between large enterprises and small & medium businesses.

 [Common for All Companies] Received a government award getting credit for preemptive greenhouse gas reduction

Our company was credited for the preemptive greenhouse gas reduction and outstanding response to the climate change and received the Minister of Industry, Trade & Energy Award at the ‘Climate WEEK 2016’ held on November 29th at the COEX International Hotel, Seoul. Our company began the voluntary greenhouse gas reduction in 2009 when the target Control System the first ever greenhouse gas regulation of Korea was not introduced yet and, as a result, was credited for a total of 860 thousand ton early reduction for Emission Trading.

 [Common for All Companies] Commencement Ceremony was held for the 50th term new employees

The celebration of the 50th term new employees’ completion of education was held on November 25th at the auditorium of the Mapo Head Office. This event was planned to celebrate new employees’ completion of 1 year education and encourage their continuous growth and development. Also, awards were presented to the outstanding mentors and mentees. Ms. Jo Ha-jeong of Production Team 2, Tire & Industrial Reinforcement Materials PU who received the OJT Grand Prize gave her award acceptance speech as “It was very helpful to learn how to work at and how to adjust to the company through mentors.”

 [Common for All Companies] The 2016 in-house sexual harassment education was given


On November 18th, our company gave the in-house sexual harassment education at the Mapo Head Office auditorium. The specialized lecturer invited from outside explained about laws concerning equal employment opportunity and work and life balance, and also about the criteria for judging in-house sexual harassment. And, then, preventive plans were discussed through cases of corrective recommendations given by the National Human Rights Commission of Korea. This education was given while all team managers working at the Mapo, Banpo and Bangbae workplaces were attending, and the secondary education will be given to each team members based on the education content.

 [Textile PG] Spandex PU, participated in the denim exhibitions in Paris and Bangladesh

Spandex PU participated in the ‘Denim Première Vision’ held from November 2nd to 3rd in Paris, France. The ‘creora® Fit2’-applied jeans were exhibited at the booth and attracted attention of customers not only by the style but also by the outstanding flexibility. Spandex PU also participated in the ‘Denim Expo’ held from November 8th to 9th in Bangladesh to try to invade South Asia which is emerging as a new market.

 [Textile PG] Gumi Plant, gave the ‘Management Philosophy and Quality-Oriented Mind Education’

Gumi Plant is giving the ‘Management Philosophy and Quality-Oriented Mind Education’ for the field workers of 3 PUs. This education given in a total of 12 classes began with the 1 night 2 day education on August 30th and 8 classes were given until now. So far, 221 persons had another chance to learn our company’s management philosophy and were able to ponder and communicate over the corresponding PU’s quality level and our roles there.

 [Industrial Materials PG] Industrial Materials PG, had the GCM (Global Consensus Meeting)

Tire & Industrial Reinforcement Materials PU, TECHNICAL YARN PU and GST (Global Safety Textiles) had the second-half GCM at the Mapo Head Office for 3 days from November 9th to 11th to share the performance of overseas divisions and discuss over development plans. For this GCM, executives and staffs of GST and the overseas divisions in China and Vietnam, and the Head Office management gathered together, to share the 2016 performance and state of market and to discuss over plans to accomplish the 2017 plan and the medium & long term growth strategy.

 [Industrial Materials PG] Tire & Industrial Reinforcement Materials PU, held the 9th Technology Exchange Meeting

The 9th Tire & Industrial Reinforcement Materials PU Textile Technology Exchange Meeting was held from November 15th to 16th at Ulsan Plant. While foreign employees who visited Korea were attending together, the Plumb Team, Heat Treatment Team and Quality Assurance Team presented the ‘Current state and future plans to improve each process for flawless products’ in succession, and differentiated products of the Research Institute were introduced. Also, contents of the main improvement activities were shared through field tour of each process.

 [Industrial Materials PG] Jangsaengpo Residents Council visited Ulsan Plant


As anxiety and distrust of the regional residents about the nearby workplaces have grown due to the recent bad smell and the successive environmental safety accidents in the Ulsan area, Ulsan Plant invited the ‘Jangsaengpo Residents Council’ to the Workplace Explanation Meeting and site tour on November 17th. At this place, Ulsan Plant heard suggestions of the regional residents to relieve their anxiety and strengthened the relationship with the regional residents. Through this invitation, Ulsan Plant was able to put into the regional residents the perception that our company is the credible workplace that can win-win with the regional community.

 [Industrial Materials PG] Ulsan Plant, did the 2016 second half Top Patrol

Ulsan Plant did the second half Top Patrol over the plant’s whole area, in preparation for winter, under the supervision of General Plant Manager for 5 days from November 9th. First, the management state was shared and it was checked whether or not the independent activities pursued for about 5 months after the TPM Independent Preservation 7 Step activity were maintained and controlled by spontaneous involvement. Then, while they were moving on the human traffic line, at each section, with presentation of each team, field groups presented their performances.

 [Power & Industrial Systems PG] Changwon City, proclaimed the ten-day period of ‘Changwon Plant’s Day’


Changwon City proclaimed the 10 day period from October 31st to November 9th as the ‘Hyosung Co. Changwon Plant’s Day’ to celebrate and publicize the 50th anniversary of foundation of our company which is contributing to regional economic development through job creation and production and servicing to the regional community through social contributions. During the proclaimed period, Changwon City installed our company’s banner at the Changwon-daero and PR tower and placards around our company, and also played PR video on the City Hall electronic display, to promote Changwon Plant.

 [Power & Industrial Systems PG] Power & Industrial Systems PG, participated in the 2016 Bitgaram International Power Technology Expo


The ‘2016 Bitgaram International Power Technology Expo’ was held at the Kim Dae-joong Convention Center in Kwangju for 3 days from November 2nd. At this expo participated by about 4,000 experts from more than 60 nations of the world, our company introduced the newest electric power technology through real goods or mockups and had counseling for overseas advancement. Power & Industrial Systems PG will continue to actively publicize our company’s capability to strengthen our status as a global total-solution supplier in the field of power transmission and distribution.

 [Power & Industrial Systems PG] Changwon Plant, gave a safety education to technicians


Changwon Plant gave a collective safety education for technicians in 4 classes for 2 days of November 18th and 23rd. This education was given under the theme of ‘Practice of self-safety through improvement of safety-consciousness’. About 1,100 employees including technicians, site managers, contracted technicians and part time employees attended and showed their enthusiasm for practicing safety consciousness.

 [Power & Industrial Systems PG] Received Technology Award at the Korea Wind Energy Association Fall Meeting


On November 24th, Dept. Head Han Dong-yeong of the Wind Power Business Division received the Technology Award at the Korea Wind Energy Association Fall Meeting held at the Riverside Hotel in Seoul. He was credited for securing large size offshore wind power technology by using the wind turbine technology. Our company completed development of the 5㎿ level large size offshore wind turbine which acquired international certification for the first time in Korea and is using the outcome of development to contribute to accomplishment of government’s goal for the renewable energy and vitalization of Korean wind power industry.

 [Power & Industrial Systems PG] Changwon Plant’s Hyosung A Team, won in the 7th Changwon Mayor’s Flag Soccer Competition for Institutions and Companies


At the 7th Changwon Mayor’s Flag Soccer Competition for Institutions and Companies held from November 5th to 7th, Hyosung A Team composed of united members of Changwon Plant’s soccer clubs won in the 2nd division. In the 2nd division qualifying round participated by 9 teams, Hyosung A Team advanced to the quarterfinal as top of the corresponding group, and won the trophy winning the semifinal by 3:0 and the final by 2:0. On the other hand, Hyosung B Team, Samjeonhoi and Hyosung Goodsprings PU competed in the 3rd division but dropped early to their regret.

 [Information & Communications PG] Hyosung Information Systems PU, participated in the Cloudera Session-Seoul


On November 10th, Hyosung Information Systems PU attended the ‘Cloudera Session-Seoul’ held at Gwanghwamoon, Seoul. While Korean and foreign big data experts were attending, Hyosung Information Systems PU introduced its business strategy and the cases that its solutions were used, under the title of ‘Social innovation led by big data and IoT’, and attracted attention. Also, the PU showed its advanced technology by operating the exhibition booth with the big data exclusive platform HSP and the big data analysis solution Pentaho.

 [Independent Corporations] The Class Hyosung, won the 1st prize at the Mercedes-Benz Global Tech-Masters 2016 event


At the ‘Mercedes-Benz Global Tech-Masters 2016’ event held on November 17th in Stuttgart, Germany, Section Chief Yoon In-seong of the Cheonan Service Center, The Class Hyosung became the Global Champion (1st prize) at the category of Certified System Technician-Driving Safety (CST-DS). Section Chief Yoon In-seong became the first Korean ever to win the Global Champion. This event is held every two years to enhance the technology and capability of the Mercedes-Benz aftersales service employees all over the world.

Social Contributions

 ‘Rice of Love’ was delivered to the neighbors of Mapo-gu

On November 1st, our company held the ‘Rice of Love’ sharing event for neighbors of Mapo-gu. To fulfill our responsibility as a member of the Mapo-gu regional community, more than 20 employees visited the neighbors directly and delivered 500 bags of 20 kg rice to a total of 500 families including 50 families living at the rented apartment of Seongsan-dong, Mapo-gu. Our company has continued warmth-giving since 2006 delivering the Rice of Love to the Mapo-gu residents with financial difficulties.

 Reception of the President of Korean Red Cross commendation and the ‘Blood Donation of Love’ event at the Mapo Head Office

Our company received the President of Korean Red Cross commendation at the ‘Korean Red Cross Anniversary Meeting’ held on November 8th at the Culture Building of the Korean Red Cross Seoul Branch. Our sharing activities were considered to have practiced the spirit of humanity and contributed to spread of sharing culture in Korea. Along with this, the ‘Blood Donation of Love’ event, which shares hope and new lives to the leukemia and childhood cancer patients, was held on November 10th at the Mapo Head Office and many employees had a chance to practice love.

 Donation money was delivered to the vulnerable social group of Mapo-gu

The ‘Donation Fund Delivery Ceremony to Hope Sharing Project for Mapo-gu Vulnerable Social Group’ was held at the Daehung-dong community center of Mapo-gu while Noh Jae-bong Director of the Hyosung Sharing Volunteers Corps, Mapo-gu congressman Noh Woong-rae and Im Man-soo Chairman of the Social Welfare Association were attending. This day, our company delivered 30 million won donation, which will be used for the food market program that supports food and daily necessities for the vulnerable social group of Mapo-gu and emergency support program that supports living, medical and education expenses.

 1,500 boxes of kimjang kimchi were delivered to the Mapo-gu low income families


On November 23rd, our company delivered 1,500 boxes of 10㎏ ‘Kimjang Kimchi of Love’ to the low income families living in Mapo-gu jointly with the Mapo-gu Office. This year's ‘Kimjang Kimchi of Love’ delivery was the 10th year event and was participated by more than 20 employees of the Support Headquarters who delivered the boxes directly to each family. Our company has delivered the Kimjang Kimchi of Love since 2007. 

 ‘Reading Barracks’, Book Café opening ceremony at the Gwanggaeto Troop

On November 8th, our company attended the Book Cafe opening ceremony held at the First Artillery Brigade of Gwanggaeto Troop, Army First Corps. Our company is supporting installation of container-type book cafes to join the ‘Reading Barracks Movement’ campaigned by the Army Headquarters. In addition to this, our company visits regularly national cemeteries to do the 1 company-1 grave section cleaning and sponsors continuously the ‘Patriots Home’ program which makes new home for war veterans.

 Gumi Plant, Jeonju Plant and Hyosung ITX did respective service activities for kimjang

On November 18th, more than 100 persons including Gumi Plant’s employees and representatives of the Joint Labor-Management Council, and representatives of partner companies joined the ‘2016 Kimjang of Love’ event and delivered 2,000 head kimjang kimchi to poor neighbors through Gumi Social Welfare Complex and Sarangteo Children’s Home. On November 21st, employees of Jeonju Plant visited Ho-seong Orphanage to deliver donation money for kimjang and also to help preparation for kimjang. Hyosung ITX also visited the occupational rehabilitation facility for the disabled Kyonam Uyuji Dongsan located in Paju City, Gyeonggi-do on November 19th to help harvesting and kimjang.

 Power & Industrial Systems PG R&D Center, did ‘Wall Painting of Love’

The Power & Industrial Systems PG R&D Center did ‘Wall Painting of Love’ at the Myunghak Village on November 3rd and 4th in the Sharing Service Week for the 59th Anniversary of Foundation. More than 30 researchers joined and decorated the wall beautifully with the comic book characters children like. This biannual event began last year and is attracting high interest as a social contribution program for win-win with the regional community. Continuing active roles practicing social responsibility are anticipated from the Power & Industrial Systems PG R&D Center.

 Changwon Plant, did regional volunteer services

Changwon Plant’s ‘1 Company – 1 River Cleaning’ was done on November 9th at the area of Nam Creek and Wanam Creek flowing near Changwon Plant 1 and Plant 3. More than 90 office workers from the Management Headquarters joined this day’s cleaning and actively removed the trash neglected to the lower part of the creeks. Also, on November 11th, the plant invited senior citizens of the Shinchang Village in Goonbuk-myun of Haman, which is the 1 Company – 1 Village Sisterhood Village, to the Senior Citizens Respect Tour to Sangrim Park in Hamyang and Donguibogam Village in Sancheong.

 Changwon Plant, sponsored the ‘Visiting Liberal Arts Concert’

Changwon Plant sponsored the ‘Visiting Liberal Arts Concert - Meeting with Authors’ held on November 24th at the Changwon University. Attended by more than 300 persons composed of teachers and school parents from elementary and middle schools of Changwon City, this event was a liberal arts lecture, in the form of book-concert with musical performance, given by Director Lee Jeong-mo of Seoul Science Museum. Copies of the corresponding book will be donated to the schools of attendees, exactly in the number of attendees.

 Hyosung Goodsprings PU & Hyosung Capital PU shared Briquettes of Love

On November 12th, about 60 persons from the Angels of the Hyosung Goodsprings PU and other 5 voluntary service organizations did service activities, such as briquette delivery, replacing and repairing briquette boiler and delivery of necessities, to the 6 lowest income families living in the Jinhae-gu, Changwon City. Also, Hyosung Capital PU’s employees and their children, about 50 persons in total, did ‘Sharing of Briquettes of Love’ on November 22nd at the Sanggye-dong area of Dobong-gu, Seoul. They sweated delivering more than 1,800 briquettes to 9 families of the vulnerable social group.

 Angel of the Hyosung Goodsprings PU, had the blood donation certificates delivery event

On November 25th, the Angels of the Hyosung Goodsprings PU donated to the Korean Association for Children with Leukemia and Cancer 100 blood donation certificates collected through the ‘Blood Donation of Love’ activity as a part of practicing sharing. We wish that the donated blood donation certificates may help the children with Leukemia and Cancer recover as soon as possible.

 Yongyeon Plant, practiced loving neighbors through Community Chest of Korea

On November 23rd, Yongyeon Plant delivered 15 million won donation to the Community Chest of Korea. This donation was collected by Salary Sharing participated eagerly by the Yongyeon Plant employees to practice loving neighbors and our company’s matching grant. Yongyeon Plant’s Management Team Manager Kim Jin-Uk said, “We determined to deliver the donation for the neglected neighbors on the occasion of year-end,” and “we just hope that this may help poor neighbors, however small it may be, in the cold winter.”

 Nautilus Hyosung PU, did wintering service

On November 18th, Nautilus Hyosung PU donated underclothes and blankets to the families living unheated, out of the lowest income or single elderly families living near the company, to practice loving neighbors on the occasion of year-end. This event was done with the Myounghwa Social Welfare Complex at Suseo and was eagerly participated by more than 50 employees who had warm hours taking care of poor neighbors.

 Hyosung USA Division, delivered scholarship fund to The University of Alabama

On November 29th, Hyosung USA Division delivered the scholarship fund to The University of Alabama, a state university of Alabama where the Division’s workplace is located. University of Alabama was founded in 1831 and is a prestigious university representing the southern America. Our company has supported scholarship fund for the Korean Language Course since 2015. Guests from the Hyosung USA Division and the University authorityties attended the scholarship presentation ceremony held at the University of Alabama and presented the scholarship to 8 students who completed the Korean Language Course with excellent results.

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