[Beautiful Companion] Teaching Class by Yo-Yo Ma and Silk Road Ensemble, Warm melody connecting minds and minds

2016. 12. 16. 11:42

World famous cellist Yo-Yo Ma visited Korea in two years by our company’s sponsorship. Presenting a special hour to the members of the Onnuri Love Chamber Orchestra, he showed the great power of music once again.

 Met a world famous player at a close distance

On November 18th, members of the ‘Onnuri Love Chamber’ orchestra which is comprised of about 80 disabled children and youths gathered at the Seoul Arts Center located in Seocho-gu, Seoul to attend the Teaching Class in which they would receive guidance on how to perform from the members of the Silk Road Ensemble led by the world greatest cellist Yo-Yo Ma and also see the performance of the Silk Road Ensemble. This day, Yo-Yo Ma and members of the Silk Road Ensemble became one-day mentors of the Onnuri Love Chamber orchestra members to encourage them not to lose their dreams even under difficult situations. At the hour with the Onnuri Love Chamber orchestra members, world famous cellist Yo-Yo Ma said, “Thanks for giving me the chance to communicate with the great youths,” and gave them a bright smile.

 Hyosung Culture Series raising happiness index of our society  

Our company has sponsored the Seoul performance of Yo-Yo Ma and Silk Road Ensemble since 2010 through the ‘Hyosung Culture Series’. The Teaching Class is a part of the Culture Series and this year’s class was the 4th. Vice President Cho Hyun-sang who was also Head of the Hyosung Sharing Volunteers Corps suggested the Teaching Class for self-reliance of the vulnerable social group through sponsoring culture and arts and Yo-Yo Ma willingly accepted it, and so the relationship still continues. This day, Yo-Yo Ma emphasized that orchestra plays the role of uniting minds of people into one. 

“Orchestra makes all players think, feel and express ‘together’. This is very important for all the people of our society as well as for companies.”

Hyosung Culture Series trying to support promising cultural artists and cultural experience of the neglected class. Our company will continue to deliver beautiful hope to the vulnerable social group of our society through various programs sponsoring arts.

Yo-Yo Ma and members of the Silk Road Ensemble became one-day mentors

of the Onnuri Love Chamber orchestra members to encourage them

not to lose their dreams even under difficult situations.

 Let us introduce the Onnuri Love Chamber orchestra  

The Onnuri Love Chamber orchestra founded in 1999 is comprised of about 80 intellectually disabled children and youths. Since 2014, our company has continuously supported the orchestra for the members' scholarship, purchase of instruments, concerts and music camps operation. Currently, the Onnuri Love Chamber orchestra is doing more than 50 tour concerts a year on the basis of teaching by 30 specialized musicians through talent donation.

The stage of world famous musician Yo-Yo Ma and Silk Road Ensemble

who willingly became one-day mentors for the Onnuri Love Chamber orchestra members.

They showed their becoming one in music.

 Yo-Yo Ma’s project to connect the Eastern and Western cultures, Silk Road Ensemble  

Cellist Yo-Yo Ma is loved by many people, introducing new and creative music. Until now, he participated in more than 100 music albums and has the record of receiving 18 Grammy Awards. Yo-Yo Ma formed the ‘Silk Road Ensemble’ in 1998 together with players from more than 20 countries as a part of the ‘Project to connect the Eastern and Western cultures’. Silk Road Ensemble is considered to have raised and widened the range of music by converging the classical music of the West and folk music of the East.

 Mini Interview

Yo-Yo Ma 

Cellist, Art Director and Founder of the Silk Road Ensemble

My gratitude for Hyosung’s generous support.

“Eighteen years have passed since Silk Road Ensemble was established. I send my deep gratitude to the partners of the world who have realized and shared the importance of art, particularly to Hyosung the official sponsor of the Silk Road Ensemble. Wherever we perform, from the Istanbul square to well known concert halls of America or Asia, our goal is one. It is combining familiarity and unfamiliarity into one in a new musical language, and embracing mutual difference and sharing the joy discovered from it. Art shows a new way to open the windows of the world and solve divisions and conflicts.”

 임직원들이 전하는 요요마 & 실크로드 앙상블 공연 생생 후기

Employees who were selected by the in-house event also attended the concert of Yo-Yo Ma and Silk Road Ensemble given as a part of our company’s Culture Series. Those employees who watched the performance gave their vivid experiences of the day.

Kim Myeong-hee (Chairperson of the Onnuri Love Chamber Mothers Association, Mother of Park Hye-shin of Violin Part)

The hour when all children became one in music was really a joyful and new experience. I really liked the scene that a world famous musician played an instrument with the children. I send my gratitude to Yo-Yo Ma and Silk Road Ensemble and also to Hyosung that made a happy memory for children.

Dept. Head Park Seong-seup (Substation Team, Power Systems PU) 

I first met Yo-Yo Ma through his album <Hush>. Thanks to the in-house event, I got a chance to see the performance of the famous musician at a close distance. At the concert, instruments of many countries matched harmoniously and moved over between the East and the West. My wife who watched with me said it was a pleasant time for her, too.

Dept. Head Jeong Yoo-jo (Planning & Management Team, Industrial Materials PG) 

I gave the concert tickets to my parents who spent 20 years abroad and recently came back home as a gift. I was afraid a bit that the music may be unfamiliar to my parents but, after performance, they exchanged conversation saying it was very good. All my families laughed loud at my mother’s mimicking the tabla player’s sound as ‘tig dak, tig dak, tig tig dak dak!’.

Deputy Dept. Head Choi Jung-in (Review Team, Hyosung Capital PU) 

It was so meaningful and pleasant to have a chance to watch the heart-filling warm performance at the end of autumn. The differentiated new music of a world famous cellist Yo-Yo Ma and Silk Road Ensemble who visited Korea by our company’s sponsorship caught my ears. It was such a special hour of experiencing natural harmony of cello and traditional instruments of the world.

Section Chief Choi Yeong-ran (Management Innovation Team, Future Strategy Office)

It was such a crossover between the Eastern music and the Western music which were different but similar and similar but different! It was amazing to see that the players of diverse nationalities gathered and played each instrument in a strange harmony. My date with mom was even more romantic because we were able to see the famous Yo-Yo Ma and our ears were pleased by exciting music.

Deputy Section Chief Park Gye-yoon (Circuit Breaker Team, Power Systems PU) 

This concert I attended with my wife at the deepening autumn was a very amusing and warm hour comforting our minds. I am so happy that I gave such a great present to my wife who was busy with child care thanks to the in-house event. My wife was energized watching the concert and said she would be able to spend day by day happily again with two beautiful kids.

Section Chief Hong Gwan-seon (Strategic Procurement Team, Power & Industrial Systems PG) 

Thanks to this concert, I was able to present a joyous day to my wife who was tired from child care. As the Eastern and Western music created happy harmony communicating each other, I had so rich feeling as to create such confusion that I was traveling Silk Road.

Team Member Yang Min-kyung (Domestic Sales Team, Spandex PU) 

At first, traditional instruments from the whole world were unfamiliar and strange. But, it was very impressive that the players communicated between them in the music. The music became familiar gradually. It was a very satisfactory concert where I fell in cheerful melody.

Written by | Lee Yoon-jeong (Deputy Section Chief, PR Team 3) 

Photographed by | Ahn Hyun-sik (Deputy Section Chief, PR Team 3)

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