[Sweat and Dream] Yongyeon Plant, Jumps to a global chemical material company

2016. 12. 16. 11:41

Plastic that has changed our lives completely in 150 years is used as a material for vehicles, airplanes and space ships as well as for daily life necessities. It was a revolution of daily lives. The base of our company that declared challenge to the plastic market was Yongyeon Plant completed in 1991.

Yongyeon Plant that has produced ‘polypropylene’ the material of plastic and its raw material ‘propylene’ for 25 years is boasting the splendor, expanding now to Plant 3. Obtaining knowhow in the process, our company developed the environment-friendly new engineering plastics polyketone for the first time in the world and made a big jump by its commercial production. Polyketone with competitiveness in environment-friendliness is receiving positive responses from domestic and foreign companies.

Development of new-material businesses on the basis of independent technology, like this, will play an essential role for our company to jump to a global chemical material company. The future of Yongyeon Plant is just the next generation growth engine of our company that will shaken the global chemical market.

 PP/DH PU, driving force to the world’s best chemical industry

Yongyeon Plant’s PP/DH PU is producing and supplying polypropylene resin and is also obtaining its raw material propylene from the propane dehydrogenation process. PP/DH PU’s polypropylene resin ‘TOPILENE’ is a high-yield and highly isospecific resin made by combining the polymer synthesis technology accumulated in the chemical fiber industry, cutting-edge technologies of Japan and USA and various catalyst technologies. Now, PP/DH PU has established the vertical integration from the raw material to the final products by adopting the propane dehydrogenation process as the propylene manufacturing process and secured the basis for supplying high purity propylene stably. Particularly, the PP-R product R200P used for the cold and hot water pipe is leading the global market, and the retort film and protective film goods are also estimated to have the highest quality.

 Film PU contributing to customers’ value improvement

The film product ‘Filmore’ made by Film PU is contributing to customers’ creation of added value in the highest quality just as its name means ‘Fill With More Values’. On the basis of the world’s highest level technology and experience accumulated after having entered the nylon and polyester textile business for the first time in Korea, Film PU began operating nylon film in 1996 and polyester film in 1997. Film PU independently developed and is supplying the nylon and polyester polymer, which is the film’s raw material. In 2004, Film PU newly constructed the T-Die iterative elongation type nylon film plant and is supplying various products from the highest production capacity of Korea. Acquiring ISO 9001 in 2000 and ISO 14001 in 2008, Film PU is able to supply regularly the environment-friendly and harmless-to-uman products to customers.

 Various businesses leading the chemical raw-material industry

Yongyeon Plant TPA PU is supplying the highest quality and high purity TPA. The high purity TPA produced by the newest facilities and cutting-edge methods is used not only as the main raw material for highly functional polyester fiber but also as a raw material for the various industrial and daily life materials such as tire cord, PET bottles and polyester film.

Also, Neochem PU producing nitro fluorine three (NF3) has expanded the facility continuously and built additional production lines since the plant completion in 2007, and is seeking to produce goods for the goal of being a specialized producer of electronics materials special gas. And, Optical Film PU is producing yearly the 5,000㎡ TAC (Tri-Acetyl Cellulose) Film for polarizing plates used for LCD and is contributing to development of the LCD industry by TAC Film localization.

 POK Business Division leads parts industry with the outstanding material properties

Polyketone commercialized by the POK Business Division for the first time in the world is an environment-friendly macromolecular new material composed of carbon monoxide (CO) the culprit of air pollution and the petro-chemical raw material olefin (ethylene, propylene). Used as a material for vehicles, electricity and electronics and industrial materials, polyketone has 2.3 times higher impact strength and 30% higher chemical-resistance compared to nylon. Also, its abrasion resistance is 14 times higher than the highest level value of polyacetal (POM) and its gas barrier is equivalent to that of ethylene vinylalcohol (EVOH) the highest of the existing materials. POK Business Division completed the full scale production system in 2015, in pace with the demand growth of the global engineering plastics market growing continuously by more than 5% each year, and is producing and selling the world’s highest level polyketone materials.

Written by | Woo Seung-yeon 

Photographed by | Editorial Office 

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