[Hyosung News]The 50th Anniversary of Foundation

2016. 11. 18. 11:31

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[Common for all companies] The 50th Anniversary of Foundation


The 50th anniversary ceremony of our company’s foundation was held on November 3rd at the Mapo Head Office. This ceremony broadcasted live to all workplaces was the occasion looking back, through the special video, the past 50 years’ outcome and accomplishments made together with the employees and also making new promises to advance to a hundred-year company. Awards were also presented to long-term employed persons to appreciate those who had spent long time together, which added more meaning to the hour. New leap is more anticipated from our company that has continued for half-century after foundation.

[Common for all companies] The 2016 3rd Hyosung Employees of the Quarter Awards Ceremony 

At the ‘2016 3rd Hyosung Employees of the Quarter Awards’ ceremony held on October 27th at the Mapo Head Office, our company selected Assistant Managing Director Gong Myung-seong of the Sales Team 2, Optical Film PU and Dept. Head Gang Young-ho of GST China and presented them prize money and a plaque, respectively. The Hyosung Employees of the Quarter Award is presented to the employees who accomplished the best outcome for each quarter and, in this 3rd quarter, selected 1 recipient in each of the marketing and technology category through strict review.

[Common for all companies]Vice President of Saudi Electricity Company visited our company

Saudi Electricity Company’s Vice President for Technical Affairs Mohammed Al Rafaa and his party visited the Mapo Head Office and Changwon Plant. On October 13th, at the meeting with Vice President Al Rafaa and his party, our management including President Cho Hyun-joon and PU Head Moon Seop-cheol checked progress of MOU and had a time to share knowledge and experience through diverse exchanges of technologies and manpower on the electric power equipment. Then, the party visited Changwon Plant and made a direct observation of the site of thorough quality control.

[Common for all companies]Investment Attraction Party from Dong Nai Province, Vietnam visited our company

On October 14th, the Investment Attraction Party from Dong Nai Province, Vietnam headed by Vice Governor Tran Van Vinh visited our company. At the meeting, both parties agreed that our company would keep contributing to the regional economy through Vietnam Division and Dong Nai Province would give active support for our company to improve its global competitiveness on the basis of Vietnam. Since the foundation in 2007, Vietnam Division has been growing every year and the Dong Nai Corporation is promoting 174 thousand pyung scale facility expansion.

[Common for all companies]Delegation of the international organization ‘AMRO’, visited Vietnam Division

On October 20th, the AMRO delegation visited the Vietnam Division together with the Ministry of Strategy & Finance officers. Vietnam which is attracting attention as the post-China has been in close cooperative relationship with our company. If Trans-Pacific Strategic Economic Partnership (TPP) is effectuated, Vietnam’s influence is expected to grow even more. At this visit, the trend of makers that are moving their plants from nearby Southeast Asian nations to Vietnam and the growth potential of Vietnam’s own market were discussed over.

[Power & Industrial Systems PG] Participation in SIEF 2016 & Receiving of President Commendation as a contributor to electric and battery industry

Power Systems PU participated in the SIEF 2016 exhibition held at COEX from October 5th to 7th. This was the Korea’s largest electric and electric power equipment exhibition participated by more than 200 companies and Minister of Industry Joo Hyung-hwan visited our company’s booth and showed high interest in our technical outcome, which drew huge attention.

On the other hand, at the presentation of the 2016 Contributors to Electric & Battery Industry Awards, Managing Director Seong Byung-jo, manager of the circuit breaker and new power transmission plant, received the President Commendation for his contribution to ‘circuit breaker process improvement’ and ‘developing global market through new technology development’. Director Seong has played a significant role for our company’s extra-high voltage circuit breaker to grow to the global top level.

[Power & Industrial Systems PG]Changwon Plant’s Central Cafeteria 1, New Grand Open


On October 10th, Changwon Plant Central Cafeteria 1 newly opened after renovation. Renovation was completed through 2 month’s work from August so that employees can enjoy a meal in a more pleasant and comfortable space.

The renovated Changwon Plant Cafeteria 1 can accommodate 570 persons at the same time, and applied the conveyor belt to the dish return window to raise sanitary and aesthetic effect. The VIP Restaurant reopened on October 17th.

[Power & Industrial Systems PG] Changwon Plant, conducted the safety culture campaign


In the morning of October 10th, Changwon Plant campaigned for safety culture spread at each plant gate on the way to work. This campaign was conducted by the Korea Occupational Safety and Health Agency and Changwon Plant Safe Environment Team. Delivering the campaign materials to the employees on their way to work, the campaign team made the promotion of the following 4 safety rules; education on safety & health, wearing protective kit, compliance with safe work procedures and putting on safety & health marks. We hope that all employees keep the 4 safety rules in mind and take more care so that no accident may not happen.

[Textile PG]Textile PG, participated in ‘Intertextile’ and ‘Interfiliere’ held in Shanghai, China



Textile PG participated in the world largest textile exhibitions ‘Intertextile Shanghai 2016’ and ‘Interfiliere Shanghai 2016’ held in Shanghai, China from October 11th to 13th, and caught the attention of buyers by putting up the new spandex material ‘creora® Fresh’ at ‘Interfiliere’ which is an exhibition of fabric and subsidiary materials for lingerie and swimsuits and ‘freshgear’, ‘aeroheat’ and ‘aqua-X’ at Intertextile which is an integrated textile exhibition.

[Trade PG] Some Sevit held the 2nd Art Bridge Festival for discovering new artists 

The complex culture space on water Some Sevit held the ‘2nd Art Bridge Festival’ from October 14th to 16th to support new artists and their dreams and, at the same time, to provide various artistic experiences to the public, on the occasion of the 2nd anniversary which was October 15th.

The Art Bridge Festival was an occasion in which new artists in need of performance stage could exhibit talent and passion as much as they liked, and it was graced by 18 musicians and artists who passed review in each category of music, singing, art, mime and others. Besides providing the venue, Some Sevit provided a certain amount of support fund to each participating artist.

[Construction PG]Construction PG, is selling the ‘Uiwang Baekwoon Valley Hyosung Harrington Place’


On October 14th, Construction PG opened the show house of the ‘Uiwang Baekwoon Valley Hyosung Harrington Place’ at the land of the Korea Rural Community Corporation in Uiwang City. The show house was visited by 30 thousand people in the morning only on the opening day and is crowded every day. The Uiwang Baekwoon Valley Hyosung Harrington Place is composed of 29 pyung (95.86㎡), 34 pyung (112.39㎡), 43(142.14㎡) pyung types and the penthouse, and a total of 2,480 housings will be constructed at the 580-bunji area of Hakui-dong, Uiwang. It has the outstanding natural environment of being located at the foot of Mt. Baekwoon and having Baekwoon Lake at the back, in Uiwang City, and also has good accessibility to nearby cities such as Anyang and Seongnam.

[Information & Communications PG]Nautilus Hyosung PU, held an autumn family event with the employee families


On October 8th, Nautilus Hyosung PU held an autumn family event with about 110 employees and their families. The employees spent joyful time with their families, visiting the Hyun Choong Sa and Admiral Yi Sun-shin Memorial Hall in Asan, Chungnam and looking around Admiral Yi related exhibits, and then moving to the old Dogo Spring Station and there doing rail bike and apple picking. As it was raining until morning, smooth progress of the event was uncertain, but fortunately, the weather was good in the afternoon and the event could end successfully.

Social Contribution

Received the Prime Minister Commendation of the 2016 Sharing People Grand Prize


At the '2016 Korea Sharing People Grand Prize Award Ceremony' held on October 27th under the supervision of Ministry of Health & Welfare, our company received the Prime Minister Commendation in the personal sharing category. At this award ceremony, our company got a credit for the active sharing activities through the Hyosung Sharing Volunteer Corps.

Our company established the Hyosung Sharing Volunteer Corps in 2013 and, since then, has been continuing the once-a-month service for 4 years in a row at 4 institutions of Seoul area, and has done the 3,500 accumulated hours volunteer service until October this year for about 5 thousand people.

Supports the Event Organizers Cultivation Program as a part of culture and art sponsoring


Our company supports startup of young event organizers in order to sponsor culture and art. As a part of it, Director Noh Jae-bong of the Hyosung Sharing Volunteer Corps visited the Jongro Women Resources Development Center on October 19th to deliver 20 million won donation. The donated money will be used for cultivating young event organizers and also start-up incubating that will enable those organizers to create jobs. Through this, synergy effect is anticipated from vitalization of the performing arts industry and diversification of jobs for the young.

500 million won donation was delivered to help restore the damage by Typhoon ‘Chaba’


On October 13th, our company donated 500 million won to the Ulsan Office of Community Chest of Korea to help restore the damage in the Ulsan area caused by Typhoon Chaba.

Our company was eagerly involved in damage restoration as a member of the community based in the Ulsan and Yongyeon area. Our company sent the Sharing Volunteer Corps to help replace lightings of the flood-damaged apartments in Uljoo-gun and did restoration activities at the damaged area near the workplace.

‘Hyo of Love Party together with Some Sevit’ was held


Some Sevit provided free meals for senior citizens living alone and the homeless during the one month of October with the Dail Community’s Steamed Rice Sharing Movement Headquarters. After providing meals to 5,000 senior citizens living alone and the homeless, Some Sevit also prepared a rich stage full of performances by invited singers, performance by an orchestra and magic performance at the ‘Hyo Sharing Party’ held on October 24th at Some Sevit to present pleasure to those who are left alone.

‘Family Camp of Love’ with families of disabled children and employees


The ‘Family Camp of Love’ in which disabled children’s families and our company’s employee families spend time together was held on October 15th in the schedule of 1 night 2 days. At this camp, a family of the disabled and an employee family made one to one match and spent warm hours, doing various experiencing activities including Kimjang at the Mother’s Parents’ House Experiencing Village on the first day and cooking and eating chicken together at the Chicken College in Icheon on the next day. Through this camp, it was possible to fully enjoy experiencing activities and have a chance to think about sharing activities.

Vietnam Division, held the donation ceremony of Hyosung Library No.3


The Hyosung Library donation practiced by Vietnam Division employees as a CSR activity through collecting donation fund was held on October 18th at the Poodong Elementary School. This event was graced by such outside guests as Deputy Director of the Dong Nai Province Education Department, Vice Chairman of the Nhon Trach People’s Council and the Dong Nai Broadcasting Station as well as Managing Director Yoo Sun-hyung and employees of the General Affairs Department. Teachers and students of Poodong Elementary School delivered their gratitude for renovating the school facility, when the educational and cultural resources were insufficient.

Gumi Plant’s self-fire brigade, gave disabled children ‘firefighting safety education’


Gumi Plant’s Self-Fire Brigade gave the firefighting safety education for about 80 children and teachers of the disabled childcare facilities ‘Love Children’s Home’ and ‘Heaven Children’s Home’ in the Gumi area. The education given on October 21st is a service given by the brigade every year and educates the physically disabled children on the importance of preventing safety accidents and actions to be taken to prevent accidents. Gumi Plant promised to continue the love-practicing activities of the Self-Fire Brigade like this and also to do diverse service activities as a company fulfilling its duty for the regional community.

Industrial Materials PG, conducted donation campaign in commemoration of the 50th Anniversary of Foundation


In commemoration of the 50th Anniversary of Foundation, Industrial Materials PG conducted donation campaign from October 7th to 17th targeting 500 articles donation through participation of all teams of the PG head office and domestic workplaces. As a result of campaign, executives including PG Head Cho Hyun-sang eagerly participated and all PG teams joined forces to collect 1,000 articles. Among the donors, Mr. Cho Byung-sik of the TECHNICAL YARN PU’s Ulsan Plant was chosen as the most articles donor and Management Team of the Ulsan Plant Management Headquarters and Anyang Plant which had the highest ratio of participation members were chosen as outstanding teams, and they received thank-you letters.

Ulsan Plant, provided helping hands for the 1-company 1-village sisterhood village


On the occasion of the farming season, Ulsan Plant visited the 1-company 1-village sisterhood village, Joongosan Village in Onyang-oop, Ulsan, on October 25th and did volunteer service sweating to give helping hands for harvesting rice and sweet potatoes.

Since making the 1-company 1-village sisterhood relationship with the Joongosan Village of Onyang-oop in August of 2005, Ulsan Plant has helped every year rice planting, harvesting and parties for the elderly to share warm friendship with the local community for win-win development.

Changwon Plant, sponsored the ‘Youth Literature Tour with Hyosung’


Changwon Plant sponsored the ‘Youth Literature Tour with Hyosung’ event held from October 22nd to 23rd as a part of scholarship program. This event held by the Changwon Office of Education was participated by 90 students from high grade elementary students and middle school students of the Changwon area. Participants visited culture commentators and regional attractions in the Sancheong area of Kyungnam and also had the discussion program on liberal arts books.  Changwon Plant has supported this event every year since 2014 and is sponsoring ‘School Parents Book Concert’ and ‘School Parents Reading Coaching’ and practicing ‘Mini Libraries Donation’ to spread right reading culture.

Changwon Plant and Wings, supported a marathon festival


On October 9th, Changwon Plant sponsored the ‘13th Gyungnam Marathon’, the community festival for health promotion of the residents. At this event, 20 members of the Changwon Plant’s volunteer club Wings participated and did food sharing volunteer service jointly with the Gyungnam Welfare Center for the Disabled. These members provided such free food as tofu-kimchi, fish cake soup and rice wine for those who participated in marathon and their supporters.

Changwon Plant sponsors the marathon event every year to contribute to health promotion of Changwon citizens and raise the plant awareness, and the Wings present pleasant memories to citizens through food sharing volunteer service.

Angels of Hyosung Goodsprings PU, did farm village experiencing activity


On October 8th, Angels of the Hyosung Goodsprings PU went the Goboongoon village located in Dong-up, Uichang-gu, Changwon City, to have the farm-village experiencing class with 25 children from the Evergreen Regional Children’s Center. Listening to the explanation by the cook of the field study facility, children made the traditional yakbab and Injulmi to share and enjoy it, and also experienced sweet potato picking wearing raincoats while it was raining. As it was such a new experience, the class was full of children’s curiosity and fun.

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