[Creative People] Recipients of the 2016 3rd Hyosung Employees of the Quarter Award

2016. 11. 18. 11:31

On the meaningful day of the 50th Anniversary of Foundation, the good news of the 2016 3rd Hyosung Employees of the Quarter Award arrived. Today was made by the passion of Hyosung People. We meet the valuable persons who are strongly supporting our company.

Repeats challenges with a differentiated sales strategy

Assistant Managing Director Gong Myung-seong has led in earnings improvement as the Sales Team 2 Manager, detecting market changes using a more complete market survey than anybody else. He is the person who selected a client company and target items to expand sales and contributed to building PU’s base for full sales. Reading market trends, making sales strategy accordingly and analyzing competitiveness is his own unique weapon. 

He once responded actively to changes of panel market’s growth and changes of client companies’ profitability for each application, and made and practiced the sales strategy accordingly. As a result, he accomplished expanded sales for TV and in China. Also, responding preemptively to the needs of such client companies that tried to raise chamfer yield for cost saving, he sold exclusively to the client companies new widths such as 1,500㎜ and 1,990㎜. 

Not only that, it was also his own unique strategy enabling sales increase that he deepened the market survey step by step to clarify and specify the sales direction. Although suffered from failure in product certification, Assistant Managing Director Gong Myung-seong never gave up. Cooperating with the development, production and quality sectors and continuously improving performance and quality, he also accomplished a dramatic rise of PU’s sales profit. 

Assistant Managing Director Gong Myung-seong contributed to profitability securing while our company lacked market competitiveness as a second mover. He may be called a precious Hyosung Person who renders our company that has walked the road of global No.1 for 50 years even brighter.

Improves competitiveness and productivity through process improvement GST Global

GST China Plant that achieved and maintains the highest fraction defective control index among the GST Global plants. As this outcome was achieved in less than 2 years after plant operation, it means much. At its center is GST China Plant Manager, Dept. Head Gang Young-ho. 

While managing local Chinese who lacked technical capability and experience and trying to reinforce technology, Dept. Head Kang Young-ho made consistent process-improvements and so raised productivity. Particularly, in the case of OPW, he did not care much the fraction defective index at the early stage and applied higher standards than in client companies, which became the opportunity to raise the quality consciousness of managers and workers. This resulted in zero fraction defective of the products supplied to the client companies and contributed to raising reliability of the GST China Plant. His passion did not stopped here. He discovered a new idea for the OPW process, out of the fabric making process, and saved the installation and operation cost. 

The process improvement of Dept. Head Kang Young-ho to lower the Flat Fabric and OPW fraction defective was even greater because it was done under the circumstance of a newly built plant. Not satisfied with having accomplished the quality index of the Mother Plant, the German Plant, Dept. Head Gang Young-ho tried hard and was able to secure the highest quality index in a short term. 

His passion to improve productivity on the basis of fraction defective reduction and operation rate rise will be the driving force for heading to the hundred-year Hyosung over 50 years.

Arranged and photographed by | Editorial Office

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