[Photo History] Footsteps of Hyosung’s 50 Years reflected in photos

2016. 11. 18. 11:30

On the occasion of the 50th Anniversary of Foundation, our company held the ‘Hyosung 50 Years Photo Exhibition’ touring all workplaces. It was such meaningful and warm hours watching not only the moves taken for the past 50 years but also the affectionate memories during the time. The precious scenes of catching instant to eternity have been moved to the Magazine.



Chairman Cho Hong-je at the time of founding Hyosung Trading to begin his own business at the age of 56.



Public Notice to found Tongyang Nylon Co. Ltd. printed on the Korea Times



Completion Ceremony of Tongyang Nylon Ulsan Plant. It was a monumental project that domestic technical team was involved in all areas from design to construction and operation.



A daily scene at the Tongyang Nylon’s Daegu Office. It was a time when calculators and abacus were familiar.



Ulsan Plant employees who experienced hardship and happiness together at the construction site of Ulsan Plant



Chairman Cho Hong-je who was celebrating with the Executives right after receiving the Golden Tower Industrial Medal for having achieved 100 million dollar export.



Appearance of the Technology Institute (now the Hyosung R&D Center) at that time which was established to pursue the ‘Future Creating Technology Leader with top-class technology’



The 345kV extra-high voltage transformer developed for the first time in Korea and for the second time in Asia. This is the product that clearly showed technological development of Hyosung Heavy Industries.



Employees who were seeking to improve problems of products at the group activity. Employees’ direct leading in site improvement like this has become a tradition of our company.



Paying attention to the fact that the tire market trend was being connected in the 70s to demand of the steel tire cord, our company made the Steel Wire Products Department at the Ulsan Plant.



The first personal computer in Korea was produced and exhibited at the Hyosung Building main entrance.



The Hyosung logotype and company motto made in 1981. The logotype materializing a ‘big tree’ contains the spirit of foundation that Hyosung shall be rooted as a nation’s beloved company and serve the nation and society.



As a part of business diversification, our company chose the carpet business as the strategic business of the textile sector and fully entered into carpet business after making the integrated production system.



Our company established the Hyosung BASF jointly with the BASF Company of Germany and completed the polystyrene plant as a new resin business.



Signing ceremony to found the Hyosung Data Systems. Later, Hyosung Data Systems was merged with the computer division of Tongyang Nylon and has grown to Nautilus Hyosung dealing with integrated financial solutions including ATM. 



The scene of founding the Korea Engineering Plastics, which contributed to national economic development by developing production technology of polyacetal resin that had been fully imported.



Ulsan Plant employees gathering for site training. This scene of their gathering together from young employees with braid hair to experienced employees in their 40s look warm.



Hyosung Heavy Industries that succeeded in developing the 765kV extra-high voltage transformer, an epoch-making achievement in the history of Korean electricity.



An office scene in 1990s when computers began to be used but hand-writing and calculators were more familiar



To overcome the IMF foreign currency crisis, Tongyang Nylon, Tongyang Polyester, Hyosung Heavy Industries and Hyosung Trading were merged to Hyosung Co. as restructuring.



Employees who joined the gold collecting to revitalize economy at the time of the IMF foreign currency crisis



The scene of starting ceremony of commercial production for the high added-value textile spandex. Spandex developed by independent technology has grown to be a global No.1 product and Korea’s representative product.



A panoramic view of the Jiaxing Spandex Plant in Zhejiang Province, China which was the first advancement to China for the first time as a domestic spandex maker.



Nautilus Hyosung that newly started as the best solution-company leading the new IT world.



The Baoding Hyosung Tianwei Transformer Co., Ltd. that was founded in China by the Power & Industrial Systems PG. This became the chance to invade seriously the global market on the basis of China.



Vice President Cho Hyun-sang and Goodyear’s top management who made the long term tire-cord supply contract. This supply contract still remains as the largest of the industry and was the decisive chance for the growth of Vietnam Division.


Proclamation Ceremony of Hyosung Way which is integration of the Spirit of Foundation, Company Motto and Management Policy. Hyosung Way is the core value and driving force that shows the direction for the Hyosung People of the whole world to advance in and also contains the success DNA.



Our company succeeded in development and commercialization of the new material polyketone for the first time in the world with the goal of ‘Let’s change the world with new materials’.



Han River Some Sevit that opened in 2014. Used as the location of the movie <Avengers>, this place has established itself as a new landmark of Seoul.



Our company is also making a big contribution to the non-governmental diplomacy by eagerly promoting international business cooperation. Our top management met Vietnam’s supreme leader, Party Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong



To raise global competitiveness one step higher, President Cho Hyun-joon constructed the world biggest scale pump test center and made the cornerstone to  be able to take preemptive actions for the demand of the global market.



Our company has grown to the biggest imported-car retailer in Kores that possesses the official importing and sales right for a variety of cars including Mercedes-Benz, Toyota, Lexus, Ferrari, Maserati, Jaguar and Land-Rover.

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