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The ‘mysterious nation’ India stimulating curiosity of the world is keep growing fast in the rapidly changing global economy. Our company developed the wilderness in the Pune City of the central south state Maharashtra in India and opened the India Hyosung T&D Division for assembly and production of such heavy industry parts as ‘GIS’. We visited the site running at full speed to realize Indian market’s growth potential.

 In the Indian market, we can invade both domestic demand and export

‘India’ is selected as the fastest growing country in the world. After the economic reform in 1991, Indian economy has successfully been changed from the state-based economy to the globalized market-based economy. This is well represented by the fact that India is evaluated as a market with high potential, in spite of the coexisting difficulties such as slowing down economic growth rate of the world, weak Rupee and high inflation, through highly educated good quality human resources speaking English, government’s efforts to nurture manufacturing business, competitiveness of the IT service industry and consistent economic opening. In particular, the domestic demand market is the driving force behind India, hence global companies consider India as an attractive investment, because it is possible to adopt the strategy of invading both the domestic demand and export at the same time, in the case of advancement into India.

 Production base of the Indian market No.1 circuit breaker

Two and half hour driving from Mumbai the center of Indian commerce. If you cross the wide land, there appears the India Hyosung T&D Division that was built after developing the wilderness in the Pune City of the Maharashtra state. It is a 16,528 ㎡(5,000 pyung) area plant constructed on the 56,198㎡ (17,000 pyung) land, where a total of 80+ employees are working hard to make the success story of India.

In the Indian circuit breaker market, our company occupies No.1 market share. So far, the market strategy has been focused on the Power Grid Corporation of India (PGCIL) but it will be expanded to the local power grid corporations and civilian and generation markets through this production plant construction. As our company has participated in relevant seminars as well as international exhibitions to publicize our technology and the news of local plant construction even before this plant construction, customers have deep interest in this. Also, taking into account the Indian market’s nature of being very sensitive to prices, our company is striving in developing and nurturing local Indian parts companies.

 Spirit of challenge of Global Hyosung overcame fear and worry 

When construction of the India plant was finally approved, Plant Manager Shin Sung-cheol first feared and worried of if this plant would really be constructed under this inferior circumstances. At any such time, he made himself the promise of ‘If we make a success in India, we can do it at any place in the world. We will do it. We can do it’. He emphasized that the division operation as it was operated was the result of such a spirit of challenge for global market and the joined and focused efforts, in unison, of the sojourning employees gathered for the India Hyosung T&D Division and those employees who came by business trips, and also the support from the Head Office. This is attributed to that all construction workers checked the construction site every day, in spite of being hospitalized or treated as outpatients because of high fever, and poured their hearts and soul to commit to the schedule, staying up all night, toward the completion.

India Hyosung T&D Division has begun sailing in the attractive but difficult market of India. Efforts of the global Hyosung People to find out possibility of growth are anticipated further in the future.

Behind Story

We looked into the vivid record of Group Leader Kim Dae-yeon who was dispatched to India in May of last year and, since then, has supported completion of the India Hyosung T&D Division.

 Heads for the land of opportunity India

May 16th, last year. I spent 2 months at our company’s Pune Plant in India as a business trip. The purpose of my business trip was mainly to test the Noida product of India produced in the last time and concomitantly to install a test facility of the new plant and prepare the overall structure of the plant. As my mission was very important, I was concerned that I might not be able to accomplish all of my jobs in an unfamiliar land. As it was difficult to find a flight seat, I used an Indian air flight via Bangkok. It was strange and surprising to me to do luggage check and boarding pass confirmation all manually.

Passing the Indian sky, I arrived at the Mumbai Airport in the morning. As soon as I exited the airport, I felt the fever characteristic of a tropical climate and realized that I finally came to India. I already knew but I was able to sense clearly that development was slow in India, watching the surrounding scenery.

 Rendezvous with Pune Plant the ground for possibility

I heard that only the finishing work and some landscaping work remained at the Pune Plant. However, unlike my expectation, it was almost like a site of demolition in a redevelopment region. But, it was refreshing that the Indian employees who had come to Changwon Plant for being trained welcomed me pleasantly. Interior facility! As a space to produce our products, the condition was too poor. It was like a lonely building standing alone on a wilderness. As it was a dry season, the surroundings were all dried up and the plant was like a lonely shade tree outside of the village entrance.

As customs clearance was getting late, it was not easy to obtain things required for work. Without necessary products, work schedule would be delayed substantially. To compensate for the delay, we had to find a different way but we were concerned that it might be an excessive way. Work began but as it was a new plant, everything was not good enough and sufficient. However, to accomplish a surprising outcome, this poorness had to be overcome. It was difficult to supply even a standard bolt or tool but we could not just regret. About the electric power that failed several times a day, we just made mutual consolations saying ‘Perhaps because it is the early stage of plant establishment.’

 System development for settlement in India

Power failure every time it rains is a problem of the Indian power system itself. It is difficult to understand in common sense but, perhaps, that is why I had a chance to come here. I spent time in the mind of praying that our products would be loved in this giant Indian market and so this plant would be operated powerfully to be the foundation for development of the employees here and our company and further to be the advancement base for world market. The employees here also seemed to be proud and anticipating of the plant that was shaping as a newest plant comparable with the European advanced companies. 
As caste still exists in India, employees are used to receiving orders from above and tend to do only what they are told to do. In my opinion, we have to find out and make use of their advantages and attempt natural changes rather than compare their culture with our culture of understanding and doing fast by ourselves. Then, new culture will be settled down. It is our future task to find the way we want and how to implant it to the system rather than to deny their way.

 A quiet sea cannot make an experienced captain

As the words ‘A quiet sea cannot make an experienced captain’ says, I think the more difficult journey to develop the Indian market has just begun. The India Hyosung T&D Division is experiencing the process of getting matured and skillful one step further in the worse surroundings than one can imagine. If possible, I hope that even more Hyosung People will enlarge their experience and develop each own capability through diverse experiences like establishing this division. So, I hope, they will contribute to our company’s growth.

I take lots of pride in my contributions to the rebirth of the plant from the appearance of having the frame only when I first went to India to the No.1 plant in the world now. Looking back now with retirement ahead after I spent 30 years in this company, I think I did the most fruitful work. I want to deliver my words of appreciations to the members of the India Hyosung T&D Division who tried to solve the problems of a field worker and cared me, in spite of being in the same difficulty, from the first day to the last day in India.

Written by | Lee Yun-jung (Deputy Section Chief, PR Team 3) 
Photographed by | Lee Do-yeong (ISM Studio)

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