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2016. 7. 22. 09:05

In the past 2006, our company bought the ‘Decatur Plant’ at the time of making a contract on tire cord supply with the world No.3 tire maker ‘Goodyear’. After that, Decatur Plant is well playing the role of global production base for our company through successful operation. We put the lively scenes directly into our eyes.

 Tire cord, world best tire-reinforcement material

Downtown Decatur is about 20 minutes away in the west direction from the high-tech science and industrial city Huntsville. At this place which is one of the main industrial complexes of Alabama State together with Huntsville and the State capital Montgomery, our company’s ‘Decatur Plant’ is located. When we visited the site loud with the sound of machines running constantly for 24 hours, we felt fever.  

The Decatur Plant our company bought in 2006 from the tire maker ‘Goodyear’ is the place producing tire cord and car mat. Tire cord refers to a reinforcing material attached to inside tire to fix the shape of vehicle tire and reinforce the durability, safety and drivability, and it is made of fiber or steel such as polyester, nylon and rayon. The tire cord produced by Decatur Plant has the advantage of providing customized service through US localization. The sales has been steadily growing until now, as characteristics and demand of customers are investigated through meetings with client companies in each quarter and reflected to the sales strategies.

Decatur Plant system producing tire cord and car mat

 Cost saving of car mats by low cost and high quality

Our company used to secure the car mat fabric for Hyundai and Kia Motors in USA from domestic production but, since 2009, is supplying the Decatur Plant products. The previous process of producing in Korea and supplying to USA was localized. Thanks to this, stable supply capacity could be secured even for bulk orders. Above all, the overall product prices were lowered and client companies also gave positive evaluations watching the cost saving effect. In particular, being located close to the vehicle production plants of such global auto makers as GM, Chrysler and Ford is also helpful for smooth product supply.  

Like this, Decatur Plant is playing a significant role for our company’s building a solid position in the global market, on the basis of its outstanding quality and technology. Decatur Plant will keep securing stable supply network and producing competitive products and so it is anticipated to grow further to the production base for invading the largest auto market of the world, the North American market.


This and that of Alabama State, 

USA where Decatur Plant is located

/ From a cotton production center to an industrial center

Alabama State is No.1 cotton production center in USA. In the past, it was once called the ‘Cotton State’ because cotton and cotton products were produced much on the rich field called Black Belt passing through the center of this area. It was only an agricultural city relying upon cotton farming in the 1950s~1960s but is now considered as the biggest industrial complex in the southern part of America. Also, numerous auto makers including Mercedes-Benz and Honda as well as Hyundai have advanced into this state and are contributing to the investment and employment creation.

/ Bridgehead for Korean companies’ advancement

Alabama State has the familial atmosphere of a small or medium size city with kind residents and the number of Korean immigrants is growing as Korean companies and partner companies are advancing to this state. In particular, nearly 10 thousand Koreans are living in the state capital Montgomery and the vicinity. In the past 2014, Korea was the most investing country out of the main investing countries to Alabama, according to a survey. Hence, Alabama State is striving to invite Korean companies to enhance economic cooperation with Korea. Industries nurtured by this state include technology-intensive high-added value industries such as energy, environment, life science and IT.

/ High-tech science city Huntsville

Huntsville in Alabama State concentrated on nurturing science and engineering manpower and inviting investment companies under the motto of the ‘High-tech science city favorable for business’ and succeeded in inviting various companies and science research institutes. In this city, such manufacturing businesses as computer hardware & software, vehicle tire and transmissions, and as space and aero industries are developed, Huntsville is one of the base regions of NASA. Our company’s Decatur Plant is also located in the vicinity of Huntsville.


Written by | Park Chan-yong (Dept. Head, PR Team 3) 

Photographed by | Lee Do-yeong (ISM Studio)

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