[Hyosung News] Our company was selected as an outstanding grade company in the win-win growth index evaluation

2016. 7. 22. 09:04

Group News

 [Common for all companies] Our company was selected as an outstanding grade company in the win-win growth index evaluation 

Our company was selected as an outstanding grade company in the 2015 win-win growth index evaluation made by the Korea Commission for Corporate Partnership for 133 companies. To strengthen fair trade with partner companies, our company introduced to the Company Regulations and applied the following 4 practice items for win-win growth including ▶ establishment and operation of Internal Examination Committee to examine fairness and validity of making a contract with, selection and operation of and subcontracting with partner companies, and ▶issuing and keeping documents in the procedure of making a subcontract agreement and dealing with partner companies, and our company announced guidelines to prohibit retaliation to partner companies to strengthen partnership.

The win-win growth index is an index system that evaluates and quantifies the win-win growth level of large companies to expedite win-win growth between large companies and small and medium sized companies.

 [Common for all companies] Memorial Month, practice of patriotism

On June 24th, Hyosung USA invited Korean War veterans and their families to a gratitude event held at the US Logistical Command located in Huntsville, Alabama. In this invitational event, war veterans, their families and the local related parties participated and had a meaningful time. On the other hand, on June 15th, Hyosung held the ‘Patriots Home’ support fund donation ceremony at the Army Headquarters, Gyeryongdae, Chungnam. The Patriots Home is the project that selects poor war veterans and renovates their old and worn housings. Besides, our company delivered donation money and products to the Gwanggaeto Camp of Army 1st Corps, donated fund to support opening of a container-type book-reading café, and invited 135 veterans’ family members to the ‘Appreciation Party with Hyosung for the Invited Veterans’ Families of Seocho-gu’, to practice patriotism through various activities.

 [Industrial Materials PG] Aramid Business Division, participated in ‘Eurosatory 2016’

The Aramid Business Division participated in the world largest defense industry exhibition, Eurosatory 2016, held from June 13th to 17th in Paris, France. At this exhibition, our company introduced bulletproof helmets that reduced the weight by more than 10% through application of super light solutions while keeping the bulletproof performance and so was able to attract attention of customers. Also, our company attended the Korea-France Industry and Military Joint Committee Meeting held during the exhibition period and introduced our aramid yarn ALKEXⓇ and bulletproof technology to the French Department of Defense to promote the outstanding quality of ALKEXⓇ.

 [Chemical PG] Oksan Plant, was awarded Governor’s Commendation on the World Environment Day

Oksan Plant was selected as an outstandingly environment-improved workplace by making environment improvements, such as greenhouse gas reduction through introduction of steam from a nearby waste incineration company and recycle of steam condensate water inside the plant and awarded the Chungbuk Governor’s Commendation on June 3rd the World Environment Day. Oksan Plant has made systematic environment management including SO14001 certification and accomplished innovative cost saving by energy saving through introduction of outside steam, waste heat recovery, reduction and recycling of waste and process improvement as well as contributed to air quality improvement, water quality improvement and greenhouse gas emission reduction.

 [Information & Communications PG] Hyosung Capital PU, gave sexual harassment preventive education

Hyosung Capital PU gave the sexual harassment preventive education for 2 days of June 21st~22nd at the 2nd floor grand auditorium in Banpo. The purpose of this education was to let all employees work in a safe working environment through prevention of sexual harassment in the workplace. Lectures were given by Representative Jung Mi-sun of the Office Men & Women Research Institute. Main contents of the lectures included concept of in-house sexual harassment and its judgement criteria, relevant regulations based on the fundamental laws, cases, counselling of in-house sexual harassment victims, relief procedure, and items required for in-house sexual harassment prevention. Mr. Kim Yong-deok the PU Head, said, “I hope that this was an occasion that all employees were able to have right values about sexual harassment through this sexual harassment preventive education.”

 [Independent Corporations] Toyota, ‘Smart Eco Drive’ event

On June 18th, the ‘Smart Eco Drive’ event was held at the Toyota Seocho exhibition hall. This event was a part of the Smart Eco Drive project and held for the purpose of accomplishing the following 3 effects from environment-friendly driving habit; reducing carbon dioxide by energy saving, reducing air pollution caused by vehicles, and establishing safe traffic culture. At this event, Toyota’s drivers safety program TDC (TOYOTA DRIVER’S COMMUNICATION) was also operated and participants had a chance to experience the importance of safety in driving, with a specialized lecturer, under various circumstances such as blind spot experience, virtual experience of drunk walking, and children’s view experience.

 [Independent Corporations] The Class Hyosung, held the Children’s Drawing Contest

A Mercedes-Benz official dealer The Class Hyosung held the ‘Children’s Drawing Contest’ at the Songpa exhibition hall. In this event, children from 5 to 12 years old participated and made various drawings from the motive of an exhibited Benz car. Together with this, this event provided various family programs and a chance to do test driving of the high performance Mercedes-Benz. As a result, this event received huge positive response. Mr. Bae Gi-yeong Representative Director of The Class Hyosung said, “This event was a chance for the whole family to visit the exhibition hall and make a good memory,” and “The Class Hyosung will keep trying to held meaningful events for men and women of all ages.”

Social Contributions

 Blood donation certificates and donation money were delivered for the children patients of leukemia and cancer

On June 21st, our company delivered 500 blood donation certificates and donation money collected from employees through the ‘Happiness Sharing Love Blood Donation’ event, held in the whole company level, to the Korean Association for Children with Leukemia and Cancer. This Love Blood Donation was a company level event made by voluntary participation of employees. It began at the Ulsan Plant and got through the Seoul area workplaces including the head office and main regional workplaces including Changwon and Gumi, and was finally connected to the Anyang Plant. 

The blood donation certificates will be collected up to those donated at the final event on June 28th and hope will be consistently presented to those children in the future.

 Female Employment Support Program Fund was delivered to the Jongro Womanpower Development Center

On June 30th, our company delivered a 70 million won fund to support the employment activation program for women of the vulnerable social group, to the Jongro Womanpower Development Center located at Jongro-gu, Seoul. Our company has provided chances for the career discontinued and middle aged women, with the Jongro Womanpower Development Center, for 4 years since 2013 so that those women can successfully enter into society through systematic vocational training. Thanks to our company’s support, the Jongro Womanpower Development Center opened an education course to train meal cooking experts and daycare teachers in 2013 and, from 2015, prepares the course for acquiring licenses together with education.

 Sponsorship for the medical rehabilitation support program for the disabled children and youths

On June 27th, at the Nexon Children Rehabilitation Hospital of Purme Foundation, our company delivered the medical rehabilitation and family support fund for the disabled children and youths of the low income group, to the Purme Foundation the institute specialized in medical rehabilitation. Since 2013, our company has been in partnership with Purme Foundation for the medical rehabilitation support program. The medical rehabilitation support program our company and Purme Foundation do together was prepared to relieve several difficulties faced by the disabled children and youths who cannot be treated properly due to economic burden and their families. The donation money will be used for the disabled children and youths to receive intensive rehabilitation treatment at the proper moment.

 Jeonju Plant, did love sharing activities at the Hoseong Orphanage

On June 29th, office workers of the Jeonju Plant did love-sharing volunteer service at the Hoseong Orphanage. This volunteer service was focused on landscape control at the Hoseong Orphanage and composed of such activities as planting pretty flowers on the children’s walking road to the school and removing weeds from the flower garden and twigs from trees. Jeonju Plant employees who showed smile from beginning to ending in spite of hot weather expressed their feeling as “It was a time worth of sweat. We will keep striving to do sharing activities for children”, watching the garden and children’s pure smile after the volunteer service.

 Nautilus Hyosung PU, did volunteer service for cultural experience of multicultural families

On June 25th, 19 volunteers from Nautilus Hyosung PU’s Gumi Plant and 19 children from the Saebit Regional Children’s Center in Gumi met together through Child Fund Korea and did such various activities together as ice skating, visiting an amusement park and pizza making in 1:1 matching.

This social contribution activity was prepared to provide a chance to put healthy spirit and dreams into the children of multicultural families as well as the low income families living in the region, through experiencing activities to relieve those children of cultural alienation.

 Trans World PU, did protective activities for the Changduk Palace’s cultural heritage

On June 18th, Trans World PU employees did the cultural heritage protective activities at the Nakseonjae of Changduk Palace. Employees of Trans World PU applied for participation in this volunteer service by themselves and also Mr. Song Seong-jin the PU Head participated to lead the volunteers. The cultural heritage protective activity at Changduk Palace is planned twice more this year, in September and October, and the volunteer service will be performed in about 20 volunteers for each time. As the application for this activity is received voluntarily for each team and PG, any employee who is interested in the cultural heritage protective activity at Changduk Palace can inquire at the CSR Team.

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