[Hyosung News] The 61st term Regular General Shareholders Meeting was held

2016.04.22 16:00

Group News

[Common for all companies] The 61st term Regular General Shareholders Meeting was held

On March 18th, the 61st term Regular General Shareholders Meeting was held at the Mapo head office. With attending shareholders and institution investors, last year’s business showings were reported and decisions were made on the main management matters of the company. Last year, our company made the outcome of solidifying our status in the global market, accomplishing 12 trillion 458 billion and 500 million won sales and 950 billion won business profit.

[Common for all companies] The first-anniversary memorial ceremony of the late Advisor Song In-sang

The first-anniversary memorial ceremony of Advisor Song In-sang was held on March 20th at the National & Social Contributors Graveyard of the National Daejon Cemetery. In the ruins of the war, Advisor Song In-sang volunteered for the position of Minister of Revival and Economic Coordinator and gave his efforts for economic reconstruction. He was a living witness of the Korean history of economy who made the first economic development plan working as Minister of Finance and made the basis for industrial nation. Also, he played a big role in the development of our company as Chairman of Tongyang Nylon.       

[Common for all companies] Our company, helps youths’ employment with Jeollabukdo

On March 18th, our company signed the MOU for vitalization of employment and start-up in Jeollabukdo with 10 institutions including Jeollabukdo and Wonkwang University, in the opening ceremony of the Start-up & Employment Zone of the Jeonbuk Creative Economy Innovation Center. This MOU was prepared to solidify the mutual cooperation system between the institutions related to hire and start-up.   In particular, our company plans to operate the Stepping Stone Employment Program to build the system of manpower cultivation and job creation support in association with the Start-up & Employment Zone. This is the program that improves ability of job seekers through the job duty education companies give and, after that, hire them as employees or help them find a job.

[Common for all companies] Hyosung Manpower Development Center, gave the New Team Manager Course and the education for the 50th new employees

Hyosung Manpower Development Center gave the New Team Manager Course for one night two days from March 8th. This education was given to 27 new team managers, and gave them the opportunity to clearly recognize their changed roles as a team manager such as organization control and members coaching.  On the other hand, the communication education was given to the 50th new employees. The education given at the Anyang Training Center for two days from March 14th was comprised of the job-entrance education for them to understand field work, mentoring program for new employees and basic duty education.  This year, our company will give various education courses for honest communication and establishment of responsibility management.

[Common for all companies] ‘GWP Agent Workshop’ to strengthen Company’s cultural activities

On March 11th, the Basic Education Team held the ‘2016 GWP Agent Workshop’ to strengthen the executive ability for corporate cultural activities. Through lectures of outside experts, issue analysis using trust index survey for each organization and how to establish effective execution plan were pondered over, and the execution plan of each workplace was shared.  Director Park Pil of the Hyosung Manpower Development Center delivered words of encouragement as “The purpose of corporate cultural activities is to pursue sustainable profit by making the organizational climate such that members can work hard having target consciousness and making synergy. We are going to do various corporate cultural activities on the occasion of the 50th anniversary. Please, participate actively.”

[Common for all companies] Hyosung R&D Center, opened an industry-academy course at the Seoul National University

Hyosung R&D Center opened the first semester industry-academy course in 2016 at the graduate school of Seoul National University. This course has continuously been opened since 2010 at such universities as Seoul National University, KAIST, Yonsei University and Korea University, and received many positive responses from each university. This course is given to the students of the master and doctorate courses in the Material Engineering School, Seoul National University for 15 weeks on the subjects of our company’s newest technology and R&D topics, and also spandex, tire cord, carbon fiber, polyketone and optical film.
Hyosung R&D Center plans to accelerate secure of outstanding talents through this course.

[Common for all companies] Hyosung R&D Center, had a technology meeting with 3M

On March 21st, executives of 3M including Mr. Shin Hak-cheol Head Vice Chairman, Mr. Koen Wilms General Manager of Asia and Mr. Jeong Byoung-guk President of 3M Korea visited Hyosung R&D Center to have a technology meeting. In this meeting, our company’s various materials including polyketone, carbon fiber and water treatment membrane were introduced, and technologies of 3M were also introduced including the Glass Bubble additive that is applied to vehicle materials to lower relative gravity and raise strength and the Silica nano particles that are added to the carbon fiber matrix resin used for CNG tanks to raise the strength. The two companies agreed on maintaining close cooperative relationship concerning various functional materials and materializing cooperative plans through working level consultation.

[Common for all companies] In-house education on Subcontract Law was given at the Mapo head office and Ulsan Plant

Our company gave the education on Subcontract Law at the Mapo head office on March 23rd and at the Ulsan Plant on 28th, respectively. This education covered important items of Subcontract Law, revisions to the enforcement ordinance, cases of violation of the law and matters to be noted for business, and received huge response from executives and employees. On this day, attorney Shin Sa-do from Law Firm Taepyungyang specialized in fair trade gave a lecture, and questions and answers were exchanged on various cases. We hope that this in-house education on Subcontract Law will be able to help employees in their work performance.

[Textile PG] Participation in the 2016 Daegu International Textile Expo (PID)

Our company participated in the 2016 Daegu International Textile Expo held at EXCO, Daegu from March 9th to 11th. This year, 326 domestic and foreign companies participated in the Daegu International Textile Expo, which was its 15th event, and showed various new materials such as multi-functionality textile, industrial convergence materials, environment-friendly and bio-health materials.
Our company gave efforts for win-win growth preparing exhibition spaces together with 10 client companies and showing various clothing and industrial yarn while helping client companies’ counseling and sales. Our company has always participated in the Daegu International Textile Expo with client companies and has done not only products promotion but also win-win cooperation.

[Textile PG] New creora commercial was launched

Our company began new global campaign for creora to solidify the status as a premium spandex brand.
This campaign is notable in that it expresses the flexibility and free moving provided by the spandex yarn using various movements of human body and contains the brand will that will satisfy even sensibility of consumers over the functional differentiability of products. Therefore, ‘water’ which has infinite possibility was used as a motif to express the concept of ‘Stretching Beyond’.

[Chemicals PG] Yongyeon Plant, had the 2016 Leadership Strengthening Workshop

Yongyeon Plant had the Leadership Strengthening Workshop for plant manager, team managers and working group leaders. In the special lecture on the main management indexes given by Mr. Jo Do-sun General Plant Manager, the current state of the plant was shared and the target of the organization was clarified. Also, the lecture ‘Direction of Labor Policy and GWP, Servant Leadership’ given by Mr. Kim Jin-Uk Management Team Manager and the Guide to Cultural Activities of Company given by Mr. Hong Kyung-wook Basic Education Team Manager had a time to suggest the desirable future direction of Yongyeon Plant’s organization culture. This Workshop was organized for the purpose of making a good workplace by more voluntary involvement of Yongyeon Plant members in changing the organization culture.

[Industrial Materials PG] Carbon Materials Business Center, participated in ‘JEC World 2016’

The Carbon Materials Business Center participated in the world largest exhibition of composite materials ‘JEC World 2016’ held in Paris, France from March 8th to 10th. In this exhibition, our company massively demonstrated various products that made use of the carbon fiber brand ‘TANSOMEⓇ’ developed by our own technology, while jointly participating in the exhibition with the carbon venture company CUBE to actively pursue carbon valley construction in Jeonbuk. CUBE is the company that showed its potential last year winning in the Start-up Idea Competitive Exhibition organized by our company and Jeonbuk, and plans to invade the European market in full scale with this exhibition as a momentum.

[Industrial Materials PG] Ulsan Plant, opened the workplace nursery

On March 2nd, Ulsan Plant opened the workplace nursery to relieve employees the burden of childcare and make the environment for them to be able to concentrate on job. The Ulsan Plant workplace nursery started childcare for children of the employees working in the Ulsan area workplaces (including Yongyeon and Eonyang) with the environment-friendly and safe childcare conditions and the high quality education program of the nursery-specialized consignment organization Puruni Childcare Support Foundation. Plant Manager Cho Chun who attended the opening ceremony gave his congratulatory statement saying “I hope that this will be established as such a nursery that employees can leave their children with an easy mind and support compatibility of work and family.”

[Power & Industrial Systems PG] Power & Industrial Systems PG, participated in the MEE 2016 exhibition

The Power & Industrial Systems PG participated in the Middle East Electricity (MEE) 2016 exhibition held in Dubai, UAE for 3 days from March 1st. This exhibition which started in 1975 is the largest electric exhibition in Middle East and the Power Systems PU has participated every year since 2008 to make an active promotion of our status as a ‘Total Solution Provider’.
relative to competing companies by finding out and benchmarking the state of products and solutions of other companies and will accomplish such business interests as attracting new customers and securing order pool by aggressively having customer meetings.

[Power & Industrial Systems PG] The 11th Hyosung Technology Innovation Forum was held

On March 11th, the 11th Hyosung Technology Innovation Forum was held at the Mapo head office. In this forum held under the subject of ‘Reaction Plans of the Energy and Electric Power Industry under the New Climate System’, the Technology Advisory Board and outside experts as well as our company's directors and team managers participated. This forum which was progressed by suggestions and discussion of outside professors and experts is considered to be an opportunity not only to share current researches of the Technology Advisory Board for technology development but also to make a blueprint for future business strategy. Our company holds the Technology Innovation Forum for each half year to secure prior technologies and productivity improvement.

[Power & Industrial Systems PG] Changwon Plant, had the declaration ceremony of ‘Win-Win Cooperation Program for Safety and Health’

March 9th, Changwon Plant had the declaration ceremony of Win-Win Cooperation Program for Safety and Health with 82 partner companies. In this ceremony, about 90 persons, including Mr. Choi Byung-nam Branch Manager of Korea Occupational Safety & Health Agency, Mr. Kim In-kil General Plant Manager and representatives of partner companies, participated to announce the start of the 2016 win-win cooperation for safety & health.
This year, Changwon Plant and all partner companies have the target of no-injury in order not to allow any injury. For this, Changwon Plant will actively help partner companies expand dedicated manpower for safety control and do systematic and fruitful safety control to improve their self-safety control capability and safety consciousness.

[Trading PG] Trans-World PU, had the report meeting for introduction of document management system

March 10th, Trans-World PU had the report meeting for introduction of document management system with employees including Mr. Song Sung-jin PU Head. The TFT comprised of 10+ Trans-World PU employees will participate in the system building and Nautilus Hyosung PU and Hyosung Information System will develop the system. Introduction of the document management system is a follow-up action after acquiring the AEO certification and the purpose is to keep safely and search quickly company materials through converting paper documents to electronic documents. Introduction of this system is anticipated to save the rapidly growing storage space and managing effort.

[Trading PG] Hyosung Capital PU and Hyosung ITX, held the regular general shareholders meeting

On March 30th, Hyosung Capital PU held the 19th term regular general shareholders meeting at the grand conference room in the 2nd floor of the Mapo office building. The meeting began with declaration of opening by Mr. Kim Yong-duk PU Head who took the role of chairman and proceeded in the order of; report of the number of attending shares, welcome address by chairman, audit report by audit committee, business report, report of outside auditor election, report of annual report, approval of resolutions and closing. In this general shareholders meeting, such matters as approval of financial statements, election of directors and approval of wage limit for directors were passed as agenda. On the other hand, on March 18th, Hyosung ITX held the regular general shareholders meeting and made public notice of re-election of internal directors and election of new internal directors.

[Trading PG] Hyosung Capital PU, had the all employees meeting

On March 3rd, Hyosung Capital PU had a meeting supervised by PU Head. This meeting was held for the purpose of presuming possible financial crisis within the next 3 years triggered by households debt and consequential economic deep impact, and establishing and propagating reaction plans and strategic directions to overcome this. With the Hyosung Capital PU employees attended, such issues as concentration on credit rating upgrade, use of Bigdata and making sales journal a way of life were discussed over.
On the other hand, the hour of sharing model cases that contributed to work efficiency enhancing became a chance of motivation for employees to exhibit their competence voluntarily.

[Construction PG] Jinhung Company, held the 57th term regular general shareholders meeting

Jinhung Company held the 57th term regular general shareholders meeting at the underground conference room of the Huam-dong office building in the morning of March 25th. With attending shareholders and institution investors, business showings of the last year were reported and decisions were made on the main management matters of the company.
This general shareholders meeting made the outcome that such agenda as approval of financial statements, changing the articles of incorporation, election of directors, approval of wage limit for directors and approval of wage limit for auditors were all passed in their original form.

[Construction PG] Hyosung Harrington Place, opened a model house at the Taejeon IC, Kwangju

On March 18th, Construction PG opened a model House of the Kwangju Taejeon IC Hyosung Harrington Place in Gyeonggi-do and started full scale sale. The Kwangju Taejeon IC Hyosung Harrington Place is a small & medium sized housing complex to be constructed at the Taejeon 1 district in Kwangju-shi, Gyeonggi-do and composed of 702 houses distributed over 10 buildings with 20 stories above ground and one below. The Kwangju Taejeon IC Hyosung Harrington Place is attracting much interest because it is near downtown Kwangju-shi, Gyeonggi-do and has the advantage of convenient traffic and high accessibility to amenities.

[Independent corporations] Maserati, participated in the 2016 Geneva Motor Show

Maserati participated in the ‘2016 Geneva Motor Show’ held in Geneva, Switzerland on March 1st and there opened the brand's first SUV model ‘Levante’. Levante’s feature is that it has inherited the attractiveness of conventional sports cars and adaptively developed it to the SUV characteristics. Its appearance reflects Maserati’s unique front intaglio grille and emblem and boasts sleek and sophisticated design with completely new headlights in harmony. This car will be shown for the first time in Korea in the Busan Motor Show to be held in June and released to market within the second half year.

Social contribution news

Changwon Plant’s volunteer club Wings, watched a musical with disabled children

On March 12th, Changwon Plant’s volunteer club Wings invited children of the disabled institution ‘Grass Village’ to the grand auditorium of Sungsan Art Hall to watch together the family musical <Turning Mecard>. About 10 Wings members and their family members participated to assist the disabled children in moving for them to watch comfortably. Those children reacted pleasantly watching the performance they could rarely see. Wings go on excursion every spring and autumn with the physically disabled children of Grass Village so that they can have unusual experiences.

Changwon Plant, did the ‘1 Company 1 River Cleaning’

On March 23rd, Changwon Plant employees did the 1 Company 1 River Cleaning at the Nam Creek and Wanam Creek area near Changwon Plant 1 and Plant 3. In this activity, about 90 white-collar employees from 11 teams of the Management Headquarters participated to collect garbage and trashes in the vicinity of the creeks. This year, Changwon Plant plans a total of 6 1 Company 1 River Cleaning activities. We anticipate the workplaces and the environment of the local communities to be preserved beautiful though these activities.

Changwon Plant’s One Mind Club, did a big cleanup at the Plant’s peripheral area

On March 16th, Changwon Plant’s One Mind Club for working place and working group leaders did a big cleanup at the Plant’s peripheral area to make a comfortable environment of the Plant. Ten 직장 and 65 working group leaders participated in this activity, dividing the cleaning area for each participant and collecting trashes and cigarette butts at the Plant’s peripheral area including parking lot, gate area and footpaths. As making a good place to work should be based on clean working environment, One Mind Club will keep doing environment cleaning consistently leading by example.

Changwon Plant, had the ‘2016 Love Blood Donation’ event

Changwon Plant had the ‘2016 Love Blood Donation’ event at the cafeteria of Changwon Plant 1 and Changwon Plant 3 from March 29th to 30th. Changwon Plant has the Love Donation events twice a year for employees to be able to participate in life sharing through blood donation within Company. 180 employees participated in this blood donation and practiced bigger love by donating 125 blood donation certificates. In particular, this event introduced the waiting number ticket and preparation of the prerequisite checkup questionnaire sheet through tablet PC, for the first time, for convenience of participants.

Anyang Workplace, did the ‘Spring 1 Company 1 River Cleaning’

On March 22nd, Anyang Workplace did the 1 Company 1 River Cleaning on the occasion of the ‘2016 World Water Day’. Employees of Anyang Plant, Hyosung R&D Center and Power & Industrial Systems PU R&D Center collected accumulated garbage over the winter on the Anyang Creek.  As this activity was particularly organized along with the World Water Day ceremony, 54 organizations including materials companies in Anyang, environment organizations and military units participated, and it was a time to realize value of water and promise to keep and control nearby creeks together with citizens.

Ulsan Plant, did the ‘Love Jajang-noodle Sharing’ activity

On March 26th, Ulsan Plant visited Ulsan Orphanage and did the ‘Love Jajang-noodle Sharing’ activity. Eighteen volunteers prepared jajang-noodle by themselves for 120 kids and college students who were living in the orphanage, and tried hard for environment improvement sterilizing enfant toys and cleaning the nearby area. Ulsan Plant practices sharing and seeks win-win development with the local community through various social contribution activities including housing repair for the vulnerable social group and lunch sharing in the social welfare facilities.

Gumi Plant, did the ‘Housing Repair for Single Elderly’

On March 12th, Gumi Plant did the volunteer service of repairing worn-out housings of single elderly and collecting waste. Eighteen employees who participated in this activity delivered warm touches doing wallpapering, yard cleaning and floor-papering, installing a toilet and waste arranging. This year, Gumi Plant has plans for various social contribution activities in association with the local community so that more employees can feel joy of sharing and sympathize with the social responsibility of the Company.

Jeonju Plant, did the ‘Love Sharing Volunteer Service’ for Hosung Orphanage

On March 22nd, Jeonju Plant did the ‘Love Sharing Volunteer Service’ at the Hosung Orphanage located nearby. Twenty participants including Plant Manager and employees of partner companies removed worn-out paint from the wall of the orphanage and painted forsythia color giving the atmosphere of spring for 2 hours. We thank those employees who delivered touch of love and devotion without losing smile under hard work and hope that this activity was a valuable opportunity for them to have joy of sharing

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