[The Table] Love is riding on dishes. Picnic lunch box making

2016. 4. 22. 16:00


Friday night, at the time when you are excited to see your family or lover, 6 Hyosung people gathered to cook the greatly spicy and salty soybean sauce flavored drumstick and the sweet, sour and light taste sweet & sour tofu lunch box and to deliver those dishes to whom they love. Into the delicious time of those who enjoy cooking!


Well-being dishes considering taste and health

Six Hyosung people who have the common denominator of enjoying cooking in spite of being in different teams gathered after leaving office. On the table, various cooking ingredients including drumsticks seasoned with black pepper and crushed garlic and colorful paprika cut into bite-sized were prepared clean. Pleasant excitement could be read from the face of the Hyosung people who were waiting for class with an apron each.  


Dishes they will do today are soybean sauce flavored drumsticks and sweet & sour tofu. Being protein-rich low-salt dishes, these are well-being food that can take smart care of both health and taste. In particular, there items are well suited for the great picnic lunch box everyone would love, men and women of all ages, at the time of spring excursion. Before practice, demonstration was performed. When oil is spread on the appropriately heated fry pan and starch-coated drumsticks are put in, the oil sound of ‘sah~’ is loud.

“Often, many people think that fried food is fried in the fully-filled oil of a frypan, but it isn’t necessary. Put in oil just as much as drumsticks are slightly sunk and fry them turning.”




Everyone nods at the same time at the explanation of Ms. Hong Sung-ran the cuisine researcher. Soybean sauce flavored drumstick is a dish children like more than anyone else! While drumsticks were being fried, sweet & sour tofu was busily prepared on the other side. Hyosung people who were carefully catching every process had quite a serious face.    


After demonstration, it was a time for Hyosung people to try to cook by themselves. Soon, 6 dishes were created with slightly different taste and appearance each depending on character and preference. Those who tasted the dishes made exclamations, “Yummy!”, “Kids will really like it!”, and took pictures using a cell-phone camera creating a cordial atmosphere. Food boxes that would be given on the ‘Hot Friday Night’ to those whom these people love were full of love and heart.


Written by | Han Yul
Photographed by | Kim Han-seok (Day40 Studio)
Photography cooperated by | Foodran Cooking Class

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