[Sweat and Dream] Anyang Workplace, the place where the beginning is started

2016. 4. 22. 16:00


Our company’s Anyang Workplace is often the place of beginning. New employees begin social life getting education at the Hyosung Manpower Development Center. Also, our products you face at every place of the country are born at the Hyosung R&D Center. Carpets made by Interior PU and various products studied by the Power & Industrial Systems PU R&D Center have often taken the lead. The place that discovered the very good beginning and has made strong challenges without fear. Therefore, the start aiming at the best and the fist occurs at the Anyang Workplace.


It leads world market with diversity and productivity


Facing Anyang Workplace, you are overwhelmed first by its scale and then by the strength. On the workplace land reaching 248,935㎡ (75,303 pyung), departments and facilities that are pulling our company’s future are closely packed. The Interior PU occupying the largest area on the land has the self-production facilities from carpet yarn to complete products solely in Korea. The production scope is very wide from those used in the various party rooms to those used in offices, homes and vehicles, and particularly the vehicle carpet occupies No.1 share in the Korean market and is going to enter China this year. At its base, is the strength of Interior PU that boasts the largest production capacity in Korea and advanced technologies leading differentiated quality as can be seen in developing rectangular hollow yarn for the first time in Korea.

Hyosung Manpower Development Center has a comfortable and systematic system and is the place that provides the utmost support to works by strengthening necessary education not only for new employees but for such ranks as team managers and directors. This place is enough to be called the Place of Vision realizing our company’s philosophy that the core in the age of global limitless competition is talent training.


Technology-leading R&D Cradle


Hyosung R&D Center is the first private research institute in Korea and the outcome to which the will of Chairman Cho Hong-je who founded our company and Chairman Cho Seok-rae who learned textile engineering technology in USA is integrated. The polyester tire cord and spandex products which not only contributed to development of chemical and heavy industries in Korea but also accomplished No.1 in the world, and polyketone and carbon fiber which are Group’s new growth engines were able to be developed thanks to Hyosung R&D Center. If a new material is developed in the Research Building, Analysis Center takes charge of the test. After the step, pilot plant does test production. As any product passes this precise process, it cannot but boast outstanding quality.


It is the core place that pulls our company to a supplier of total energy solutions by developing such technologies and devices as STATCOM, gas filled switch and ESS which enable efficient use of resources. As those products are well ordered from Korea and foreign countries, the day of achieving the goal of the Power & Industrial Systems PU R&D Center won’t be in the distant future.

Written by | Jin Hyeon-yeong
Materials provided by | Anyang Workplace


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