[Dreams of the Hyosung Employees Award recipients] Recipients of the 2015 Hyosung Employees of the Year Award & Hyosung Employees of the 4th Quarter Award

2016. 1. 22. 13:00

There are faces of honor that brightened our company even more last year. They are recipients of the 2015 Hyosung Employees of the Year Award and Hyosung Employees of the 4th Quarter Award. Giving applause for their efforts and passion, let’s unfold their stories one by one.

 [2015 Hyosung Employees of the Year Award] 

Dept. Head Kim Jong Gi, Process Technology Team, PP/DH PU

Completed the PDH plant design and construction by our own technology

Dept. Head Kim Jong Gi who made a superb contribution by independent design of PDH possessing world’s highest competitiveness. He made continuous efforts for competitiveness strengthening and productivity improvement of the dehydrogenation process, which is a propylene manufacturing process. In particular, under the circumstance that project was being progressed, he accomplished with no delay basic design, design review, schedule management and work control, and successfully completed start-up of the DH-2 process within the target period.

It also deserves recognition that he did design on the basis of our technology and catalysts and made the ground for our company’s independent DH process technology. This brought the result of securing the independent basic design technology for the PDH process with world’s top level raw materials unit requirement and energy efficiency.

After starting the project, it took only 24 months to commercial production. This period was short compared to the more than 30 month development periods of other companies, and so it was an opportunity to prove our superior competitiveness not only in technology but also in the aspect of constructional and operational ability.

Outcome of bold drive and sense of ownership

Dept. Head Kim Jong Gi devoted in optimizing the reactor design and applying a differentiated design from the previous DH-1, not only to improve the raw materials unit requirement but also to maximize the energy efficiency, and finally produced the outcome. Not only that, he also secured our own technology to escape from dependence on licensed technologies. At the center of our company’s PDH technology that proved the excellent performance with the independent reactor design, Dept. Head Kim Jong Gi was. His passion that has led the dream of global No.1 on the basis of bold drive and sense of ownership is brightly shedding light on our company’s 2016.

[Hyosung Employees of the Quarter Award Marketing category] Dept. Head Kim Myeong Sun, the Frankfurt Branch, Strategic Headquarters

Attacked the European market

Dept. Head Kim Myeong Sun began to be interested in studying wind power industry, while starting to supply the made in China steel to a Korean wind power tower manufacturer located in Southeast Asia in 2013. He made a thorough investigation of the wind power generation industry in the world’s largest market Europe and prepared the marketing basis for selling Korean steel. Pointing out limitations of the steel plate weight and width made by European Mills and emphasizing the complementary advantages of Korean steel plates, he persuaded. This was able to make the great achievement of securing such client companies as 7 tower manufacturers, 5 turbine manufacturers and 3 Developers.

It was another outcome made by efforts of Dept. Head Kim Myeong Sun that we successfully signed MOU with a specialized manufacturer of wind power turbine VESTAS. It was quite effective that he had built trust by taking a lead in discussion over market on the basis of his understanding of wind power industry rather than by simply introducing products. Also, signing MOU with the Danish national energy company DONG Energy, he proved his potential once again. At the initial stage of sales, it was difficult to have meetings due to industry protection by European steel Mills and tendency of client companies not to change suppliers. But, as a result of constantly knocking the door, he contrived a meeting and made a sales contract with his passion solving technological requirements.

Marketing added by devotion

Such outcome of Dept. Head Kim Myeong Sun may be called as devotion effect. He was able to do product marketing more easily, preparing opportunities to promote our company’s heavy industrial products through his wide and solid human network. We give an applause to his passion that put strength on the outcome of our company through his continuous understanding of and interest in the wind power generation industry.

 [Hyosung Employees of the Quarter Award Research category] Dept. Head Yang Hang Jun, New Power Transmission Business Team, Power Systems PU

Bridgehead for preoccupancy of STATCOM market

Dept. Head Yang Hang Jun made a success in internalization of the MMC type convertor application technology which may be called the cutting-edge of current electric power technology. Development of the MMC STATCOM product which is a power compensation facility using MMC technology also came from his hands. STATCOM is a system-voltage stabilizing equipment using a large capacity power convertor, and our company developed a 100 mvar level STATCOM in 2009 for the first time in Korea. As the MMC STATCOM is produced by only 3 companies in the world including our company, this is quite meaningful. In the developing process, Dept. Head Yang Hang Jun tried hard to get recognition of our technology from KEPCO, India Electric Power Office and Panama Electric Power Office, and as a result contributed to our winning the India Electric Power Office project and Panama Electric Power Office project in a row, as the MMC type STATCOM became mandatory for the Indian STATCOM bid. As the future STATCOM market is expected to grow exponentially, Dept. Head Yang Hang Jun quite did the role of bridgehead for preoccupying this market.

Differentiated technology

Dept. Head Yang Hang Jun began to develop new MMC STATCOM, after realistically judging the technological limitations of the existing STATCOM. While doing this, he applied the newest communication technology to convertor control to enable exact control, and consequently developed the technology that can control hundreds of sub modules simultaneously. Dept. Head Yang Hang Jun who did developing in such an attitude that carried out his duty to the fullest, in the short period of 1 year and 6 months, promised to continue to do his best with such weapons as integrity and aggressiveness so that client companies can rely on our technology.

[2015 4th Hyosung Employees of the Quarter Award Research category] Dept. Head Lee Gyeong Tae, Development Evaluation Team, Nautilus Hyosung

Road to the No.1 ATM company in Korea

Dept. Head Lee Gyeong Tae got a credit for successfully building the Digital Kiosk system/solution which handles the teller job in the automated machines. Through Digital Kiosk, a bank is now able to save branch operation cost and raise the brand image, and customers are now able to use such services that were possible only in a bank, anytime on any day. As a result, Nautilus Hyosung could establish itself as the No.1 ATM company in Korea, both in name and reality, providing new values to customers and users.

The project period was 10 month in total. In the early stage of development, there were many trials and errors in simplifying complicated works of the site, but to derive the best idea, he constantly discussed with banks and passed through confirmation process. This carefulness brought good result in the end, and such consequential added values as securing new profit sources and 2 technology patents can be anticipated.

Winning with diligence and credibility

Diligence of Dept. Head Lee Gyeong Tae who analyzed overseas cases to develop the first non-face-to-face authentication in Korea and continued researches to derive a suitable realization method for domestic banks showed the result satisfactory for both client companies and users. As he prepared project progresses, problems and issues every week and reported transparently to the management and client companies to build his reliability, his next move is even more anticipated.

 [2015 4th Hyosung Employees of the Quarter Award Support category] Dept. Head Kim Jin Uk, Management Team in Yongyeon Plant Management Headquarters, Chemicas PG

Problem Solver of Yongyeon Plant

When top management ordered to secure a land in preparation for construction of a new or expansion of an old petro-chemistry plant, our company began to search for a buyable land in the Ulsan area. However, it was not easy to find a land with suitable conditions and the difficulty in securing a land continued. Then, Dept. Head Kim Jin Uk intervened as a problem solver. He secured a land near Yongyeon Plant with quick information collection and close investigation of relevant regulations. As a result of persuading City of Ulsan and using his wide human network of the area, he succeeded in securing a land. When the land development will be completed, not only margin but also additional cost saving may be anticipated.

The role of Dept. Head Kim Jin Uk as a problem solver did not end here. He also helped construct the Yongyeon Plant GWP and stabilize the labor-management relations.  Facing up to the reality that GWP is nothing but labor management in the field, he composed the ‘Yongyeon Plant GWP Promotion Committee’ participated evenly by team managers, working group leaders and members of the Joint Labor-Management Committee to collect opinions and induced interest and participation of employees. Giving leadership education continuously for plant managers, team managers and working group leaders, he showed the true character of a creative leader. These various activities of his contributed largely to the stable labor-management relation of the Yongyeon Plant.

Even more burning passion with responsibility and patience

Dept. Head Kim Jin Uk who studied thoroughly the land related regulations and secured the company land. Such a passion of his was shown in GWP, too. The 2016 dream of Dept. Head Kim Jin Uk who is helpful for Company with strong responsibility and patience is still trying hard for growth of our company.

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