[Warm Mind] Smile Expedition, Presents Hope

2016. 1. 22. 13:00

Our company that delivers warmth to Vietnam with medical volunteer service gave a follow-up treatment to Tran Duc Tai, a brother of Tran Thi Kim Phuong working at the Human Resources Administration Dept. of Vietnam Division. Vice Chairman Lee Sang-woon also encouraged and delivered warm heart to them.

 Came to Korea looking for hope 

On January 6th, Vice Chairman Lee Sang-woon visited the Ehwa Women’s Univ. Mokdong Hospital to console a follow-up treatment patient of the overseas medical volunteer corps ‘Smile Expedition’, a Vietnamese youth Tran Duc Tai(18 years old). Tran Duc Tai who is under treatment is a brother of Tran Thi Kim Phuong (24 years old) working in the Vietnam Division. As his nervous system was damaged by the right skull dent caused by a traffic accident when he was 5 years old, the muscle of his left arm and two legs were shrunk and he was mobility impaired.

Fortunately, the family of Tran Thi Kim Phuong did not give up hope and gave efforts for her brother’s rehabilitation and, thanks to that, he was improved such that he could walk by himself. However, her father died of traffic accident in 2010. As she knew the pain of a traffic accident more than anybody, she was moved by her brother’s successful surgery more than anything.

 Runs for new dream

Her brother Tran Duc Tai goes to a school for the disabled in Ho Chi Minh City from about 9 months ago. He is growing hope learning painting and computer even though these are not official academic courses. His dream is to help his mother if his health is recovered after surgery.

“I want to make money as soon as possible doing painting or computer as a job. Only then, my mother will be comfortable even slightly. And, I want to meet a good woman and have a happy family.”

After arriving in Korea, Tran Duc Tai underwent the skull restoration surgery as the first step. His condition was such that even a small impact may give a big damage to his brain, surgery was urgent as much as it was very dangerous for him to have lived in such a condition. Now, the 2nd surgery has reconstructed his leg nerves as much as possible and it seems that he will be able to walk a little more easily than now after recovery period.


Tran Thi Kim Phuong of the Human Resources Administration Dept. in Vietnam Division and

her brother Tran Duc Tai are smiling bright.

“My brother is now able to live a better life than before thanks to the help of our company. Once again, I want to thank Company that helped us come to Korea to undergo surgery. As Company presented new hope to our family, I will also work harder.”

We hope that the sister and brother who have lived without losing a dream under the difficult conditions will be able to live better lives thanks to this follow-up treatment.

Written by | Heo Dong-gyu (Staff, CSR Team)

Photographed by | Choi Sang-won (Section Chief, PR Team 3) and Park Hae-ju (Day40 Studio)

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