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2015. 10. 23. 09:30

In the <Story of the Three Kingdoms>, the traditional words ‘韜光養晦’ appears. This means “Raising one’s own capability for future waiting in patience, not revealing one’s talent or fame.” We met an in-house study group that strives for learning Vietnamese cherishing a high goal like the words. 



 Self-improvement which creates future opportunities
Deputy Dept. Head Sohn Sang-min, Interior PU’s Overseas Sales Team

Deputy Dept. Head Son Sang-min who has invariably been in charge of overseas sales for a long time. He thinks, “Self-improvement is making opportunities to be able to do new things in the future.” Having studied various languages in his spare time, he is a fervent captain of the Vietnamese study group in the Head Office. Thanks to his tireless driving force, he was able to receive help from Vietnam Division’s Deputy Dept. Head Han Kang-soo to make a chance to study with the Vietnamese Section Chief Nguyen Thi Nhung on the occasion of his/her dispatch to Korea.


The Vietnamese market Deputy Dept. Head Son Sang-min is in charge of has not always been an open market. As the tariff for the carpet products produced by the Interior PU is changed to no-tariff from this year, the door was finally opened. Under the circumstance of being able to compete with Thai or Chinese companies in Vietnam which has high potential for economic growth, his capability in foreign languages shone particularly brighter. Saying “I will try to be the best Vietnamese speaker in our company!”, he laughed.


"In any spare time, I have studied Chinese and Vietnamese. I have memory of several scenes where I was able to use what I studied in my business trip to Vietnam. Once, a Chinese, a Vietnamese and a Korean (myself) gathered at a place and an awkward atmosphere continued. First, I initiated conversation pleasantly in Chinese. He responded in Korean, saying he was just learning Korean. As we began conversation in the poor Korean and Chinese, the friendly atmosphere gradually changed to the place exchanging communion. After we drank liquor a little, the joyful scene that Vietnamese, Chinese, English and Korean are heard at the same time was progressed, and for me it was an occasion to realize that I was working in a global company."

 Vietnamese study is a tonic for life  Deputy Section Chief Park Ji-yong, Tire Reinforcement Materials PU’s Steel Wire Sales Team

Deputy Section Chief Park Ji-yong who joined Vietnamese study because of recommendations by colleagues. Learning Vietnamese became a tonic for his life. Certainly, it was not easy to gather at a vacant meeting room at 7 pm, the time to go home, for studying but he always tried to attend except cases of business schedule. Keeping promises with himself, he took pride in himself. He showed deep gratitude to Section Chief Nguyen Thi Nhung who was dispatched from Vietnam Division to the Head Office and was playing the role of tutor at a late time. Deputy Dept. Head Son Sang-min who leads team members as the leader of the study group is another target of his gratitude. Deputy Section Chief Park Ji-yong added that his encouragement gave him the courage to complete the study however hard it may be.


"Initially, more than 20 persons participated in the Vietnamese study group. But, the number has decreased because some persons had difficulty in participating due to busy schedule. We are sorry that all members cannot be together each time. I made up my mind not to give up half way rather than have a high target, and enjoy studying without overdoing. As I like studying a language, I strive imagining my speaking Vietnamese fluently. Unanimous encouragement by all the study group members gives me a huge support. I have a plan to study steadily in the mindset of ‘I will put forward only a step everyday’."

 Development of relationship through Vietnamese study
Deputy Section Chief Mo Young-hoon, Tire Reinforcement Materials PU’s Steel Wire Sales Team

Deputy Section Chief Mo Young-hoon who chose self-improvement to prepare for uncertain future. He began Vietnamese study to raise work accomplishment as well as his own value. But, it is also highly required because most quantity of the steel cord and bead wire products he is in charge of are produced in Vietnam. Important communications can be made through resident employees in Vietnam but, after beginning Vietnamese study, he tries direct communication with local employees. He can feel that work speeds up and width of mutual understanding is widened thanks to the direct communication. Since he started using Vietnamese to Vietnam Division’s local employees, many things have changed. Relationship has developed from simply exchanging work-related messages to deeper communication. The fear he felt beginning to learn a new language has turned into pleasure. It seems that Vietnamese he is learning step by step together with his reliable colleagues will give him large wings before long. 


"As the Vietnamese teacher, Section Chief Nguyen Thi Nhung came to Korea, I participated in the study because of recommendations of colleagues. As I knew the necessity, I did not hesitate at all. Learning Vietnamese, I sometimes use it referring to the textbook when I send mails to local employees. I am receiving enthusiastic responses. When a local employee Ms. Vi sent me mails only in Vietnamese, saying ‘Deputy Section Chief Mo Young-hoon can use Vietnamese’, I was a bit embarrassed. Now I enjoy simple communications taking the Google Translator as a guide. I expect my next business trip to Vietnam. I can now say fundamental greetings in Vietnamese, and I am going to use simple words such as ‘Give me water, please’ by myself. Previously, I had to suppress my thirsty."

Written by | Lee Yoon-jung (Deputy Section Chief, PR Team 3)
Photographed by | Park Hae-ju (Day40 Studio)

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