[Sympathy with passion] Romantic melody resounding over Some Sevit

2015. 10. 23. 09:30


Some Sevit which is a rest place and a complex cultural space for urban residents radiates colorful light when darkness falls. Buskers add music to this beautiful space to elevate the mood. Here, we introduce the busking (street performance) stage which makes Some Sevit brighter every Friday and Saturday night.

 Urban leisure beginning at Some Sevit 

In the daytime on a September Saturday. Cumulus appears like flowers over the blue sky, and the wind coming across the river smells some autumn. Children are kicking balls on a wide lawn, and some people enjoy date eating a lunch box while others take a nap using the warm sunshine as blanket. On the riverside of Han River, relaxedness and energy coexist with those who enjoy a holiday in their own respective ways. 


There is a place those who visit Han River Park at Banpo definitely drop by. That is Some Sevit. Some Sevit full of attractions, foodstuffs and amusements has long been established as a hot place for urban residents. There, you can see some families who visit for an ‘expensive’ dine-out of eating lobster seeing over Han River, or other families who visit to buy interior pieces or toys. Foreigners who enjoy a cup of coffee at the Some Sevit benches are not unfamiliar any more.  


As setting sun colored from the other side of Han River, darkness fell quickly. Soon, preparation of the busking (street performance) festival held by Some Sevit jointly with Heungkuk Life Insurance began. Then, came the highlight of Some Sevit; when the LED lighting emitted colorful light, exclamation came out here and there. It was a romantic night with music. On September 12th, the day’s busker was singer & song writer ‘Elaine’. She is a new musician who introduced herself to the public with a theme song in the KBS drama <Discovery of dating> ‘Blue Bird’, and released her single ‘Won’t You Stay’ in the past July. The busking by a musician with unfamiliar face and name began in front of a few audiences who were seated from the mere curiosity. Appealing tone and husky voice coming out from a small physique resonated every place at Some Sevit.



Those who came attracted by the songs as well as those who were seated from prior to performance out of curiosity filled the whole seats. Elaine chose a jazz singer Nina Simone’s ‘Be My Husband’, and sometimes brightened up the mood by leading participation of audience through clapping together in time with the beat. Subsequently, choosing domestic and foreign cover music and her own music appropriately, she continued the performance giving no chance for audience to be bored. The hour mixed with just as fresh wind as being pleasant, night sky bright with starts, Some Sevit’s lighting and sweet songs was ‘romantic night’ itself. 



 Special Interview 

Her tone and depth cannot be explained merely by the words ‘she sings well’. It is such a welcome fact that a singer like her exists in Korea, and that further she is a singer & song writer who can make a song by herself. This is a pre-performance interview made to know more about her.



Singer & Song Writer Elaine

Q. What do you think of Some Sevit?

A. I feel so differently meeting audience on a man-made island floating on Han River. As I feel like I receive a gift of the beautiful scenery along with performance, I am already expecting it.  

Q. I heard you were admitted to the Berklee College of Music but you gave it up. Isn’t it a school any musician would once dream of?

A. After receiving admission, I changed my mind suddenly. Being a Korean, I thought that it would not be late to study music abroad after starting music once in Korea.   

Q. What subjects do you write your lyrics in?

A. As ‘love’ is still an easily approachable theme despite everything, I have written various love stories, sad love, heart fluttering love and so on. But, these days, I am writing my real stories. Perhaps because of it, completeness of music is higher now and I can concentrate on singing better.

Q. You are still in the beginning stage of your music career, but when do you think doing music was a good choice?

A. Since I started to write my own stories into lyrics, I have had novel experiences. When I sing a song written a few months ago, my thought or emotion recalls that time. It is true at least when I sing. Meeting the past time through music is itself interesting and amazing.   

Q. Please reveal your future plan and goals.

A. I started music shortly before and I think I still look young. Now, I am 22, so I am still young. (Laugh) I want to introduce ‘Elaine’ to the public releasing a single in each month. It is my goal to collect those songs and release a regular album early next year.


Written by | Kim Hee-seon (Freelance Writer)

Photographed by | Ahn Hyun-ji (Day40 Studio)


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