[Meeting with a library] What books do Hyosung’s executives read?

2015. 10. 23. 09:30


Our company recommends a book in each month to practice GWP reading management. On the occasion of autumn, the season of reading, we summarized the books recommended by our company’s executives through the Tong-Tong Bulletin Board.

[Recommendation of Vice President Lee Sang-woon] 

 Kazuo Inamori Fight Over 1,155 Days by Onishi Yasuyuki 




This book introduces the 1,155 day process from Feb. 1st, 2010 when Kazuo Inamori took the office of chairman of the Japanese Kyocera Group at the age of 79 to Mar. 1st, 2013 when he left the position after succeeding in reconstruction of the Japan Airline (JAL) which had been in the non-renewable state. The secret behind his success was to get minds of the employees in the philosophy of ‘pursuit for employees’ happiness’ for reconstruction of Japan Airline, and operate the organization so as to find out accurately the profit and loss of each unit organization through ‘ameba management’ and respond quickly. 

[Recommendation of Noh Jae-bong Head of Support Headquarters] 

 Conditions of the Strong by Lee Ju-hee



This book describes the reasons why such nations as Mongolia, UK, Netherlands and USA could become powerful nations, in a soft tone based on historical facts. The Conditions of the Strong this book mentions are tolerance and generosity for other people, and enterprising stance of accepting new things. If we take our company as a nation, we tend to be afraid of or avoid such changes even though we all know that we have to change. As this book has much implication on what kind of attitude or mindset is required for leaders of organizations or working members to overcome this, I recommend this book to share this point.

[Recommendation of Park Pil Head of General Human Affairs/Manpower Development Center, Support Headquarters] 

 90% of profit is determined by price determination by Nishida Junsei




Japanese Kyocera Group’s Chairman Kazuo Inamori once emphasized the importance of price determination, saying ‘Repetitive price determination is management’. This book introduces ‘6 rules of price determination’ and claims that a company can secure profit only if correctly explains these to the customers and persuades them. I hope that our company will also be able to find value determining factors customers want, and make ‘rules for price determination’ and practice those rule in the sales activity, for profit maximization.

[Recommendation of Kim Kyu-young Head of Tire Reinforcement Materials PU] 

 Perfect Work by Wang Joong-chu, Ju Shinwie 





The authors of this book criticize easy mindset and attitude to forgive easily mistakes or faults, and emphasize that ‘Perfect Work’ should be done to obtain flawless result. For this, change of one’s thoughts and mindset is required above all, and 1~2 items required for one should be practiced intensively to initiate changes rather than all things are done at a time. I hope that reading this book may give all Hyosung people a motivation to practice perfect work in their own area and accomplish outstanding outcome.

[Recommendation of Park Jun-hyung Head of Chemicals PG] 

 Focus by Heidi Grant Halvorson, Tory Higgins




This book suggests methods to find out effectively the attitude ‘tendencies’ of people to see the world and move minds of people. If bosses use these as methods to stimulate motivation of subordinate persons, and each member use these as methods to understand each own tendencies and control motivations, will it be possible to raise the organization’s outcome because mutual communication is activated and work efficiency is improved?

[Recommendation of Son Sun-geun Head of Steel & Metal Products 1 PU] 

 The last leadership of Jack Welch by Robert Slater  



The original title of this book ‘Get BETTER or Get BEATEN’ is telling us what we have to do concisely and terrifyingly. Furthermore, this book emphasizes that the condition for the winner is not merely the first place but the ‘decisive will to innovate’ that can develop oneself in accordance with the endless changes. I hope that this book may give all the Hyosung people a chance to think about a company’s survival strategy in tune with the times and meaning of the winner.

[Recommendation of Jeon Hong-kyun Head of HIS PU] 

 2 Life Lectures by Alibaba’s Mawin by Jang Yen



This book introduces 12 secrets behind the success of Mawin founder of the Chinese electronic commerce company Alibaba. Having the sub-title of ‘Passion is never hurt’, this book emphasizes not only that passion is required for success, but also that serious thinking over ‘What I will do’ is required instead of simply trying hard. I think it is also a good idea to remember and practice the keywords for success Mawin mentions to overcome crisis we face and create new chances.

[Recommendation of Kim Yong-deok Head of Hyosung Capital PU] 

 Conditions for a masterwork by Cho Hye-deok




As a strategy to make a company a masterwork, this book emphasizes the CEO’s philosophy and importance of brand marketing as well as products themselves, and displays the corresponding process of practicing interestingly. I recommend this book because it helps managers expand common knowledge above all and the contents contain many items emphasized currently by our company.

[Recommendation of Nam Kyung-hwan Representative Director of Hyosung ITX] 

 Big Data: A Revolution That Will Transform How We Live, Work, and Think by Viktor Mayer-Schonberger, Kenneth Cukier   



This book introduces how to make an effective use of big data, through diverse cases and predictions of experts, to us who have only used formulaic data from the technical perspective. Learning from this book, I want to be able to understand correctly the big data which changes the relationships between market, companies, government and citizens and creates new type of value in the overall society, and get insight for solving various problems occurring in a rapidly changing environment and apply it to work.

For reading management, our company summarizes the books recommended by top management for sharing in each month. If any executive who want to recommend a good book to Hyosung people send a mail to the person in charge of the ‘GWP reading management’ program of the Company Culture Team, it will be introduced in the Tong-Tong Bulletin Board. A certain gift is given to replies describing thoughts about recommended books, promises to practice or practice examples, in each month. Interests from Hyosung people will be welcomed.

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