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2015. 8. 21. 07:00

Our company and Jeollabuk-do held the ‘2015 Jeonbuk-Hyosung Idea Startup Competitive Exhibition’ to discover and support the founders who have brilliant ideas. Let’s get in the place of the ‘2015 Jeonbuk-Hyosung idea Startup Competitive Exhibition’ where the award ceremony for the contested ideas was held.

 Idea in the head turning to commercial product 

On July 8th, the ‘2015 Jeonbuk-Hyosung Idea Startup Competitive Exhibition’ award ceremony was held at the 3rd floor of the Jeollabuk-do Office. In this ceremony, Vice Chairman Lee Sang-woon, Jeonbuk Governor Song Ha-jin and about 100 other people attended to grace the occasion. To select good works from the 2015 Jeonbuk-Hyosung Idea Startup Competitive Exhibition, our company received ideas from prep founders and founders within the past 3 years, for a month from the middle of April. The result was surprising. 190 ideas for the Jeonbuk competition and 189 ideas for the nationwide competition were received. These were such numbers as could estimate the founding fever in the area. After receiving ideas, 22 experts reviewed in detail the ideas in the 3 specialized industrial categories of Jeonbuk, carbon, agricultural biology & food, and traditional culture & ITC, through the 1st document examination and 2nd presentation & interview, and finally selected the final prize-winning works. This multi-lateral examination played the huge role of raising the meaning of this prize winning.  


 Support the sweet fruit of creative companies 

At last, the ceremony began and in the predetermined order of the ceremony, winners of the grand prize, Governor’s prize and prize of Hyosung’s Representative Director were called and stepped up the stage. A total of 18 teams, 15 teams comprised of 5 teams in each category and 3 teams selected in the main event of the nationwide competition, received the honor of prize winning. 

This day, Vice Chairman Lee Sang-woon said, “I hope this competitive exhibition will give the motivation for creating the wind of founding companies in Jeollabuk-do where it has been difficult for young men and innovative businessmen to settle down because there is no large scale industrial complex. We will fully support so that the prize-winning excellent companies may achieve success and the flower of creative economy will be able to blossom fully in Jeollabuk-do.” 

 Advantages are strengthened and functions are added

In the event hall of this day, the panels that commercialized the prize-winning ideas were exhibited and attracted attention. In particular, the ‘Multifunction Carbon Fiber Wheelchair’ which won the grand prize in the carbon category was a product with substantially improved functions and received a good evaluation. Being solid in spite of being more than twice lighter than the existing wheelchairs, the Multifunction Carbon Fiber Wheelchair was easy for storage and transport.  Moreover, it could be easily operated manually without a separate electric device and was equipped with the height adjusting function, too. The ‘Capsule Ice Water using our farm product’ of Puruguna Co., Ltd. which won the Jeonbuk Governor’s Prize was another product with a distinct differentiated idea. The capsule ice water processed and manufactured the local farm products to a delicious capsule ice cream for maximal practicality.  Besides, the ‘Filter replaceable Korean traditional paper mask’ which won the grand prize in the traditional culture and ITC category received recognition in the excellence of idea, function and product.  



 Stepping-stones helping to realize dream of company foundation

The Hyosung-Jeonbuk Creative Economy Innovation Center gave winners of this competition diverse benefits for business support.  The Center will support 1 to 1 expert mentoring together with the initial expenses necessary for product commercialization so that founders can materialize their business models. Winners of the carbon category will also be given the opportunity to move in the Carbon Specialized Foundation Nurturing Center to be completed in the 2nd half of this year at the site of our Jeonju Plant. We hope that the Jeonbuk-Hyosung Idea Startup Competitive Exhibition will continue to not only discover superb ideas but also play the role of stepping-stones helping to realize dream of company foundation by supporting creative companies for their development of new technologies

Written by | Editor’s Office

Photographed by | Choi Sang-won (PT Team 3 Section Chief)

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