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Nautilus Hyosung presented its new product equipped with a video banking system via large monitors called Monimax7800i at PayThink, a leading specialized financial industry conference about ATM, debit and prepaid cards in the U.S. held in Pheonix, Arizona.


Monimax7800i is the latest model of Nautilus Hyosung’s ‘Branch Transformation Solution (BTS)’ that enhances bank services efficiency and convenience through customized information by innovatively automating bank services almost like a self-service bank. Monimax7800i enhanced efficiency so that when customers need help while using an ATM, they can receive help remotely from a bank teller via an LCD screen. The bank can introduce its messages to its customers via the screen as well.


In this conference, Nautilus Hyosung received great attention from those working in major banks of the U.S. including the Bank of America Corporation (BAC). Nautilus Hyosung will increase its market share by developing products demanded by each client based on their needs and supplying them stably.



The ceremony for the 2014 Korea Technology Award, the best award in industrial technology hosted by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy, was held in Yangjae-dong, Seoul on November 13. Hyosung was honored with the Prime Minister’s Award for its performance in self-developing high-performance carbon fiber ‘(TANSOME®).

Hyosung succeeded in developing high-performance carbon fiber ‘TANSOME®’ back in 2011, and began commercial production after building a plant in Jeonju, Jeonbuk in May 2013. Keeping pace with the era of creative economy, the company won recognition for its achievement in developing high-fineness, high-intensity and mid-elasticity carbon fiber ‘TANSOME®’ in the carbon fiber market that had been monopolized by Japan and the U.S. for 20 to 30 years.


Carbon fiber is a high-value new material used in the aerospace, automobile and defense industries due to its characteristic of being over 10 times stronger than steel with only 1/4 of its weight. It is widely used in sports goods and daily life such as bicycles, golf clubs, archery and artificial legs. Recently it is being used as a material for products directly linked to safety such as CNG bus fuel tanks or oxygen cylinders for firefighters.


The 2014 Korea Technology Award hosted by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy is the top-authority award in industrial technology given to companies that developed new technologies and products as well as engineers that contributed greatly to the promotion of the Korean industrial technology.


Hyosung Celebrates the Inauguration of the Jeonbuk Creative Economy and Innovation Center

Hyosung and Jeollabuk-do opened the Jeonbuk Creative Economy and Innovation Center in Wansan-gu, Jeonju and held the inauguration ceremony on November 24. The Jeonbuk Creative Economy and Innovation Center was established for Hyosung, which has developed Korea’s first high-performance carbon fiber currently under mass production, to create a carbon cluster in cooperation with Jeollabuk-do and vitalize the ecosystem for creative economy in Jeonbuk.

President Park Geun-hye, who attended the inauguration ceremony, mentioned the importance of future industrialization of carbon materials and the traditional culture of Jeonbuk, while also emphasizing the need to build an ecosystem for creative economy that supports the reform of the agri-food industry. “The Specialized Carbon Business Incubation Center will be an aggregation of Hyosung’s competences from purchasing and disassembling fishing rods to learn the carbon material technologies of other countries, and I expect to see the center produce hidden champions in carbon fiber,” she said.


Hyosung will build the 1,652.9 (500-pyeong) Specialized Carbon Business Incubation Center by providing the Jeonju Plant site free of charge, planning to foster 20 hidden champions and turn them into the bridgehead for the expansion of the ‘carbon cluster’. The center will simultaneously cover a variety of tasks such as funding, sharing of corporate management know-how by conglomerates, commercialization of excellent ideas, and cultivation of new markets using Hyosung’s global network. 


Gumi Plant Deputy Section Chief Park Dae-bong Receives a Citation from the Minister of Government Administration and Home Affairs

Section Chief Park Dae-bong of the Environmental Safety Team in the Gumi Plant received a citation from the Minister of Government Administration and Home Affairs at the celebration of the 52nd Fire Prevention Day held on November 7 in the Gumi Fire Station. Park has continuously provided emergency training at the Gumi Plant and firefighting experiences and education for physically challenged people in social welfare organizations. He will continue to offer firefighting experiences and education for fire safety and social contribution.


Hyosung Employees Attend the <Mediacity Seoul> 2014 Exhibition for Happiness Sharing

Hyosung sponsored the <Mediacity Seoul> 2014 exhibition held at the Seoul Museum of Art as part of the ‘Happiness Sharing’ activity. With the participation of 42 artists from 17 countries, the theme of this exhibition is ‘Ghosts, Spies, and Grandmothers’. Hyosung employees went to see the exhibition as a group on November 4. Art director Park Chan-kyung provided an intriguing explanation of the theme of the exhibition, artworks and preparations for Hyosung employees and their families. This event with the invitation of families was held once again on November 15, making a great appeal to the audience.


Hyosung Supports Employees’ Participation in the 12th Next Generation Women Leaders’ Conference

Hyosung supported the participation of around 10 female executives and employees in the 12th Next Generation Women Leaders’ Conference hosted by the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family on November 20. The Next Generation Women Leaders’ Conference consists of passing on the valuable experiences of women leaders in the reality of Korea where the ratio of female managers is low to next generation women leaders, and pursuing women’s entry into managerial positions by discussing various topics required for the competences of managers such as career development within the organization, conflict management, work-family balance, and effective communication. The 12th Next Generation Women Leaders’ Conference this year consisted of lectures on ‘conflict management’ as well as group mentoring, offering a valuable occasion for women to learn about the essential conflict management know-how in growing into women leaders.


Hyosung R&DB Labs Holds the 2014 Hyosung R&DB Labs Climbing Contest

Hyosung R&DB Labs held the 2014 Hyosung R&DB Labs Climbing Contest with the participation of over 160 employees on November 7. This event consisted of a variety of activities such as climbing to the top of Mt. Moraksan as well as team missions like group jump rope and jegichagi. This climbing contest and rally reinforced affinity among employees and increased their sense of belonging to the company.


Hyosung R&DB Labs Holds a Security Seminar

Hyosung R&DB Labs Security Seminar was held at the Newton Hall of Hyosung R&DB Labs on November 19. Vice President Seo Seung-won and over 100 employees of Hyosung R&DB Labs attended the seminar, showing their great interest in security. Lee Sang-no, a team manager of the Korean Association for Industrial Technology Security (KAITS) who was invited to give a lecture, explained various cases of technology spillovers and types of spillovers, emphasizing the importance of industrial security. “The essence of security is the researchers’ awareness of security,” he said, and he asked the researchers to look out for their easygoing security awareness. This seminar was especially beneficial, offering the chance to share concerns about the direction for security management and listen to professional advice.

Hyosung R&DB Labs Holds the Completion Ceremony for ‘Film Academy’


The ‘Film Academy’, which kicked off with its first lecture on September 17 to enhance the technological competences of Hyosung R&DB Labs employees related to film and coating, ended its four-day curriculum on November 19. The Film Academy was led by film-related experts at Hyosung R&DB Labs and plants as well as experts invited from outside organizations such as Korea Institute of Industrial Technology, Shinwha Intertek, and Youlchon Chemical. On the final day, completion certificates were presented to those who showed excellent attendance. This program allowed the employees to promote a general understanding of film and coating, and Hyosung will continue to make efforts to enhance the competences of employees by constantly offering education.

Textile PG


‘Gumi Plant Visiting Day’ for Children of Employees

The Gumi Plant held the ‘Gumi Plant Visiting Day’ for the children of its employees on November 15. Those attending elementary or middle school who want to visit the Gumi Plant applied for the visit, from which around 50 children were chosen to participate in the event. This program started with a welcoming speech by the Film PU Gumi Plant Manager Kim Jong-hae, followed by a PR video of Hyosung and an introduction of the Gumi Plant, as well as a tour of the polyester yarn and spandex production sites where the children can see for themselves where their parents work every day. This day is expected to have provided an occasion for the children to see their parents work hard at the plant and have a proper understanding about their parents’ infinite love and take pride in the company.

Nylon Polyester Yarn PU Gumi Plant Holds an Athletic Meet

The Nylon Polyester Yarn PU Gumi Plant held an athletic meet on November 14 at the foot volleyball court in the company. After playing three events such as foot volleyball, group jump rope and ring toss, Production Team 1 won the trophy for winning the foot volleyball game. The event was rounded off with a prize lottery and a plan to hold the next meet in spring. Communication in the athletic meet is hoped to promote further growth of the Gumi Plant.


Power & Industrial Systems PG

Changwon Mayor Ahn Sang-soo Visits the Changwon Plant for a Business Meeting

Changwon Mayor Ahn Sang-soo visited the Changwon Plant on November 20 and encouraged the workers, after which he had a luncheon meeting with the employees including Kim Deok-soo, General Plant Manager of the Changwon Plant, to discuss the development of regional economy. “I hope this visit helps corporate management by resolving the business difficulties,” said Ahn, to which Kim replied, “We will continue to develop by improving our technological skills and actively opening new global markets, and promote win-win growth with the community.”

The luncheon meeting was especially more heartwarming with the attendance of Jeong Seung-mo, who transplanted 60% of his liver to his mother fighting against liver cancer back in May and has returned back to the production site, along with Han Gwang-soo, a master mechanic who won the award for 2013 Changwon’s Best Worker of the Year.


Power & Industrial Systems PG Attended the GCC Power 2014 Exhibition

Power & Industrial Systems PG attended the GCC Power 2014 Exhibition held in Manama, Bahrain for three days starting November 10. It is an annual tour conference and exhibition held by 6 countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC). Participating for the 5th time this year, Power & Industrial Systems PG reinforced its brand awareness by displaying the 420kV substation model, STACOM model and prevention/diagnosis system. The Minister of Electricity and Water Affairs high-ranking officials visited the exhibition in the opening event, showing great interest in Hyosung’s products and technological skills.


Changwon Plant Conducts SVP Site Manager Training

The Changwon Plant conducted the first SVP site manager training for over 80 foremen and assistant foremen of the Changwon Plant at the Changnyeon Training Center, divided into three sessions: November 6 and 7, 13 and 14, and 18 and 19. The SVP program was prepared to help organizational management and mentoring as site managers. This program provided the participants with the opportunity to analyze cases of conflicts and have mock interviews, through which they could contemplate over the role of site managers.


Changwon Plant Holds the ‘Weekend Trip with Dad’ Program

The Changwon Plant holds the ‘Weekend Trip with Dad’ program every spring and fall for the employees to enjoy some time for communication with their elementary-school children. The ‘Weekend Trip with Dad’ held on November 8 consisted of a tour of Gyeongju, a city of a thousand years, with the concept of historical and cultural experience. 20 families were selected from application, and they had a tour of the Royal Tomb of King Muyeol and Gyeongju National Museum with the explanations of an interpreter, after which they watched a performance at Shilla Millennium Park and participated in natural dyeing.


Social Contribution News


Changwon Plant Goes on a Trip to Busan with the Elders of Shinchang Village

The Changwon Plant went on a trip to Busan on November 14 with the elders of Shinchang Village in Gunbuk-myeon, Haman-gun, with which the Changwon Plant had formed a partnership. This trip was for the village elders who do not have many chances to go on an outing due to their busy days of farming and less than desirable physical conditions. The Changwon Plant employees were in charge of guidance and safety, accompanying the elders as the escorts. This trip provided a whole new experience for the participants with a cruise where they could see the Dongbaekseom Island, Gwangandaegyo Bridge, Igidae Cliff and Oryukdo Islands in one glance.


As part of its social contribution activities, the Changwon Plant formed a partnership with Shinchang Village in 2007 and has since organized a variety of events to connect with farm villages through various activities such as helping in busy farming season, buying regional specialties and sponsoring supplies for the community center.


The Angels of Hyosung Goodsprings Volunteer to Paint Murals with Families

Members of the Angels of Hyosung Goodsprings and their families volunteered to paint murals on the retaining walls of Kyodong Elementary School in Changwon. Over 130 members of the Angels and their families participated in the ‘Volunteer Activity to Paint Murals with Family’ organized by the Angels. Those participating in the activity could enhance fellowship by working on joint murals and contributed to the community. The designs and sketches for the murals were made by Kyungnam University art professor Kim Jae-ho and 4 other artists, adding artistry to the works and capturing the eyes of local residents.


Anyang Division Makes a Blood Donation

The employees of the Anyang Division donated blood for children with leukemia and cancer on November 19 as part of the GWP activities. 44 employees in Anyang voluntarily participated in the donation event, and 23 donor cards were donated and handed to the Social Contribution Team. The employees in Anyang are actively participating in company-wide social contribution activities by constantly carrying out volunteer activities such as cleaning up the partner river.


Chinhung Co. Participates in the 2014 Kimchi Sharing Event

The ‘Sharing Volunteers’ of Chinhung Co. participated in the 2014 Kimchi Sharing event on November 18 hosted by the Yongsan-gu Office where the Seoul headquarters is located. With the constant participation of around 20 employees every year since 2005, this event is part of the ‘Warm Wintering’ project run by the Yongsan-gu Office for the underprivileged people of the society including elders living alone. Local volunteer groups and other companies including Chinhung Co., participated in the event to share with their neighbors.


Hyosung Capital Shares Briquettes for the Onset of Winter

Over 40 employees of Hyosung Capital visited Sujeong Village located in Gaepo-dong, Gangnam-gu in Seoul on November 7 to share briquettes with the residents. This briquette-sharing activity was carried out to share warmth with the low-income residents in the community to prepare for the onset of winter. With the voluntary participation of employees willing to volunteer, Hyosung will continue to share and provide substantial help for the community.


Nautilus Hyosung Holds the 2014 Kimchi and Rice Sharing Event

Nautilus Hyosung held the Kimchi and Rice Sharing event on November 22 at the Kangnam General Social Welfare Center for low-income families and elders living alone. Over 70 Nautilus Hyosung employees participated in the event, making 1,000kg of kimchi and presenting them to the low-income families and elders living alone in Irwon-dong, Gangnam along with 4,000kg (two hundred 20kg bags) of rice. The event went on from 9 AM to 12 PM, and the employees enthusiastically participated in the entire process from mixing kimchi seasoning to packaging and delivering kimchi and rice.


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