[Eye-Catching News] From Gapado to Africa - Hyosung ESS (Energy Storage System)

2014. 5. 23. 16:13

From Gapado to Africa - Hyosung ESS (Energy Storage System)

Leads green development in Gapado

Gapado Micro Grid Operation Center located right in the middle of the green barley field is home to our Energy Storage System (ESS), which is designed to store the electricity when the demand is low and provide it as the need arises, for example, at times of peak demand for the electricity.  

Gapado Micro Grid Operation Center

<Gapado Micro Grid Operation Center>

”ESS is a kind of large battery. With ESS, idle power can be saved when not used. For example, ESS can be used to store the electricity during weeknights when the demand is low and it is cheaper, and provide stored electricity at the time of peak demand when the electricity is most expensive, or when there is a wide gap between power supply and demand”, said Deputy Department Head Hwang Cheol-min of Solution Business Team, Power Systems PU.


After he kindly explained about ESS, Deputy Department Head Hwan boasted that there has been a big increase in demand for ESS due to unstable power supply resulted from abnormal climate and industry advancements.    

<Power Conditioning System in Gapado> 

<Power Conditioning System in Gapado

Jeju Special Self-Governing Province is carrying out the Carbon Free Island Jeju by 2030 Project. As part of this project, Gapado also puts much effort to become greener, using only renewable energy, which comes from, for example, wind power generation, solar-light power generation, and electric vehicle. This project is acknowledged to improve the quality of life by making use of various technologies. “With growing concern about environmental issues, large-capacity ESS came to the fore as a good complement to irregular power supply from renewable energy”, said Section Chief Kim Tae-Jin, Jeonwoo Electric whom I met at Micro Grid Operation Center. He added that the combination of ESS with renewable energy will serve as a good example of eco-friendly practice.  


ESS from Gapado to Africa

ESS from Gapado to Africa

ESS is placed throughout the country besides Gapado. A notable example is 1.25MW/3MW ESS, which will be installed in Gasado located in Jindo-gun, Jeollanam-do. As the largest ESS to be built in island areas, it is part of ‘independent micro-grid project’ being carried out by the Korea Electric Power Research Institute. Once we complete construction in late September, 380 residents (160 households) living in Gasado will be provided with power in a stable manner. Moreover, we have built 1MW ESS in Giheung office, Samsung SDI contributing to reduction in the cost of power, and 250kW/500kWh ESS in Guri Agricultural and marine Wholesale Market Corporation allowing stable supply and use of power. Likewise, we’re consolidating our position as a powerhouse in the Korean ESS market.

powerhouse in the korean ess market


Meanwhile, we have made investment at company level since 2009 in order to secure ESS-related technologies while making active push into overseas markets. In particular, we built an independent ESS-converged solar power plant in the province of Niassa, northern Mozambique suffering from a serious power shortage due to difficulties in utilizing the established electrical grid. Because Niassa ranges wide north and south, it was difficult to stay connected to the national power grid and in this context, ESS storing the electricity was much welcomed in this region. Furthermore, there is an increasing demand for the independent power plant, which stores the power produced from solar light and supplies it when solar-light power generation is not available, for example, at night and in the rainy season, in Africa. 


Power & Industrial Systems PG has successfully completed a large-scale solar EPC project in Rumania last year through robust risk management, and early this year, delivered 400kW ESS to Hong Kong Electricity Board, which was ordered at the end of last year. We’re looking forward to further advancement and marketability of ESS garnered Product Line Strategy in ESS Integration Award at 2013 Frost & Sullivan Korean Excellence Award. 

Small talk about Gapado

Written/conducted by Lee Yoon-jeong (Deputy Section Chief of Support Division PR Team 3)  

Photographed by Kim Won-tae (Day40 Studio)

Illustration by Kim Soo-min

Collaborated by Solution Business Team, Power System PU

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