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 Vietnam Division Provides Transportation for Local Workers to Visit Their Homes in the Lunar New Year’s Holidays

Around 480 local employees of the Vietnam Division whose homes are far in the north central region visited their homes during the Lunar New Year’s holidays on January 28 using the cars provided by the company. The Vietnam Division is providing transportation every year for employees whose hometowns are far away, so that they can visit their homes pleasantly and conveniently.

textile pg

Spandex PU Gumi Plant Acquires the First ISO/TS 29001 Certification in Korea

The Spandex PU reinforced its competitiveness by acquiring the first ISO/TS 29001 certification of the industry in Korea. ISO/TS 29001:2010 is a specified quality management system reflecting specific requirements of the gas, petrochemical and natural gas industry made by the international oil and gas industries including API. Unlike the quality management system ISO 9001 that increased versatility in all industrial scope, ISO/TS 29001 is an international standard that is specialized for the industry by establishing various concepts such as Acceptance Criteria, Acceptance Inspection, Control Feature and Field Nonconformity, and adding total 47 key supplemental criteria including those about supplier selection, evaluation and reevaluation. 

It helps a company build the optimum system by systemizing processes that are suitable for the industrial characteristics while also including specific client requirements. The Spandex PU’s acquisition of the certification is contributing significantly to building a system suitable for the P&G requirement, which is the task for 2014.

Industrial Materials PG

 The 48th Industrial Materials PG New Employees Receive Job Training at the Offices

The Industrial Materials PG provided job training for the 48th new employees of the Industrial Materials PG at various offices from January 23 to February 19. This training program consisted of field trips, group education and practical training, and it ended on February 19 after the employees went through the process of field trip to the Anyang Plant and Jeonju Plant, group education at the Ulsan Plant and Eonyang Plant, and practical training at each office.

The 48th new employees of the Industrial Materials PG learned about the current status of the offices, business information and knowledge to manage the offices. They also learned about the manufacturing process of major offices of the PG in Korea by receiving the manufacturing process education and visiting the plants. Furthermore, they will receive additional training on the process and knowledge required for each office in their PU/Business Division training.

Upsurge in Supply of Car Carpets to the Big 3 Automobile Companies in the U.S.


Hyosung will hit the stride in targeting the U.S. marketthe world’s largest automotive market by tripling the supply of car carpets (also known as car mats and option mats) to the world’s biggest motor company GM compared to last year. With car carpets that are at least twice lighter than global competitors’ products and that improve car silence with excellent sound-absorbing performance, Hyosung secured the top position in the Korean car carpet market. The company has supplied car carpets to Hyundai-Kia Motors in the U.S. market as the first step of global market expansion.

In 2013, Hyosung began to hit the stride in supplying car carpets to GM, significantly increasing the amount from 170,000 to 630,000in just last year alone. As the Industrial Materials PG has already secured a bridgehead to expand to the U.S. market that is the world’s biggest by selling car carpets, the company is planning to foster them as the product that represents Korea.

Moreover, Hyosung is also planning to supply car carpets to Ford and Chrysler as well this year, increasing the quantity of supply to the Big 3 up to 1 million in 2014 and expanding the total market share in North America to 6.2%.

 Tire & Industrial Reinforcement Materials PU Holds the First-half Year GCM of 2014

The Tire & Industrial Reinforcement Materials PU held the First-half Year GCM (Global Consensus Meeting) at the Mapo headquarters for two days starting on February 14. Vice Chairman Lee Sang-woon as well as key management-level executives, executives and team managers of the Tire & Industrial Reinforcement Materials PU headquarters, executives of Korea offices, executives and division heads of nine global divisions in North-South Americas, Europe and Asia attended the GCM. The participants shared the performance of 2013 as well as plans and pending issues of 2014, and also discussed plans to reinforce technological competitiveness and maximize profits. The executives and employees who attended the first-half year GCM of the Tire & Industrial Reinforcement Materials PU resolved to make further efforts to fulfill their plans by thoroughly practicing responsibility management, which is the group’s business policy this year.

 Ulsan Plant Holds the 6th TPM Circle Competitive Exhibition

The Ulsan Plant held the 6th TPM Circle Competitive Exhibition on January 22 at the auditorium of the Welfare Center to settle the accounts of the previous year’s TPM (Total Productive Maintenance) activities. Over 230 employees including General Plant Manager Jo Choon attended this competitive exhibition, where representative circles that were qualified at the preliminaries of each PU gave presentations on the efforts they made for the past year.

“Step 5 and 6 are the most difficult steps to carry out among all TPM activities, and thus they require the participation of all members and must produce results,” said Jo. “The purpose of the competitive exhibition is to upgrade the circle activities and use this opportunity to benchmark others so that all circles are leveled upward. We shall all thoroughly manage and inspect our progress so that all cost reduction effects do not remain merely as declarative, and overcome all the chronic issues of facilities and processes with the TPM activities.”

After deliberation, the grand prize was given to the Ulsan Plant Management Division’s Power Operation Team “Cool” Circle, and the excellence awards to the Nylon-Polyester Fiber PU’s NY Polymerization Team “Neat” Circle and Tire & Industrial Reinforcement Materials PU’s Industrial Fiber Production Team “Conti” Circle. They were provided with a certificate of merit, cash prize, and a special prize to honor their hard work in TPM activities: an opportunity to go on an overseas training program.

 Technical Yarn PU Holds the GST First-half Year GCM of 2014

The Technical Yarn PU and GST (Global Safety Textiles) held the GST First-half Year GCM of 2014 on February 20 and 21 at the Mapo headquarters to share the performance of 2013 and plans for 2014, and to discuss the pending issues. Vice Chairman Lee Sang-woon as well as key management-level executives, executives and team managers of PU headquarters, executives of Korea offices and overseas employees attended the first-half year GCM of the Technical Yarn PU. The executives and employees who participated resolved to have more responsibility in achieving the business goals by enhancing technological skills and reinforcing sales power.

Hyosung’s key management-level executives, GST management, and employees in Korea as well as abroad attended the GST First-half Year GCM of 2014. The participants decided to pursue business growth of GST after discussing the global supply network and future sales strategies.

Chemicals PG

 Gwanghyewon Plant’s Management Team Manager Shin Min-cheol Receives the Minister’s Prize from the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy

The Gwanghyewon Plant’s Management Team Manager Shin Min-cheol received the Minister’s Prize from the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy on behalf of the Gwanghyewon Plant. The Gwanghyewon Plant was acknowledged for its contribution to the development of the community by attracting investment to Chungcheongbuk-do and continuously expanding business due to the rapid growth. The Plant was also well received for its consistent social contribution activities. The Gwanghyewon Plant will continue to grow with the community as a good work place.

Power & Industrial Systems PG

 Power & Industrial Systems PG Offers a Plant Tour Program for Partners

The Power & Industrial Systems PG provided a plant tour program for CEOs and employees of win-win growth partners on February 19. This event was suggested by partner companies that expressed the eagerness to visit the company’s plant back in the meeting with the partners held at the end of last year. 18 CEOs and employees of 9 partner companies including TCT visited Hyosung’s plant and examined the transformer production lines. They showed interest as they listened to the extra-high voltage transformer production process and quality system as well as directivity for quality improvement.

“I would like to request the partner companies to bring the quality competitiveness to the next level and enhance competence in quality, cost and delivery,” said General Plant Manager Kim Deok-soo in his welcoming speech. With this program, we hope our partners provide more suggestions and recommendations for Hyosung in their viewpoints and resolve to seek future cooperation and win-win growth. The Power & Industrial Systems PG will offer plant tour programs to visit the circuit breaker/electric apparatus plant in April and the industrial machinery plant in June.

 Power & Industrial Systems PU R&D Center Hosts the 2014 Business Strategy Meeting

The Power & Industrial Systems PU R&D Center hosted the 2014 Business Strategy Meeting on February 18. Director Park Seung-yong as well as R&D Center executives, team managers, responsible staff and employees participated in the meeting, where there was a presentation on ‘R&D Center Business Policies to Develop Company-wide Business Policies in 2014 and Key Team Strategies.’ The participants also had team presentations and a Q&A session to discuss the direction for the Power & Industrial Systems PU R&D Center and resolve to produce the best results this year.

 Industrial Machinery PU Supplies Korea’s First CNG Station for Taxis

As the government’s CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) taxi conversion project kicked into gear, Hyosung is actively expanding the CNG charging business by completing the first CNG station for taxis in Korea. Hyosung recently announced the launching of their business by supplying the exclusive CNG charging system for taxis to Sangrok Logistics, a taxi company in Ansan, Gyeonggi-do.

The CNG charging system consists of one 350-horsepower compressor and four taxi chargers. The speed can be controlled so that there is no load even when charging four taxis at the same time, which reduces electric charges. Moreover, it can be installed in unused spaces of taxi companies unlike LPG stations.

Aside from being an environment-friendly fuel, CNG has the fuel efficiency that is 40% greater than LPG (6km) with an average of 10.2km per liter, as well as lower fuel price than LPG (1,065 KRW per liter). Additional fuel price reduction is expected for CNG as the U.S. begins to hit the stride in developing shale gas (natural gas in shale layers).

The fact that there are increased supply opportunities for CNG compressor materials due to Hyosung’s carbon fiber production may also have a positive effect on market expansion. CNG compressors or hydrogen energy containers must be coiled up in carbon fiber to endure high pressure.

We have used our know-how from over 50 years of experience in the field of heavy industry such as rotators and compressors into promoting the CNG charging business,” said Industrial Machinery PU President Lee Jeong-gyu. “So far we’ve established over 200 systems (over 40% market share) in Korea, which are all in stable operation. If the CNG taxi market becomes more vitalized, Hyosung will be able to enjoy a synergy effect of expanding not only the charging system business but also carbon fiber business.”

Power & Industrial Systems PG Implements Training on Ethics and Law at the Changwon Plant

Training on ethics and law for the Changwon Plant took place in the Reliability Assessment Center conference room, divided into 10 sessions from January 22 to 24, and February 10 to 12. This training program was hosted by the Ethics Management Team to reinforce the employees’ awareness on ethics management and establish the grounds for the Changwon Plant to obey the rules regarding orders, quality control and negligent accidents. It was beneficial for the participants as they could share specific cases and learn about appropriate and prompt measures. This training program is provided for employees in the Extra-high Voltage Transformer, Circuit Breaker and Management Division for the first quarter of 2014. The target will be expanded in the future to include office workers in other departments.

Information & Communication PG

 Nautilus Hyosung Offers a Special Lecture on Quality Mind Improvement

The Gumi Plant of Nautilus Hyosung held a special lecture on quality mind improvement on January 27 and February 5. This special lecture was based on the objectives to determine the influence of change in the employees’ perception and behavior toward quality on the company and individuals, and to increase the power of execution that is necessary for quality improvement. Sunjin D&C/Changjo Management Research Institute CEO Yoon Saeng-jin joined the company as a production worker and worked his way up to executive director of Kumho Asiana Group. He suggested over 18,600 ideas for improvement for 20 years and is considered as an expert in quality management. He even received the Silver Tower Industry Medal for quality management. The employees could think deeply about the importance of quality improvement mind and practice through this lecture, and actually apply what they learned to work.

  Hyosung Information Systems HDS is Selected as the Best Supplier at 2014 Quality Awards

Hitachi Data Systems (HDS) of Hyosung Information Systems was selected as the best supplier in midrange NAS at the 2014 Quality Awards by Storage Magazine (SearchStorage.com). This year was the 8th year of the annual Quality Awards, and HDS gained the honors of being selected as the best supplier two years in a row. Storage Magazine evaluated the user satisfaction on the NAS products currently in the market, as well as the quality and stability in actual environment.

Hitachi Unified Storage (HUS), which is the foundation of Hitachi NAS platform (HNAS), received the highest score in midrange NAS array sector with the evaluation of 5 items: sales competitiveness, product function, initial quality, stability and technical support.

“Thanks to the Quality Awards, we could prove our quality and service that determine our business competitiveness, as well as the excellence of our support capacity,” said Vice-president Mike Canavan who is in charge of HDS’s files and content solutions. “The product lines of HNAS and HUS secure stability and data integrity without affecting the performance and service quality of major business applications today. We’re planning to provide closer integration with VM ware environment and Converged computing product lines by using the intelligent migration tool, so that we can solidify the leading position of our products.”

 Hyosung Information Systems Reinforces Integrated Solution Portfolio and Supply Capacity by Building a Partnership between HDS and SAP

As HDS signed a global OEM (original equipment manufacturing) contract with SAP, Hyosung Information Systems could enhance the supply capacity for SAP HANA products and services. By signing this contract, the two companies agreed to reinforce technical cooperation in cloud computing, SAP® Real-Time Data Platform, and high-performance enterprise computing, and to expand sales and marketing partnership for customers worldwide.

HDS is the OEM contractor for SAP HANA platform-based SAP NetWeaver® Business Warehouse. They are planning to supply their enterprise data center solution and broad bundle configuration products. Clients can purchase SAP-related integrated computing platform and software through HDS or use management services, and can also expand platforms flexibly without decreased performance or increased complexity.

The biggest beneficiaries of this contract are the clients of the two companies who will be able to minimize the upside space of the data center as well as use of resources, while also securing optimized performance at the same time. The close partnership between HDS and SAP will reduce operating costs and facility investment costs for the clients, and also accelerate innovation for both companies.

Construction PG

 Construction PG Hosts Win-win Growth Meeting in the First-half Year of 2014

Consisting of the three companies Construction PU, Chinhung International Inc. and Hyosung EBARA Engineering Inc., Construction PG hosted the ‘Win-win Growth Meeting’ for the first-half year of 2014 in the construction sector on February 27, inviting over 50 outstanding partners to discuss win-win-cooperation, fair transactions in subcontracting, joint technology development and educational support at Seoul Palace Hotel.

Hyosung and the partners were divided into four branches ----- win-win growth branch, fair trade branch, technological cooperation branch, and educational cooperation branch ----- and exchanged ideas about ways to achieve ‘win-win.’ In the meeting, Hyosung and the partners decided to promote mutual technology development to reduce noises between floors, develop environment-friendly materials, and use various apartment spaces, and also to expand support for business consulting and education for outstanding partners.

Having formed the Win-win Growth Council last year to enhance win-win growth with partners in the construction sector, Hyosung decided to host Win-win Growth Meetings twice a year to discuss win-win-cooperation, fair transactions in subcontracting, joint technology development and educational support. This was the third meeting after April and July 2013.

There was also a ceremony awarding outstanding partners during the meeting. Dae Myong Civil Inc. (earthworks) was selected as the Best Partner, while Excellent Partners included Hwaeung Construction Inc. (erection of frameworks), Jinmyoung Engineering and Construction Inc. (electric work), and Samwoo Safety Facilities Inc. (equipment work).


The Class Hyosung Hosts the First Mercedes-Benz ‘Night Service’ in the Metropolitan Area

The Class Hyosung began to offer the ‘Night Service’ starting February 11. The Class Hyosung, the official dealer of Mercedes-Benz, is providing the ‘Night Service’ in which they extend their working hours until 10pm every Tuesday at the Bundang Jeongja Service Center for busy office workers. This kind of service is a first in the metropolitan area, and it will be helpful for customers nearby who cannot make time during the weekdays.

Moreover, The Class Hyosung is providing the ‘Saturday Evening Service’ in which the employees work extended hours until 5pm on Saturday in some service centers (Dogok, Seocho, Bundang Jeongja Service Center) so that more customers can have their cars repaired conveniently. The company will decide on the expansion of this service after examining the response. Both the Night Service’ and ‘Saturday Evening Service’ can be used after reservation. For more details about the Night Service’ and ‘Saturday Evening Service,’ contact the showrooms and service centers or check the website.




Social Contribution News


 Gumi Plant Signs the ‘Promise of Love in Sharing Life’ Agreement

The Gumi Plant signed the Promise of Love in Sharing Life’ agreement with the Daegu-Gyeongbuk Blood Center of the Korean Red Cross on February 12 to spread the culture of sharing life and stable blood supply. Moreover, the Gumi Plant promised to provide active support and cooperation to spread the culture of blood donation based on mutual friendship with the Daegu-Gyeongbuk Blood Center.

The Gumi Plant is the first company in Gumi to sign a blood donation agreement with the Daegu-Gyeongbuk Blood Center, and it will participate regularly in blood donation at least twice a year and consistently donate blood donor cards to the Korean Association for Children with Leukemia and Cancer (KALC) to settle the donation culture.

 Gumi Plant Holds the First Full Moon Event

The Gumi Plant held an event to celebrate the first full moon on February 14 visiting Saenamgol Village in Jisan 2-ri, Ian-myeon, Sangju-si in Gyeongbuk. The employees who participated in the event played out with the seniors in the village despite the bitter cold, and wished the villagers peace for the next year by biting on walnuts and peanuts provided by the Gumi Plant. The Gumi Plant has set up a partnership with Saenamgol Village since November 2007, and has since carried out various activities such as providing help during the busy farming season, hosting the First Full Moon event with residents, and purchasing white lotus products (soft soaps and lotus leaf tea).

 Gumi Plant Volunteers to Cook Side Dishes

The Nylon Polyester Fabric PU employees of the Gumi Plant volunteered to cook side dishes on February 5 at the cafeteria of the Gumi General Social Welfare Center. Jeong Hyeong-ho, Assistant Manager An Hyo-yang and Do Jong-hee from Production Team 1, Park In-hwan from Production Team 2, Son Hyeon-hwa from Technology Team, Manager Choi Myeong-hee from ECMD and Chef Gang Gun-seop made pork jumulleok (pork sirloin marinated with sesame oil, salt, garlic and pepper) for the event. The Gumi Plant is consistently carrying out volunteer work to help about 80 homes with seniors and disabled people in the area maintain basic livelihood, as they are likely to starve due to disabilities and financial difficulties.

 Gumi Plant Makes a Blood Donation

The Gumi Plant held the Love Blood Donation event on January 24 with 34 participants including the Gumi Plants employees and new employees of Textile PG currently in training. The donor cards donated by the employees that day will be donated to the Korean Association for Children with Leukemia and Cancer (KALC) to help patients suffering from leukemia and childhood cancer. The Gumi Plant will continue to provide love by donating the donor cards from employees to the KALC by regularly carrying out the Love Blood Donation event.

 Power & Industrial Systems PG New Employees  Volunteer at Shinchang Village  for the First Full Moon Day

79 new employees in the Power & Industrial Systems PG enjoyed the meaningful occasion of volunteering on February 13 at Shinchang Village in Gunbuk-myeon, Haman-gun, with which Changwon Plant had formed a partnership. They made a sheaf for sheaf burning in celebration of the first full moon, and actively participated in cleaning up the village. Shinchang villagers burned the sheaf made by the new employees as well as the Hyosung flag to wish for peace in the Changwon Plant as well as Shinchang Village this year.

 Construction PU Donates the Collection for Social Contribution

The Construction PU visited the Yeongdeungpo Social Welfare Council and Dorim-dong Office on January 22 to make donations of 3 million won and 2 million won. The donations were made in order to create an organizational culture that practices sharing and cooperation, and also to enhance corporate image and employees’ pride. Another intention was to share with those in need considering the currently tough financial situation. The Construction PU will continue to improve the level of their social contribution programs by upgrading the substantial effect and polishing up their system, breaking away from the system of one-time events.

Anyang Office Cleans Up Anyang River

The Anyang Office cleaned up Anyang River on February 20 as part of the social contribution activity carried out every month for One-Company One-River cleanup. 55 employees from the Anyang Plant, Hyosung R&DB Labs, Power & Industrial Systems PU R&D Center, and Hyosung HR Development Center participated in the cleanup. They actively participated in cleaning up the Hoangyo Bridge and Anyangyo Bridge near Anyang River for about an hour. The Anyang Office will continue to carry out cleanup activities to become a workplace that blends well with the community.


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