[Eye-catching] High-functional Spandex Product Line Renewal Launching

2014. 2. 12. 10:00

High-functional Spandex Product Line Renewal Launching The World’s No.1 Brand Hyosung creoraⓇ Implements Full-scale Brand Marketing

creora Sub-brand Differentiated with High Functionality

To meet the demands of the rapidly changing market environment and the customers, Textile PG newly announced in January the premium sub-brand with differentiated functionality added to the spandex products. 

The renewed creora products are as follows: ‘creora Color’ with excellent color formation that can be dyed into various colors and high color fastness to washing; ‘creora Black’ that can display dark and luxurious black color using spandex dyed yarn applying black color; and ‘creora eco-soft’ with soft texture that can save energy by producing fabric at a low temperature. “We considered the fact that consumers had a hard time understanding the functions of the products as the names were combinations of alphabets and numbers, so we replaced them to brand names that best express the strengths of each product,” said the Spandex PU Marketing Team.

Toward Becoming No.1 in the Global Market

The launching of this brand is prepared to solidify the status of creora as a spandex brand that takes over 30% of the world’s market share, which will further grow in premium markets in Europe and the Americas. “The creora Sub-brand will race toward becoming no.1 in the global market by positioning itself into the heart of the world as the best spandex products,” said Cho Hyun-joon, head of Textile PG.

global market

To actively promote the new creora Sub-brand and quality, Textile PG will increase participation in exhibitions held in major global markets such as Brazil, France, China and Indonesia. They will also help customers understand the new products better by holding creora workshops and seminars for major clients such as fabric and apparel companies, and increase quality satisfaction through win-win growth and cooperation in fabric development.

creora is the spandex yarn brand self-developed in 1992 by our company, which was a fourth in the world and first in Korea. Spandex, with polyurethane as the main component, is a functional fiber with the intensity three times higher than the previous rubber yarn. It is mostly used in underwear, swimwear, stockings and disposable diapers for babies. Our company has been making constant investments in developing various functional products ever since we first launched the high-functional spandex back in 2005. We expect to see more interests from customers with the increasing demand for new materials.



stretching beyond

*Products of creora Sub-brand


creora Color is spandex dyed in the production of nylon and fabric, with excellent dyeing property and color fastness to washing. It can improve the grin-through phenomenon, and is suitable for producing colorful fabric for clothes with its rich and clear colors.

creora Black is a dyed product in black color, which can form a deep and rich color that cannot be expressed with regular spandex by solving the grin-through problem.


creora highclo™ prevents the embrittlement of spandex by chlorine, and improves durability of clothes as it is mostly applied to swimwear.


creora eco-soft can set off heat at a lower temperature than regular spandex, and it has incredibly soft texture and pure-white tone. The fabric maker can reduce costs by saving energy or improve productivity by increasing the speed of tenters in the heating process.

creora STEAMSET+ provides excellent dimensional stability and soft texture without high-temperature heating process as it can be set up with steam.

creora comfort provides products with leading-edge technology in the sanitary items market by applying to diapers.


creora Power Fit has excellent power and thermal resistance that maintains the power of the fabric in high-temperature setting and redyeing. It can have excellent colors and great fastness of color as it can be dyed in high temperature when producing polyester fabric dyed with disperse dye.

creora Soft Fit has a soft stretch and power suitable for socks and stockings that require comfort in wearability.

creora LUMINOUS can check the spandex inside the yarn for cuts using the UV light source in the process of manufacturing core spun yarn, which helps lower the quality defects of core spun yarn.

Written by Lee Yoon-jeong (Deputy Section Chief of Communication Team), Data by Spandex PU Marketing Team

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