[Ask Hyosung People] What Are Your Thoughts on Autonomous Responsibility Management?

2014. 2. 12. 10:00

What are your thoughts on autonomous responsibility management?

Profit Generating Hyosung Employees

Profit Generating Hyosung Employees

With the intensification of competition in the global market, individual members’ ability to generate profits is becoming more important. In this situation, what we need is the attitude to fulfill our responsibilities in performing our tasks. I want to become a Hyosung employee who generates high profits by practicing responsibility management and working autonomously under my own responsibility.

 - NYPET Yarn PU, Mr. Passion

Despite the improvement of the overseas economic indicator, our company is facing a crisis. Autonomous responsibility management of employees is more important at this point than any other times. I will do my best to achieve more than what is given as a goal in my duty in 2014.

- Textile Dyeing PU, Ms. Diligence

I will strive to pursue efficiency to manufacture products on time in 2014, and enhance the level of completeness to make the product quality satisfactory for customers. I think the first step toward autonomous responsibility is to strive for the improvement of productivity through constant inspections.

- Chemicals PG Yongyeon Plant, Mr. Efficiency

Establishing Detailed Strategies

Establishing Detailed Strategies

I feel that the current business environment around us is tough at the moment. The competition is becoming more intense due to the pressure from the Chinese and Japanese companies, and selling prices continue to decline as supply exceeds demand. 

With constant rises in costs such as personnel expenses and energy costs, it is becoming even more difficult to generate profits. Now we must break away from our old ways. I will make efforts to find my own solutions rather than waiting around for the orders from my superiors.

- Tire & Industrial Reinforcement Materials PU, Mr. Autonomy

To respond to the global market, I think we must spread the creative culture of accepting diverse values and latest trends more naturally around the company. Our company is still somewhat conservative, and I think we must change into a more open corporate culture in order not to fall behind in the global market. The members of our organization must work with a global mind and broader view.

- Interior PU, Ms. Preparation

With our old customs, I think it’s going to be difficult to survive the global competition that becomes fiercer each day. We must make efforts to improve our competencies while also changing the way we work at the same time. We generally think that not receiving enough orders is due to the lack of the plant’s ability to manufacture competitive products properly. However, the sales department can also create a positive effect in opening new markets and securing customers if the members conduct more market research and establish more detailed strategies. The plant must provide more prompt and competitive estimations for the sales department and meet the deadline for delivery. As such, all of us must strive to win the trust of our customers.

- Power & Industrial Systems HGS PU, Mr. Responsibility

“Practicing Autonomous Responsibility”

“Practicing Autonomous Responsibility”

Despite the rapidly changing business environment, we are still engaged in our work with idle thoughts and obsolete attitude. This leads to the company’s loss and hinders continuous growth. I resolve to keep reflecting on the autonomous responsibility management, regulations, procedures and ethics management of our company and take the initiative in turning them into practice.

- Construction PG, Mr. Future

I’m already working hard in tasks that are clearly mine, but I was a little negligent of tasks that are vague in terms of duty. I ignored the inconveniences caused to the relevant departments because I thought it was not my job. Now I will do my best to provide maximum support for tasks that are even the slightest bit related to my job, and try to harmonize the sales department with the support department.

- Finance Division, Ms. Practice

I will aim for the attitude to seek work voluntarily, conduct business based on detailed review, enhance business efficiency through collaboration and communication with related departments, and habituate proactive decision making. Moreover, I will abide by the principles and standards, and actively propose things that need modification. I will make efforts for all employees to learn and habituate the business policy until the day Hyosung grows into a hundred-year-old company.

- Support Division, Mr. Norms

*This column is reorganized based on the feedback of employees on the New Year’s address for 2014.

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