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Hyosung Receives the Minister of Education Award at 2013 Korea Education Donation Awards

Hyosung received the Minister of Education Award at 2013 Korea Education Donation Awards held on December 16. The Korea Education Donation Awards are given by the Ministry of Education and Korea Foundation for the Advancement of Science and Creativity to institutions or men of merit that promoted cultivation of creative future talents and contributed to the vitalization of education donation by providing outstanding programs in 2013.


Hyosung established Hyosung Dream Tree Small Library in September 2013 by supporting a total budget of KRW 100 million for Chopo Elementary School in Jeonju, Jeollabuk-do, where the carbon fiber plant is located. The company has set up a sisterhood relationship with local schools in Changwon to foster talents in natural sciences and engineering since 2004, operating the Junior Engineering Class for students to create experiment models and learn about the principles of science. Hyosung also opened an experience booth at Korea Happy Education Donation Expo to help students have fun understanding carbon fiber, chemical fiber and environment-friendly energy. Hyosung will achieve the vision as “a company that provides support through education and sharing for beneficiaries to develop their own futures” with the slogan “Together by Sharing.”


Strategy Division Holds the Briefing Session to Launch the Project of Building Integrated Chemicals Management System

The Strategy Division held the briefing session to launch the project of building a company-wide integrated chemicals management system on December 4 at the Mapo headquarters. With the recent outbreaks of chemical accidents in the industry, the government is planning to enforce strong regulations on chemicals starting from January 1, 2015.

Hyosung established the Chemicals Management TFT under the Strategy Division to cope with the regulations, and launched the project of building a company-wide integrated chemicals management system with Deloitte Korea. The government’s Chemicals Registration and Evaluation Act and Chemicals Management Act to be enforced starting 2015 can have a great influence over corporate activities by imposing a fine of 5% of sales in each office. 

As Hyosung is using approximately 700,000 tons of toxic chemicals annually, this project has a great significance for the safety of employees in each office aside from simply coping with the regulations. 30 experts in relevant departments such as the Strategy Division Green Management Team, environment safety related departments in all offices, and procurement, R&D and IT departments will carry out a complete enumeration of chemicals used in all offices in Korea and reestablish the management process to build an ERP-based integrated management system.

Hyosung Receives 2013 World-Class Korean Product Certificate

Power Systems PU’s Gas Insulated Switchgear (GIS) and Chemicals PG affiliate Shinwha Intertek’s product were selected as World-Class Korean Products, achieving recognition for their competitiveness in the global market. The two products, ‘245 and 420 GIS’ that are extra-high voltage blocking systems, were selected as the 2013 World-Class Korean Products determined by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy and KOTRA. 

GIS is an integrated blocking system that prevents negligent accidents by keeping accidents and defects at transmission lines and substation facilities from diffusing. The selection of the World-Class Korean Products proves that Hyosung has achieved recognition for developing products with independent technologies to cope with advanced European companies and for successfully breaking into overseas markets such as Russia, India, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Algeria and Venezuela. 

The 245 and 420 GIS are devices for exports, targeting the global market. The products innovatively reduced the installation area by combining individual devices such as disconnector, arrester and circuit breaker into a single package, and they are considered to be more excellent than GIS products of advanced European companies in their category. Moreover, Hyosung also contributed to reducing overall costs for the customers by implementing compact products. The company will continue to make active efforts in targeting the global market based on customer-oriented thinking, and leap into the global No.1 power solution company.

Hyosung Obtains the First Order of MembraneWater Purification System

Hyosung obtained the order of the membrane water purification system from the water quality improvement project at Hohyung Purification Plant in Goheung-gun, Jeollanam-do. This is the first order since Hyosung developed the membrane water purification system. Hyosung will be supplying membrane modules --- the key of the purification system --- while Hyosung EBARA Engineering will be in charge of producing and installing the system.

Hyosung’s membrane system is a product that filters out foreign matters included in water with filtration membranes instead of sand, and it has been developed after three years of technology research. This product applied a new environment-friendly technology that enhanced the ability to eliminate impurities while letting more water through the filter more quickly than the previous sand filtration filter. Hyosung’s purification system especially improved the quantity of purification by 50% compared to the previous membrane product in the same area, and reduced the residues after filtration by over 40% as operating energy used when dusting off using air. By proving its outstanding performance, Hyosung obtained the New Environmental Technology Certification from the Ministry of Environment in 2012.

With the competitiveness of the membrane purification technology proven by this order, Hyosung will actively target overseas markets such as the Middle East, North Africa and Australia with serious water shortages as well as Korea, and accelerate the expansion of water treatment business that is growing at a fast pace every year.


Textile PG

Gumi Plant Provides On-site Education for New Employees

The Gumi Plant provided on-site education for 11 new employees of 3 PUs in the Plant for two days and one night starting from November 29. There was a special lecture by General Plant Manager Kim Cheol-soo on Hyosung’s management philosophies, practical principles, Hyosung Way, communication skills and job training, as well as the right attitude of new Hyosung employees. The employees also developed camaraderie and harmony by climbing Mt. Hwawangsan near the Changnyeong Training Center.


Gumi Plant Offers  the Special Celebrity Lecture of 2013

The Gumi Plant offered the Special Celebrity Lecture on December 5 at the General Education Center. The invited celebrity for the day was Bang So-yeon, head of the Saeamnuri Unity Art Group, who gave a special lecture on “If Unity is Tomorrow, Security is Today.” The special lecture enabled the participants to understand North Korean defectors to whom they were indifferent, by learning about the actual state of North Korea, the desperation of North Korean defectors and their adjustment to the Korean society.


Industrial Materials PG

Tire & Industrial Reinforcement Materials PU Eonyang Plant Steel Wire Maintenance Team Manager An Jong-heon Receives the Ulsan Mayor’s Award at 2013 Energy Saving Promotion Contest


 Steel Wire Maintenance Team Manager An Jong-heon of Tire & Industrial Reinforcement Materials PU Eonyang Plant received the Ulsan Mayor’s Award at 2013 Energy Saving Promotion Contest held in the auditorium of Ulsan Museum on November 21. He was acknowledged for his contribution to energy saving by actively responding to the government’s energy saving policy and fulfilling on-site improvement activities. Hosted by Ulsan and Busan-Ulsan Branch of Korea Energy Management Corporation, this contest was held to award men of merit who saved energy and to share information on new energy-saving technologies in celebration of November, Energy-Saving Month. 

Steel Wire Maintenance Team Manager An Jong-heon and relevant staff of Tire & Industrial Reinforcement Materials PU Eonyang Plant have established plans to carry out voluntary agreement for the past 5 years and conducted over 20 energy-saving activities, and participated in the government’s energy-saving policy by finding, practicing and publicizing excellent energy-saving cases.


Tire & Industrial Reinforcement Materials PU Holds a Certificate Presentation Ceremony for International Carbon Labeling

The Tire & Industrial Reinforcement Materials PU held a certificate presentation ceremony for international carbon labeling at the Mapo headquarters on December 17. Carbon labeling is a system in which greenhouse gas emissions occurred in the entire process from raw material collection to disposal of product are quantitatively calculated and managed. The Tire & Industrial Reinforcement Materials PU obtained certification for 5 types of tire cord sheets (PET, PEN, NY6, NY66, Lyocell) produced in the Ulsan Plant in May 2013 by promoting international carbon labeling certification through the international certificate authority Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance (LRQA) starting 2012. 

In the ceremony, Tire & Industrial Reinforcement Materials PU Director Oh Deok-ho and relative employees, LRQA chief Yoo Sang-geun, and relevant staff of the host Korea Institute of Industrial Technology participated to celebrate the certification. “The private certification system of overseas carbon labeling is a system to spread the market-driven low-carbon consumption culture and contribute to enhancing corporate competitiveness,” said Yoo. “I think Hyosung will gain more trust from all stakeholders including overseas clients through this certification.” 

With the promotion of carbon emission calculation on raw materials and products by major tire companies, the Tire & Industrial Reinforcement Materials PU are expected to be able to take preemptive measures. Moreover, the certification will contribute to enhancing corporate image.

Ulsan Plant Vice President Jo Choon Appointed as Ulsan Chamber of Commerce & Industry Vice Chairman

The regular general assembly to select the management executives of Ulsan Chamber of Commerce & Industry was held on December 4. In the assembly, Ulsan Plant Vice President Jo Choon was appointed as vice chairman of Ulsan Chamber of Commerce & Industry. Jo was highly acclaimed for leading Hyosung’s polyketone development and the carbon fiber industry as he established challenging corporate culture to lead the future, while also making friendly efforts to the community by carrying out various types of volunteer activities. Jo resolved to continue to strive for the development of the community.


Anyang Plant Provides Leadership Improvement Education for Foremen

The Anyang Plant provided leadership improvement education for foremen on November 26. The foremen, who are field leaders of the team, all attended the education program where Anyang Plant Manager Yoon Han-choon discussed the business performance, status and focus strategies for 2014 and requested the participants to make efforts for the development of the Anyang Plant in the following year. The Management Team and Power Environment Team were in charge of education on rule compliance, safety management (OHSAS), GWP promotion status and tasks, while Professor Jeong Hye-seon (outside lecturer) talked about the importance and role of communication with the topic “Art of Communication.”

It was a meaningful occasion to look back on the history of the Anyang Plant, and learn about the importance of communication based on trust and the role of leaders. “We hope there are more opportunities for education in the future,” said the participants. “We will go back to the site and let others know of what we learned from this program, and strive for the development of the Anyang Plant.”


Eonyang Plant Management Team Section Chief Yoon Yang-hoon Receives Ulsan Mayor’s Award

The 2013 Final Briefing Session for Environmental Technology Consulting Business was held on December 11 at the Ulsan Metropolitan City Hall. In the briefing session, awards were given to companies and citizens who set an example in improving the environment of Ulsan. Eonyang Plant Management Team Section Chief Yoon Yang-hoon was also selected as an outstanding performer, receiving Ulsan Mayor’s Award. Yoon served as a role model in environmental management by improving the water quality of the Eonyang Plant located at the upper stream of Taehwagang River, and he also received an Excellence Award at Ulsan Environment Award in December 2011. The Eonyang Plant will continue to take the initiative in saving energy and improving the environment as a member of the community.

Chemicals PG

Yongyeon Plant Holds the Groundbreaking Ceremony to Build an Additional Propylene Plant with the Annual Production Capacity of 500,000 Tons

The Yongyeon Plant held the groundbreaking ceremony on December 16 to build an additional propylene plant with the annual production capacity of 300,000 tons on the 27,000 site, and began construction in earnest. Hyosung invested total 280 billion won to complete the construction by May 2015.

Along with the recent development of shale gas in the U.S., the price of propane, the raw material for propylene, will decrease, which will lead to a profitability increase in the future. If Hyosung can have the annual production capacity of 500,000 tons with this additional plant, the company will be able to hold a dominant position in the propylene market with price competitiveness as well as in technology and quality. 

PP/DH PU Head Choi Young-gyo, Yongyeon Plant General Manager Cho Do-seon, Daelim (constructor) CEO Lee Cheol-gyun, and executives of partner companies participated in the groundbreaking ceremony, taking part in the tape cutting and prayer ritual for safe construction. “If the construction is completed, we will be able to increase annual propylene production from the current 200,000 tons to 500,000 tons, self-supplying the entire quantity of high-priced material propylene,” said PP/DH PU Head Choi in the ceremony. “We will build a foundation to maximize Hyosung’s propylene business profits to increase global competitiveness and enhance our status as a leader in the global market.”


Yongyeon Plant 2 Holds Firefighting Skills Conference

On November 27, the Yongyeon Plant 2 held a firefighting skills conference with over 50 participants from the Management Division, Official Business Division, TPA PU and Yu Sung ENG. This conference started with a resolution to focus on winter fire prevention, followed by programs to develop practical firefighting skills such as dousing oil fires with fire extinguishers, water resistance training using fire engines, and a quiz on fire safety. “Please make efforts to inspire fire safety awareness of our employees to make the plant a safer place,” requested Yongyeon Plant 2 Manager Seo Young-su at the end of the conference.

Yongyeon Plant Carries Out 2013 Health Improvement Campaign

The Yongyeon Plant has carried out the 2013 Health Improvement Campaign for 11 months since February 2013. Applicants were recruited early February to lose weight and quit smoking. 70 employees participated in the campaign to lose weight, and 76 to quit smoking. In the final examination on December 14, it turned out that 1 participant lost the target weight and 14 quit smoking. This campaign served as a momentum for the Yongyeon Plant employees to live a healthier life. The Yongyeon Plant is planning on carrying out a different type of health improvement campaign in 2014.

Jincheon Plant Holds a Workshop and Briefing Session of Innovative Activities

The Jincheon Plant held a workshop and briefing session of innovative activities on December 20 with all employees in participation. In this event, the participants shared the 2014 vision of the Jincheon Plant and discussed the division of tasks for each team. Then they reported the innovative activities each TPM group carried out, and held an awards ceremony for outstanding employees of the Jincheon Plant in 2013.

 중공업PG Power & Industrial Systems PG

Power & Industrial Systems PU R&D Center Holds  the Technology Group Conference

The Core Technology Team of Power & Industrial Systems PU R&D Center held the Technology Group Conference on December 10, where they shared various technological businesses such as tasks, technical services and reviews they have done in 2013 with the researchers. The participants could share their performance in 2013 and draw solutions for improvement, which will later contribute to the improvement of technological competency of the R&D Center. The conference took place on the 5th floor of the Anyang Power & Industrial Systems PU R&D Center on the 10th, and the same conference was held on the 19th at the Changwon Power & Industrial Systems PU R&D Center as well.

The format was a poster presentation in which the presenter explains the contents next to the poster, answers questions and exchanges ideas. This first Technology Group Conference is expected to improve technological competency of the R&D Center as well as the overall competitiveness of the Power & Industrial Systems PG.

Changwon Plant Invites Families of Supervisors and Foremen to a Tour of the Plant

The Changwon Plant invited 21 families of supervisors and foremen to a tour of the Plant on December 6. This event was provided for the families of the employees to see the production site, understand the corporate culture and feel pride in the company. 

The participating families had a tour of the production sites at Plant 1 and Plant 3, after which they joined the special lecture in the auditorium of the Innovation Building. The special lecture was delivered by a married couple who talked about the meaning and value of married couples and the idea of a desirable family. The audience, as married couples, could identify with the lecture and share their ideas. Finally, the event was rounded off with a dinner at the VIP restaurant, where they could enjoy a nice conversation over their meals. The wives of supervisors and foremen who attended this event said that they could further understand the Changwon Plant where their husbands work, and that it was a valuable occasion for them to be reminded of the significance of a married couple.


Information & Communication PG

Hyosung Information Systems Receives an Appreciation Plaque for Best Partnership from Lotte Card

Hyosung Information Systems was the only IT vendor to receive an appreciation plaque for Best Partnership from Lotte Card on December 3, in celebration of the anniversary of Lotte Card’s foundation day. CEO Yang Jeong-gyu personally attended the event to receive the plaque. Hyosung was awarded in the IT vendor field as it has contributed to the next-generation system development that took 21 months since April 2012. Hyosung Information Systems will continue to build cooperative relations for win-win growth based on stable trust with the clients.

Hyosung Information Systems Holds the Hyosung-Huawei Solution Forum 2013

Hyosung Information Systems held the Hyosung-Huawei Solution Forum 2013 on December 4 in cooperation with Huawei Korea. Over 300 employees from client and partner companies attended the event, where there were introductions of various advantages and application cases of products such as Huawei x86 server, network switch, and intelligent video security solution that provide the best safety and performance in the industry as well as excellent energy efficiency. The collaboration between Hyosung Information Systems with its expertise in various industries and broad sales networks and Huawei with its outstanding technological skills will lead to the creation of a great synergy effect.

Nautilus Hyosung Opens the Nautilus Hyosung Cup Ping-pong Tournament 2013

Nautilus Hyosung held the third place playoff and finals for the Nautilus Hyosung Cup Ping-pong Tournament 2013, with over 200 employees as the audience at the Global Training Center in the headquarters on December 11. Total 28 teams and 109 players participated in the preliminaries of the ping-pong tournament, which were carried out from December 3 to 10. 12 teams were selected from the preliminaries and participated in the third place playoff and finals. Platform Development Team Deputy Department Head Kim Jin-geun and Section Chief Jeon Ho-yang won the men’s doubles, Mecca Development Team Section Chief Nam Young-jun won men’s singles, and Information Infrastructure Team Deputy Department Head Lee Eun-gyeong won women’s singles. Heated pep rally and cheers added more excitement to the games along with the players’ fair play. After the games, there was an awards ceremony presenting the championship trophy and cash prize, as well as commemorative photo shoot.

Hyosung Capital Holds the Awards Ceremony for Outstanding Hyosung Capital Employees


Hyosung Capital held the third-quarter awards ceremony for Outstanding Hyosung Capital Employees at the 6th-floor main conference hall on November 18. Auto Finance Team 2 Section Chief Kim Dong-han, Sales Support Team Deputy Section Chief Park Seong-heon, and Machine Tools Team 2 Deputy Section Chief Gang Gyeong-geun were selected as Outstanding Employees. PU Head Kim Yong-deok encouraged the employees in his congratulatory message to strive to improve performance inspired by the thoughts and actions of the awardees even in tough business environments and external conditions. Hyosung Capital is looking forward to seeing more outstanding employees to reflect glory on the company’s name.


Hyosung Capital Completes the 2nd In-house Experts Training

On December 12, Hyosung Capital PU completed the 2nd In-house Experts Training, which has been carried out for 2 months since October 2013. The 2nd group of In-house Experts consisting of 8 people in 3 fields --- risk, management and sales --- faithfully reflected the connectivity of training to the actual work while also maintaining their expertise by exchanging knowledge in each field for the past 10 months.

The 2nd In-house Experts Training was in the form of delivering lectures on their expertise to the employees. Before they prepared for the training session, they met with the 1st group members to share the things that must be supplemented and studied in groups, finally rounding off the prerequisite work for training.

“I focused on delivering sales techniques that will help you understand what sales is really about whether you are a salesperson or not, and I found that the participants were extremely enthusiastic,” said Machine Tools Team 1 Section Chief Kim Jong-joon, who delivered a lecture on “Sensitivity Sales of a Salesperson.” Hyosung Capital will lay the groundwork for the 3rd group of In-house Experts by reviewing the contents of training by the 2nd-group lecturers through employee surveys and feedback analysis.


Hyosung ITX Obtains Family-friendly Company Certificate


Hyosung ITX obtained the 2013 Family-friendly Company Certificate from the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family on December 9. The Family-friendly Company Certification is a system in which the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family certifies companies which support their employees to harmonize work with family. Hyosung ITX was selected for its family-friendly corporate culture and systems such as providing a good working environment for women and a variety of welfare benefits for marriage, childbirth, childcare and family life in general. In particular, Hyosung ITX has a high percentage of female employees; it employs over 300 women as permanent workers by implementing various part-time and selective jobs for female workers to carry out both their jobs and childcare without the burden of commuting.



Social Contribution News

Hyosung Delivers a Donation to Support Upcycling Social Enterprises

Hyosung held an event on December 20 to deliver a donation to support upcycling social enterprises at the Mapo headquarters with Work Together Foundation. Vice President Jang Hyeong-Ok from Human Resources and Work Together Foundation director Jeong Tae-gil attended the event to deliver a donation of 70 million won to 4 representatives of 3 social enterprises. The 3 selected companies are social enterprises that focused on upcycling: 1) Learning to Learn (developing the zero waste technique and minimizing waste fabric to produce clothes); 2) Zari (processing coffee bags discarded after use by employing the socially vulnerable people to upcycle them into cup sleeves and coasters, and donating parts of sales profits to build alternative schools for independence of teenagers); and 3) Gomaun Saram (making shoes using waste tires and fire hoses, and donating parts of profits to fire stations and car accident victims). Hyosung is leading social contribution activities that produce two effects at once: protecting the environment through recycling of resource, and employing and supporting the socially vulnerable people.


Hyosung shared Kimchi of Love with the low-income families in Mapo-gu on December 9 in collaboration with the Mapo-gu Office, and delivered 1,500 10kg-boxes of kimchi. Vice President Jang Hyeong-Ok from Human Resources and Mapo-gu head Park Hong-seop attended the event, and over 40 Hyosung employees participated in personally delivering kimchi to each family.

This kimchi-sharing event is provided to help Mapo-gu residents suffering from financial difficulties in the winter. The kimchi was purchased with the Matching Grant fund in which employees donate a certain amount and the company matches that amount by participating in the donation.

There was more significance to this event of sharing by providing support for not only the residents but also a social enterprise, as the kimchi was purchased from a social enterprise Asak Kimchi, which was founded for self-support of socially vulnerable senior citizens age 60 and above.


Love Blood Donation for Children with Leukemia and Cancer

Hyosung held the Love Blood Donation event for children with leukemia and cancer on December 18 at the Mapo headquarters with the Seoul Seobu Red Cross Blood Center of Korean Red Cross. Employees voluntarily participated in the event to help children suffering from leukemia and cancer. Blood collected from this event will be delivered to the Korean Association for Children with Leukemia and Cancer (KACLC) along with the blood donor cards donated by the employees, which will be used for children with leukemia and cancer in need of blood transfusion.

Gumi Plant Participates in the 2013 7th Santa Expedition Kick-off Ceremony and Briquette Sharing Event

The Gumi Plant participated in the 2013 7th Santa Expedition kick-off ceremony and briquette sharing event that took place in the 2nd-floor auditorium of Gumi Chamber of Commerce and Industry on December 20, hosted by Green Umbrella ChildFund Korea. Hyosung sponsored Green Umbrella ChildFund Korea by donating 10 million won consisting of employees’ salary-sharing donations and the company’s Matching Grant. In addition, Hyosung also participated in the event of sharing 1,000 briquettes (purchased with donations) with low-income families that have children living in Imun-ri, Seonsan-eup, Gumi.

The 2013 7th Santa Expedition is hosted by Green Umbrella ChildFund Korea to make the Christmas wishes come true for children from low-income families. This year marks the 7th anniversary since the event first began in 2007. The Gumi Plant has been participating since the 2nd event in 2008, and has since shared warm love with children from low-income families through sponsorship.

Gumi Plant Volunteers to Cook Side Dishes

Employees of the Gumi Plant NP Yarn PU volunteered to cook side dishes at the cafeteria of Gumi General Social Welfare Center on November 20 and December 4. The Gumi Plant has been carrying out continuous volunteer activities every 1st, 3rd and 5th Wednesday of each month to help maintain the basic livelihood of the elders and the disabled (approximately 80 households) in danger of starvation due to daily life disabilities and financial difficulties.

Gumi Plant Volunteers to Clean Up a Mountain


Members of Hyojamo and Pilmoa, informal clubs of the Gumi Plant Film PU, volunteered to clean up Mt. Cheonsaengsan on December 7 as part of social contribution activities. Despite the cold weather with chilly winds, 14 members of the clubs repaired the drains and collected litter along the mountaineering trail. The Gumi Plant is carrying out “One-Company One-Mountain” cleaning activities once a month to clean up the environment in the community.


Yongyeon Plant Female Employees Receive Training for Volunteer Activities

Female employees of the Yongyeon Plant decided to do volunteer work at Cafe Mulpure every third Saturday each month starting from December 21. Prior to the volunteer activity, 11 female employees visited Cafe Mulpure on December 7 to receive training for the job. Cafe Mulpure is a café operated by Mulpure Welfare Foundation for the purpose of job training for single mothers. Female employees of the Yongyeon Plant will be receiving customers, clean up the space and wash dishes at the café. These female employees of the Yongyeon Plant are expected to continue taking the initiative in sharing love with those in need.


Anyang Office Donates a Subsistence Allowance for Low-income Families by Salary Sharing

The Anyang Office donated the collection (about 30 million won) from Salary Sharing to low-income families in Anyang as a subsistence allowance on December 9. As a campaign for social contribution, Salary Sharing is a valuable collection of employees’ salary donated for a year, which is added to the company’s Matching Grant donation every December to be used in welfare of children, teenagers, disabled people and elders in Anyang. The participation of the employees is appreciated, and more participation is expected in 2014.

Anyang Office Cleans Up Anyang River

The Anyang Office cleaned up Anyang River on September 28. Over 20 employees from the Anyang Plant, Hyosung R&DB Labs, Power & Industrial Systems PU R&D Center, and Hyosung HR Development Center participated in the activity. They started cleaning at the back gate of the Anyang Plant and finished at Jeonpa Bridge over Anyang River for about an hour, working hard to thoroughly clean up the area. The Anyang Office cleans up the surrounding areas of the office every month, and will continue to carry out social contribution activities for the community through the cleanup activities.


Ulsan Plant Makes a Donation for the Community

The Ulsan Plant made a donation for the Ulsan Community Chest of Korea on December 3. The Ulsan Plant employees have been actively participating in sharing with those in need since 2009 through the Salary Sharing campaign. 243 people participated this year and collected over 30 million won, to which the company added the same amount and created a donation of total 60 million won. The Ulsan Plant employees are appreciated for their donation, making the community and our neighbors happier with their support.

Ulsan Plant Volunteers at Jangsaengpo Elementary School

The Ulsan Plant visited Jangsaengpo Elementary School, which is a partner school, on November 23 to clean and organize the landscape and environment of the school and the surrounding area. It was a meaningful event for all the volunteers as they willingly participated in the activity with the intention to create a good environment for students to concentrate on studies.

The Ulsan Plant had signed a “One-Company One-School” partnership agreement with Jangsaengpo Elementary School and Okdong Elementary School in 2007, and has since provided support for after-school classes, purchase of books, and transportation for outdoor field trips every year. They are also carrying out house repair activities for the socially disadvantaged families and lunch sharing activities with social welfare centers.


Eonyang Plant Donates Salary Sharing Collection to Korea Childhood Leukemia Foundation

The Eonyang Plant employees donated 26 million won to Korea Childhood Leukemia Foundation on December 10. 151 employees as well as Executive Vice-President Hwang Jong-il of the Eonyang Plant collected money from the Salary Sharing campaign, to which the company added the same amount to make the donated amount. It will be used for 2 students in Ulsan and Busan who are fighting leukemia.


Eonyang Plant Shares with the Community by Volunteering at the House of Magnolias in Ulsan

18 of the Eonyang Plant employees volunteered at a soup kitchen named the House of Magnolias in Taehwa-dong, Ulsan, on December 12. The volunteers made efforts to provide quality meals for those who visit the soup kitchen, by cleaning cabbages, preparing food, distributing food and cleaning the cafeteria. Moreover, the Eonyang Plant also provided rice cakes and soybean milk for the House of Magnolias, sharing warm love with those who visit the facility.


Jeonju Plant Delivers a Donation to Jeonbuk Community Chest of Korea

The Jeonju Plant employees donated 8 million won to Jeonbuk Community Chest of Korea on December 12. This consists of the donation by the Jeonju Plant employees collected from the Salary Sharing campaign in the past year, to which the company added the same amount. It will be used for living costs and medical expenses of those in need.

“The employees were happy to participate in the donation for the past year,” said Jeonju Plant Manager Bang Yoon-hyeok. “I hope this donation with the employees’ sincerity brings comfort to those in need for the winter.”

Changwon Plant Cleans Up Rivers in the Community

Over 70 employees in the Changwon Plant Management Division participated in cleaning up Namcheon River and Wanamcheon River between Changwon Plant 1 and Plant 3 on December 13. The participants assigned sections for each team for the cleaning activity, actively participating in collecting litter and solid waste around the rivers despite the cold weather. The Changwon Plant throws mud balls once a month and cleans up the rivers twice a year as part of the “One-Company One-River” campaign. In the big cleanup day of the Changwon Plant, all employees clean up the inside and outside the plant as part of “One-Company One-Street” cleaning campaign.


Changwon Plant Volunteer Club “The Wings” Hold a Rice-sharing Event

The Changwon Plant volunteer club “The Wings” held a rice-sharing event on November 23. Over 20 members of The Wings personally delivered rice and household items to 48 families in need, recommended by Pallyoung Elementary School and Masan Federation of Day Care Centers. The members faced difficulties in delivery as some addresses were inaccurate or they could not get in touch with the families. Yet they commented, “We were pleased to deliver the rice for the neighbors and greet them in person, hoping them to spend a warm winter.” The Wings carry out the rice-sharing event at the end of every year, when they visit families in need to share love with the community.

Changwon Plant Shares Supplies with the Underprivileged

On December 20, the Changwon Plant celebrated the end of the year by delivering heating mats and 20kg of rice to 200 unfortunate households in Changwon so that they can spend the cold winter in greater warmth. The rice delivered this day was purchased from Shinchang Village in Gunbuk-myeon, Haman-gun, with which Changwon Plant had formed a partnership, providing support for the farm village as well as the neighbors in need. The members of the Changwon Plant club personally visited each home to deliver the supplies and wish them a happy New Year. The Changwon Plant has been providing support for the underprivileged people in the area twice a year since 2011. These social contribution activities are carried out using the Matching Grant campaign where the Changwon Plant employees individually collected a certain amount of money through their own bank accounts, to which the company added the same amount to create a donation.

Changwon Plant Makes a Donation to Green Umbrella ChildFund Korea

The Changwon Plant donated 14.5 million won to Green Umbrella ChildFund Korea that provides support for children from broken families, disabled families and needy families through the program “2013 Year-End Special: Sleeping 100 Won Brings New Hope,” which was broadcasted live on December 23 by KBS Changwon. The donation was made from the Matching Grant campaign where the Changwon Plant employees individually collected a certain amount of money through their own bank accounts, to which the company added the same amount to create a donation. The Changwon Plant has been participating in the donation activity since 2013 by collecting coins voluntarily and joining the “Sleeping 100 Won Brings New Hope” campaign.


Hyosung Information Systems Shares with the Community at Seoul Shelter for Women

Hyosung Information Systems carried out sharing and volunteer activities at Seoul Shelter for Women located in Suseo-dong, Gangnam-gu on December 5. Seoul Shelter for Women is a place that protects vulnerable women and helps them support themselves. Hyosung Information Systems formed a partnership with the institution in 2011 and has since carried out continuous sharing activities. This time, the employees decorated the Christmas tree together and donated various supplies necessary for the facility, helping Seoul Shelter for Women spend winter in warmth.

Hyosung Information Systems has supported self-support projects carried out by Seoul Shelter for Women so far, and has sponsored various supplies for the facility. Moreover, the employees visit the facility twice a month for volunteer activities and participate in sharing in person, which shows that the company is practicing their motto of Sharing Management to experience the true sense of social contribution. The company plans to contribute to the community with consistent sponsorships.


Hyosung Toyota hosted the Toyota Charity Hospital Concert at Korea University Guro Hospital on December 3 for the patients and their families. Singer, songwriter and producer Kim Hyun-chul and singer Lee Ki-chan visited the hospital for the concert with the choir Pretty Children, presenting heartwarming and beautiful music to the patients and their families. This is hoped for the patients and families fighting with illnesses in the hospital during the holidays to let go of some of their pain and recover hope and energy.



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