[Global Hyosung] Hyosung’s Choice to Foster an Extraordinary Competitiveness: Dispatch Service of Local Managers in Korea

2014. 1. 6. 00:00

[Global Hyosung] Hyosung’s Choice to Foster an Extraordinary Competitiveness:  Dispatch Service of Local Managers in Korea

Joy of Learning Realized in Hyosung

Joy of Learning Realized in Hyosung


Even after the lunch hour, the conference room at the Spandex PU Gumi Plant is filled with Dong Chun Wei’s and Serhan Galip’s desire to learn the Korean language. It is not easy to learn a new language every day from a professional lecturer, but they are intent on learning Korean as they try to read each other’s facial expressions and lips. 

They are even planning to join the Korean Language Institute of Yonsei University in 2014 when they will complete the basic grammar course at the Gumi Plant. “Dong Chun Wei and Serhan Galip are really eager to learn,” said the Korean lecturer. “So their language skills are improving rapidly. Dong Chun Wei is showing talent in listening as he relatively had more chance to learn Korean, while Serhan Galip is approaching grammar extremely scientifically as he had almost no chance to learn Korean. They are enthusiastic in learning the language according to their own characteristics.”


Serhan Galip is a talented individual who has shown his strength in presenting ideas for new tests at the chemical laboratory and improvement of the slurry line in Turkey Division. With his positive attitude and pleasant personality, he was popular among local employees as well as Korean workers in Turkey. “He is strongly devoted to the company and is learning his duty with pride as a technician of the polymerization part,” said Production Team 1 Section Chief Park Jae-hyeong, who is also the mentor of Serhan Galip. “He has a strong sense of responsibility and thus he faithfully fulfills his duties, while also showing great adaptability to new tasks.”

There was nothing to worry about whether he would have a hard time familiarizing with the Korean culture, as he seemed to be well adapting to the Korean culture and weather.


“I have no difficulty adjusting to the cold weather, as both Turkey and Korea have four distinct seasons. The food provided by the plant tastes good, so I don’t even have to go to expensive Turkish restaurants. Korea is a little different from Turkey that the rules are stricter and people are more abrupt, but I got used to it soon.”


Unique Competitiveness: The Reason Why They Receive Attention

Unique Competitiveness: The Reason Why They Receive Attention

“Dong Chun Wei shows great interest in site management and problem solving, and he always approaches first to learn with a modest attitude. The employees on site, who had been concerned about language barriers, are now getting out of their way to teach and help him.”

“He is the most diligent person on site,” complimented Production Team 2 Section Chief Kim Chang-sik, who is also the mentor of Dong Chun Wei. As one of the first members since the foundation of Jiaxing Division, Dong Chun Wei ranges over an extensive knowledge in senior and production technologies. Moreover, he also has the experience of working on spandex diaper development and production quality stabilization at Jiaxing Division when he had to talk to the relevant staff in Korea via emails or by phone calls. He is especially happy to be in Korea to personally see the things he had pondered on during those projects and communicate directly with those people.


Hyosung, the Driving Force that Leads to Growth as a Talented Individual

Hyosung, the Driving Force that Leads to Growth as a Talented Individual


Hyosung has been implementing the dispatch service program for local employees to work in Korea since 2011 to achieve sustainable growth of global divisions and foster key global talents. The number of overseas employees dispatched to Korea thus far is 16, including 4 of them allocated to the Mapo headquarters, Gumi Plant and Changwon Plant in November 2012. Son Yul-pyeong (Department Head, Jiaxing Division Spandex Southeast China Sales), Dong Chun Wei (Deputy Accountant, Jiaxing Division Spandex Production Department 1), Jang Bi (Deputy Section Chief, Nantong Division Power Industry Department), and Serhan Galip (Turkey Division Spandex Production Team) [이4] will be increasing their competitiveness as they learn about our corporate culture and management system for about a year. As the local managers who will become the best talented individuals, their growth is more significant with Hyosung’s support.

Written by Lee Yoon-jeong (Deputy Section Chief of Communication Team)

Photographed by Kim Won-tae (Day40 Studio)Cooperated by Human Resources Planning Team

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