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Hyosung’s 47th Foundation Anniversary

Hyosung held ‘the ceremony in celebration of the 47th anniversary of the founding’ at the headquarters on November 1. It began with the awards presentation to long-term employed persons in celebration of their long dedication to the company as a member of Hyosung.

The awards presentation was followed by the commemorative speech from Lee Sang-woon, Vice-Chairman of Hyosung. In the speech, he asked Hyosung members stand against difficulties in and outside the company and make their utmost efforts for the growth of the company in ever-changing business environment. He also encouraged each and every member to carry out their duty to the fullest with a sense of ownership and make the most of their world’s top-class competencies around the world. The ceremony was closed with a special performance by Hyosung Chorus presented in perfect harmony, as a result of their hard work and practice conducted every Monday since its establishment in August. It is hoped that every member of Hyosung work together to mark a great milestone of the 100th anniversary beyond the upcoming 50th founding anniversary. 

Developing the World’s First New, Advanced Polymeric Material, ‘Polyketone’

Hyosung unveiled a new polymeric material, ‘Polyketone’ deployed on a commercial-scale for the first time in the world, at Press Center on November 4. Polyketone, an eco-friendly polymeric material, offers a 2.3 improvement in impact strength with a 30% improvement in chemical resistance over nylon, whereas its wear-resistance is about 14 times greater than POM (polyacetal) and it has off-gas properties equivalent to that of EVOH (ethylene vinyl alcohol).

Hyosung succeeded in the development of ‘polyketone’, a new state-of-the-art, high-performance polymeric material based on the first original technology of its kind developed in the world through investment of 50 billion won spread over 10 years. Hyosung has already completed application and registration of 133 patents in Korea and 27 patents overseas, including the United States, Europe, China and Japan. In addition, Hyosung has already established the polyketone polymerization plant with an annual production capacity of 1,000 tons in Ulsan in 2012 and thus, secured engineering data required for commercial-scale production.

Hyosung’s success with polyketone marks the first time for a Korean company to develop a new polymeric material. According to the polyketone project team, over 1 trillion won’s worth of added value is expected to flow from polyketone, primarily through its replacement of other materials, with up to 10 trillion won generated throughout the industries involved by 2020, including polyketone-used parts and finishing goods manufacturing.

Goodwill Industries International Delegates/ Visit the ‘1st Hyosung Goodwill Store’

A 5-men delegation of Goodwill Industries International (GII), the world’s largest social corporation, led by CEO Jim Gibbons visited the 1st Goodwill Store Hyosung, a social enterprise established by Hyosung with the intended purpose of job-creation for the disabled. Established in last October, the 1st Goodwill Store Hyosung provides the disabled and the vulnerable social group with a chance to get paid and become financially independent by selling products donated from companies and individuals and in turn, promotes a virtuous cycle of resources. With its 1st Goodwill Store, Hyosung became the first domestic company to establish social enterprise. 

This visit, as part of five-day ‘Asia Goodwill Conference’ held in Seoul from November 11, was promoted to share the good practice of Goodwill Store in Korea. “The 1st Goodwill Store Hyosung has great significance for being the first social enterprise established by the Korean conglomerate in partnership with Goodwill Industries International. I expect the 1st Goodwill Store Hyosung to make contributions to job-creation and establishment of more social enterprises for the vulnerable social group in Korea”, said Jim Gibbons, Goodwill Industries International CEO. 

‘My Friend Hyosung’ /Wins the Grand Prize in the Group Category/ at the Korea Social Media Awards

Hyosung Group’s blog named My Friend Hyosung (blog.hyosung.com) received the grand prize in the group category at the 6th Korea Social Media Awards. The Korea Social Media Awards is the most prestigious awards in the field of online PR, hosted by Korea Internet Communication Association, affiliated to the Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning. 

In this year, 1,200 companies and 860 public institutions entered. Hyosung, as the first among B2B manufacturing companies to run the corporate blog, was awarded the grand prize for being active in communication with netizen, for example, introducing Hyosung’s products and businesses and GWP (Great Work Place) as well. The blog has continued to grow in terms of quality and quantity, marking more than one million visitors in three years. Since April, Hyosung Webzine was merged into the blog to better communicate with Hyosung members in order to amplify the synergy.  

Hyosung R&DB/ Participate in Aquatech Amsterdam 2013/ International Trade Exhibition of Water Technology and Water Management

Hyosung R&DB exhibited the hollow fiber membrane module, the key to water treatment process, and the water treatment system at ‘Aquatech Amsterdam 2013 - International Trade Exhibition of Water Technology and Water Management’ held in Amsterdam, Dutch from November 5 through 8. Aquatech Amsterdam 2013 - International Trade Exhibition of Water Technology and Water Management is the world’s leading trade exhibition of water technology held every other week. In this year, 746 companies 70 countries engaged in membrane module, water treatment, pump and other water technology-related fields entered. 

At this exhibition, Hyosung R&DB drew great attention from water treatment system providers and experts around the world with its innovative hollow fiber membrane module and system alongside membrane using new materials called Acetylated Methyl Cellulose and Polyolefin ketone. 

Anyang Plant/ Closes ‘Get-Together Workshop’ with Hiking

Anyang Plant closed ‘Get-Together Workshop began in mid-October with the third hiking held in early November. This hiking aimed to build up the community spirit among members and motivate them to work hard. As a chance to bring harmony and unity into labor and management, everyone walked along the forest track and relieved their fatigue. In addition, they had time to communicate with each other while taking a break and exchanged their views at the meeting held after the hiking. Anyang Plant continues to bring labor and management together through the water survival training held in the first half and this hiking in the second half and work toward GWT (Great Work Place).

Hyosung Vietnam/ Celebrates its Foundation

Hyosung Vietnam awarded outstanding local staff members that graced the year 2013 at the ceremony held on November 1 in celebration of the 47th founding anniversary. In this year, a total of 53 members were chosen - 5 members given with Best Hyosung Way Award, 6 members with Innovation Award, 6 members with Reliability Award and 27 members with Best-Practice Awards. Local members honored with the awards said that they are proud of being selected as the outstanding member and made a promise to do their utmost for the growth of Hyosung Vietnam in 2014.

textile pg


Spandex PU/ Holds ‘Creora® Seminar’ in Greensboro, USA

Spandex PU held ‘creora® Seminar’ on November 7,at Grandover hotel located in Greensboro, the United States. With 40 clients including Hanes Brand and Unifi invited, Spandex PU introduced Hyosung, its creora business and differentiated products in this seminar. Then, Spandex PU showed trends in the textile industry together with a variety of information that would help clients do their business against ever-changing trade environment followed by TPP agreement.

Spandex PU/ Holds ‘The Fall Workshop’

Spandex PU members participated in the Fall Workshop held at Haengusanseong (fortress) located in Goyang-si on November 2. The weather was rather chilly because of autumn rain, which indicates the change of seasons, members had great time, climbing to Haengusanseong and playing foot volleyball and PU Arcade accompanied by various game, and build friendship. While enjoying delicious food with beautiful view in the background, members had a heart-to-heart talk and built teamwork.  

Spandex PU Gumi Plant/ Holds the Second-Half Coordination Training

Spandex PU Gumi Plant held the Second-Half Coordination Training with 130 Hyosung members and those from Hyosung’s partners on October 30 and November 4 at Igidae, Busan. Before this Second-Half Coordination Training began, Park Jeon-jin, Assistant Plant Manager presented cost-reduction/TPM activities together with the appropriateness of P&G Audit at the management briefing session. After that, all members went on tracking across Igidae to Oryukdo (island) and in doing so, strengthened the unity between members.


Nylon Polyester Yarn PU Gumi Plant/ Holds the Second-Half Coordination Training

Nylon Polyester Yarn PU Gumi Plant with 450 Hyosung members and those from its partners held ‘the Second-Half Coordination Training’ at Cheonsaengsan (mountain) on October 17, 23 and 29.

In this ‘Second-Half Coordination Training’, all members communicated with each other and strengthened teamwork while taking part in hiking and sports meeting. They also learned the importance of quality and cost-saving through the management briefing session led by Kim Cheol-su, Plant Manager. 

Industrial Materials PG

Technical Yarn PU/ Holds ‘C.A.N Workshop’ to Promote Organizational Culture

Technical Yarn PU held a two-day ‘C.A.N Workshop’ to help PU members catch their passion, accompany with colleagues and born again as a new person full of passion and immersion into work, at Anyang Training Center from November 15. C, A and N stand for Catch, Accompany and Newborn respectively. In this workshop, PU Head, members positioned above 3-level in Technical Yarn PU and Technical Yarn Research Team members belonging to Hyosung R&DB. They shared GWP index of PU and studied what issues must be solved in order to improve the organizational culture, solutions to those problems. In addition, many events including forum play to gain better understanding of each other, domino game to strengthen teamwork and hand-printing to remind the determination were held. Taking this opportunity, all participants determined to improve the way of giving work-related directions, reporting and meeting and consequently, increase work efficiency and at the same time, create a bright, better organizational culture through giving compliments to each other.

Jeonju Plant / Holds ‘Fire Fighting Safety Training’

Jeonju Plant held ‘Fire Fighting Safety Training with all members (including, partners) on November 19 to teach them how to use fire-fighting equipment and promote awareness of fire-fighting in the winter time. All members learned the cause of fire, how to prevent fire and how to use respirator and fire extinguisher and do CPR in case of an emergency. They also gained theoretical knowledge about firefighting and what needs to be done in an actual emergency through theory-based practice and personal experience of full-time fire fighters.

Interior PU Holds ‘Car Mat Technology Seminar’/at Hyundai-Kia Automobile Plant in North America

Interior PU held ‘Car Mat Technology Seminar’ from October 30 through 31 at Hyundai-Kia Automobile Plant located in North America. This seminar was held to introduce new technologies and products that Hyosung developed to Hyundai-Kia officers responsible for purchase and development in order to raise the brand-awareness and also, propose a solution to noise/vibration problems that all automobile makers are concerned about. In this seminar, officers from Hyundai-Kia Motors North America Plant, Lee Jong-bok Director at Hyosung USA, Kim Jun-il Interior PU Car Mat Sales Team Leader and professional consultants from NVH(Noise, Vibration and Harshness) Tech, the official certificate holder for the country’s three largest automobile makers attended and had an in-depth discussion about development of new product that satisfies the needs of the market. Hyosung will continue to grasp trends in the car mat market and develop products that best suit the needs of customers with the technological prowess proved in this seminar. 

Ulsan Plant/ Holds ‘2013 Second-Half Top-Patrol’

Ulsan Plant conducts Top-Patrol twice in a year, as part of TPM innovation project supervised by the Chief Plant manager. In this second half, Ulsan Plant conducted Top-Patrol across the whole plant to check and improve cleanliness, equipment, safety and environment for three hours a day, from November 6 to 10. In particular, Ulsan Plant made an investigation, if unreasonable defects are found, and restored 100% to cope with the winter season.

The Second-Half Top-Patrol also gave Ulsan Plant time to visit the site in which TPM progress management and other issues were found based on the report about the First-Half Patrol, and check the existence of unreasonable defect. Those defects found were then registered in Top-Patrol System to report the progress of improvement, restoration and completion for thorough follow-up. At Ulsan Plant, all members and managers carefully inspect the whole plant with the sense of responsibility to taking care of equipments and take an active part in ensuring the best, safe environment in order to produce products of the best quality.

Jeonju Plant/ Presents the Long-term Employee Awards & Holds a Foot Volleyball Match

Jeonju Plant awarded three long-term employees and then, held foot volleyball tournament on November 1 in celebration of the 47th founding anniversary. The intended purpose of these events were encourage all members devoted to stabilize both quality and production and at the same time, bring all members together. Jeonju Plant members made a resolution to work harder in order to become more competitive in the market. 


Chemicals PG

Yongyeon Plant/ Holds the ‘Second-Half Coordination Training’

Yongyeon Plant held ‘the Second-Half Coordination Training’ on October 18, 22 and 29. Through program, about 450 members from Management Division, General Affair Division and 5 Pus promoted mutual coordination and health while enjoying Neungdongsan (mountain) climbing, sports game, spa and drawing lucky winners. Looking forward to the brighter future of Yongyeon Plant, all members reminded about their responsibilities and role. 


용연공장, ‘GWP 추진위원회 11월 간담회’ 시행 Yongyeon Plant/ Holds ‘GWP Committee Meeting in November’

Yongyeon Plant held the GWP Committee Meeting’ on November 8, with Kim Jin-wook Agent and 17 other committee members in attendance. In this meeting, GWP activities at Yongyeon Plant in 2013 and the goal of GWP in Yongyeon Plant in 2014 were discussed. Yongyeon Plant GWP Committee had four meetings since established in Apirl. All committee members gained a deeper,  better understanding of GWP and based on that, prepared to go full speed ahead with GWP at Yongyeon Plant in 2014. 

Packaging PU Gwanghyewon Plant/ Holds ‘Challenging 2014!! Camp Training’

Gwanghyewon Plant held ‘Challenging 2014!! Camp Training’ on November 8 at Mungyeongsaejae as part of coordination training. In this program, members wished success in business followed by extension of Aseptic No.3 in 2014 and also, took part in activities held to develop a challenging spirit within them. With the year 2014 coming ahead, all Gwanghyewon Plant members made determination to become united in order to ‘overcome all challenges and problems, and in the end, win the competition’.

Power & Industrial System PG

Changwon Plant/ Holds ‘2013 Industrial Innovation Campaign 3.0 Kick-off Meeting’

A kick-off meeting that marked the beginning of Industrial Innovation Campaign 3.0 was held on October 30 at the conference room, Changwon 1 Plant. This Industrial Innovation Campaign 3.0 is promoted to encourage 2nd and 3rd partners to bring about innovation into their technologies, workplaces and production process in association with conglomerates, 1st partners and experts and thus, share the results. Hosted by Kim Deok-su, Chief Plant Manager, 23 directors at partners, 6 consultants from each consortium and 2 officers from the Machinery Industry Shared Growth Promoting Foundation took part in this meeting. 

Consultants made presentations on production process of small 2nd partners, on-site evaluation for improvement of business environment, main goal and index to be set and then, parties involved signed the agreement. Changwon Plant plans to give full support to partners, so that Industrial Innovation Campaign 3.0 can put down roots ever after. 

Construction PG

Construction PG/ Conducts ‘Potential On-Site Manager Training’

Construction PG conducted ‘Potential On-Site Manager Training’ at Hyosung HR Development Center located in Anyang from October 25 to 26, November 8 to 9 and November 29 through 30. In this program, potential on-site managers selected by Construction PU, HEEC and Chinhung participated and learned about the role of on-site manager, management philosophy, core value, leadership and on-site management from guest lecturers. 

This program is expected to set a good model of on-site manager and thus, establish a virtuous cycle of on-site manager training. Construction PG plans to conduct another ‘Potential On-Site Manager Training’ this year and continue next year while training the current on-site managers to serve as the leader in the company.


Information & Communication PG

Hyosung Information System/ Holds ‘Hyosung Solution Day 2013’ for Busan, Gyeongnam and Ulsan Customers

Hyosung Information System, specializing in storage solution, held ‘Hyosung Solution Day 2013’. This event was held to introduce the latest technologies and solutions that would ensure the highest efficiency and flexibility in ever-changing IT infrastructure and thus, bring about innovation into IT management of clients in Busan, Gyeongnam and Ulsan. Moreover, the event was intended to help leading companies in Busan, Gyeongnam and Ulsan exchanging their own technologies to strengthen their competitiveness and find new demand. At the same time, it is intended to improve the channel-related polices to enable local partners demonstrate their capabilities and win trust of customers. 

Furthermore, the event served as an opportunity to learn about the state-of-art technologies for local clients, who have less chance to visit large-scale IT conference. In this event, ▲Hyosung’s comprehensive storage solution portfolio; ▲ an integrated infrastructure management solution to help users manage the complicated infrastructure with a few mouse-clicks; ▲NAS solution coping with increasing size of data; ▲ HECM solution for document protection and efficient file-sharing. With many offices in Daejeon, Daegu, Gwangju, Busan and across the country, Hyosung Information System plans to strengthen the channel partnership and extend its supporting system for local partners.


The Glass Hyosung/ Opens the Exhibition & Service Center in Cheongju

The Class Hyosung expanded and relocated its 5th exhibition center to Cheonwon-gun, Chungcheongbukdo. Mercedes-Benz Exhibition Center in Cheongju is three stories high, with the service center on 1st and 2nd floor. Cheongju Exhibition & Service Center can now provide an upgraded, one-stop service from consulting about automobile to purchase and A/S. With the opening of the 5th exhibition & service center in Cheongju, The Class Hyosung has completed the nationwide network across Seoul, Gyeongigido and Chungbuk with5 exhibition centers in Songpa, Bundang, Jeongja, Anyang and Pyeongcho in addition to the main showroom located in Gangnam and 7 service centers. In other words, customers in Chungcheongbukdo can enjoy differentiated service provided by The Class Hyosung. Please, give The Class Hyosung your interest and support. 

Social Contribution News

Sponsoring ‘2012 Hope-Sharing Festival’ with Neighbors in Mapo-gu

Hyosung sponsored ‘2013 Hope-Sharing Festival’ held on October 29 at Mapo Arts Center, with the purpose of fund-raising to help the vulnerable social group. This festival was intended to raise fund to support vulnerable social group and low-income families within Mapo-gu, in which Hyosung headquarters is located, and help them become financially independent. This is the third year since Hyosung began supporting in 2011.

In this year, ‘Hope-Sharing Market’, a bazaar combined with outdoor concert was held alongside ‘Hope-Sharing Concert’ held, thanks to talent-donation from those involved in the culture and entertainment world. This sponsorship was made with fund collected through matching Grant, in which the company has to donate as much as employees do. Hyosung plans to continue promoting such sharing events for the local community. 

Anyang Office/ Cleans ‘Hogye Neighborhood Park’

Anyang Office conducted the cleaning of ‘Hogye Neighborhood Park’ on October 25, as part of social contribution activities held to become the company that grows together with local community. About 20 members from Anyang Plant, Hyosung R&D and Hyosung HR Development Center cleaned up along the trail from the main gate of Anyang Office through Bangchuk-ro (street) and Hogye Neighborhood Park for about an hour. Anyang Office plans to carry out the cleaning around the office at least once a month to product local surroundings. 

Gumi Plant Holds ‘Kimchi-Making’ Event

Gumi Plant members held ‘Kimchi-Making’ event on November 16 at the hall established in front of the training center to help the vulnerable social group go through the winter time. In this event, a total of 100 people, including 80 members of three PUs and 20 ECMD nutrients and cooks participated. Then, on November 18, ‘Kimchi-Sharing’ ceremony was held with the Head of Resident Support Department, Gumi City Government and those working at Eupmyeon-dong Office in attendance. Kimchi delivered on that day will be given to 9 social welfare centers around Gumi and 260 recipients of basic living.

Celebrating the 4th anniversary this year, ‘Kimchi-Making’ event was held with fund collected from Gumi Plant members and Matching Grant. Gumi Plant will continue to pay attention and take good care of neighbors through many events. 

Gumi Plant/ Conducts ‘Side-Dish Cooking Volunteer Program’

Gumi Plant Film PU members carried out ‘Side-Dish Cooking Volunteer Program’ on October 16 at the cafeteria of Gumi General Social Welfare Center. 3 PUs at Gumi Plant have conducted this program every 1st, 3rd and 5th Wednesday to help maintain the basic livelihood of 80 aged and/or disabled households in danger of starvation due to daily life disabilities and financial difficulties. 

Gumi Plant/ Cleans Inside and Outside the Plant in Celebration of the 47th Foundation Anniversary

In celebration of the 47th founding anniversary, Gumi Plant cleaned up in and outside around the plant. In this campaign conducted to clean up fence surrounding Gumi Plant, sidewalks and inside the plant, Kim Cheol-su, NP Yarn PU Plant Manager as well as p Spandex PU and Film PU plant managers, a total of 50 people, including the representative of joint labor-management council, team leaders, Hyosung’s partners and director of construction companies, participated. This year’s campaign was much more significance as it was held in celebration of the 47th founding anniversary. Through this event, participants were inculcated with loyalty to the company, trust and pride in themselves.

Gumi Plant/ Promotes ‘One-Company, One-Mountain Cleaning’ Campaign

Members of B.C Club, in NP Yarn PU Gumi Plant promoted ‘One-Company, One-Mountain Cleaningcampaign as part of the social contribution activities. Despite of the cold weather, members together with their families picked up trashes and cleaned drain along the trail. Gumi Plant has promoted ‘One-Company, One-Mountain Cleaning’ campaign at least once in a month for environmental protection.  

Gwanghyewon Plant/ Promotes the ‘Local River Cleaning’ Campaign

Gwanghyewon Plant promoted ‘Local River Cleaning’ campaign on November 6, as part of its contributions to local community. Began at 9 a.m., Gwanghyewon Plant members were inspired to protect the environment and the local community while picking up trashes and cleaning river and forest around. Gwanghyewon Plant plans to promote various social contribution activities for the local community.


Gwanghyewon Plant/ Promotes the ‘Local River Cleaning’ Campaign

Changwon Plant sponsored the ‘4th Golden Bell Reading Contest with Family’ held on November 17 by the Changwon Office of Education. The ‘Golden Bell Reading’ is an event in which around 200 fifth and sixth graders representing about 100 elementary schools in Changwon, compete in a book-reading quiz together with their parents. Changwon Plant has sponsored this event since 2011, as part of its social contribution activities to encourage talented children. Prior to this, Changwon Plant donated 2,650 books recommended by the Changwon Office of Education to 105 elementary schools located in Changwon. In this year’s event held with the goal of ‘helping children read more book at school and home’, 182 students from 91 schools participated. Winners will be given with a chance to visit leading schools and libraries around the world with the support of Changwon Plant. Changwon Plant plans to continue social contribution activities, especially intended to teach children in local community.

Changwon Plant/ Holds ‘Junior Engineering Class’

Changwon Plant hosted the “Junior Engineering Class” at Naedong Elementary School located in Changwon from October 21 through 31. In this program, Engineers working at Hyosung serve as one-day science teachers. Fifth-grade students made how to make ‘pitching machine’ under the theme of ‘homerun, the science inside the baseball’ and learned scientific principle in the baseball, whereas sixth-grade students had a science class under the theme of ‘engineering technology applied in propellers’. They got a chance to make a model propeller and understood science in propeller based on thrust of air planes depending on the number of propeller wings and angle. Changwon Plant has hosted ‘Junior Engineering Class’ twice in a year as part of engineer training program, since 2004. 

Changwon Plant/ Goes on a Trip to Dooryun Mountain with Neighboring Elders

On November 18, Changwon Plant went on a picnic to Dooryunsan in Haenam with elders living in Shinchang Village, Gunbuk-myeon, Hanan-gun. To present elders living in the village, which is in one-company, one village relationship with Hyosung, with special memory, Changwon Plant has conducted the special, Tour with Parents event in mid-November after the autumn harvest, since 2010. In this year, about 70 elders went on the picnic. They had a great time, going up to the top of Dooryunsan by cable car and admiring the beautiful scenery of five-colored autumn leaves and blue sea. Hyosung members taking part in this event, held hands of elders throughout the picnic and had a nice talk with them. Changwon Plant has established sisterhood relationship with Shinchang Village in 2007, as part of its contribution to local community and promoted many events, like helping farmers during their busy season and purchase of specialties of this regions.

Nautilus Hyosung/ Conducts ‘Kimchi-Making and Rice Sharing’ Events

Nautilus Hyosung held the ‘Kimchi-Making and Rice Sharing’ event on November 9 at the Gangnam Welfare Center. More than Nautilus Hyosung 70 membersworking at either headquarters or Mapo Office delivered 800 kg of kimchi they made themselves and 2,000 kg of rice to elders who live alone and low-income families in Gangnam-gu in association with the Good Tree Child Center located in Yeongdeungpo. Rice and ingredients of kimchi came from Wolmyeong-ri, Yanggu-gun, Gangwon-do, which is in a one-company one-village relationship with Hyosung. Those who received rice and kimchi expressed a heart-felt gratitude to Hyosung.

Chinhung’s Volunteers/ Participates in ‘2013 Kimchi-Sharing’ Event

 ‘The volunteer corps of sharing’ belonging to Chinhung participated in ‘2013 Kimchi-Sharing’ held by the Seoul Office located in Huam-dong, Yongsan-gu. About 20 members of this volunteer corps have participated in this Kimchi-Sharing event since 2005 to help the vulnerable social group, including those elders who live alone with purpose of making a contribution to the growth of local community. In this event, many companies other than Chinhung as well as local volunteer organizations participated.




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