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HYOSUNG News October

“Korea and Japan Must Lead Economic Integration of East Asia”

The Korea-Japan Industrial Technology Fair 2013 was hosted by the Korea-Japan Cooperation Foundation for Industry and Technology (Chairman Cho S.R.) and Japan’s Japan-Korea Cooperation Foundation for Industry and Technology at the Crystal Ballroom of Lotte Hotel Seoul on October 1. “Recently the relationship between the two countries is facing a tough situation due to the controversy over the perception of history and the territorial issue,” said Chairman Cho in the opening ceremony. “The economists of both countries must visit each other more often and expand the non-governmental cooperation relations especially at times like this. Let’s lead the economic integration of East Asia based on close cooperation and contribute to the prosperity and development of the world economy.”

Held on October 1 and 2, the Korea-Japan Industrial Technology Fair 2013 is an event founded in 2008 for mutual collaboration and win-win growth of Korean and Japanese companies in the field of components and materials. During the event there was an awards ceremony for companies that contributed to industrial and technological cooperation between the two countries. It was followed by conference s for components and materials procurement and supply between the companies of the two countries, technical guidance conferences connecting domestic companies to retired Japanese technicians, and seminars on Korea-Japan Industrial Cooperation based on the theme of ‘Sustainable Growth of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises to Enter the Third Power.’ Over 400 entrepreneurs of both countries participated in the event, attracting the attention of participants with a special lecture by Nagoya University Professor Maskawa Toshihide, a Nobel Prize winner for physics.

Hyosung R&DB Lab President Woo Gives a Lecture at the 14th World Knowledge Forum in the Session of Korea-Japan Business Forum

The Korea-Japan Business Forum of the 14th World Knowledge Forum hosted by the Maeil Business Newspaper was held in the Art Hall of Sheraton Grande Walkerhill (Seoul) on October 15. The topic of this year’s forum was ‘Present and Future of LED Industry, ’ and over 200 participants including those in the LED industry and technology-related companies, professors and government-funded research institutes attended the event to give presentations and discuss about the present and the future of the LED material industry focusing on fluorescent substances. Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation director Tatsuo Suzuki introduced their white LED fluorescent substances and gave a presentation on the current status of technology development for next-generation white LED fluorescent substances, which was followed by a lecture on ‘The Current Status and Prospects of the LED Industry’ by R&DB Labs President Woo Sang-sun.

Woo presented the current status and prospects on the LED market as well as the LED materials market, while also talking about various issues of the latest technologies in each LED material. The lecture received fervent response from the forum participants, and Woo was asked many questions on the lecture. This forum was a meaningful occasion that imprinted on the minds of the participants the increasing importance of fluorescent substances as the key of white light, as well as Hyosung’s next-generation fluorescent substance technology.

Strategy Division’s Green Management Team Choi Young-ryeol (Deputy Section Chief) Receives the Minister Prize of Trade, Industry and Energy

Strategy Division’s Green Management Team Choi Young-ryeol (Deputy Section Chief) received the Minister Prize of Trade, Industry and Energy on October 17 for excellent implementation of the Target Management System. Choi has been in charge of the company-wide Greenhouse Gas and Energy Target Management System of the government since 2010. He has built greenhouse gas inventory and computer management system for all offices, and is supervising activities to take actions against the government as a representative of the company. 

Thanks to the efforts of the employees in charge of greenhouse gas around the offices, Hyosung reduced 10% of company-wide greenhouse gas emissions in two years, from 1.5 million tons in 2010 to 1.35 million tons in 2012. The early reduction record of 150,000 tons was certified by the government. The record will be allocated to our company as additional emission rights when implementing the emissions trading system in Korean in 2015, and selling the rights will generate an additional profit of KRW 1.1 billion based on the current international transaction value (KRW 7,500 /ton).

Choi had also participated in the emissions trading demonstration project hosted by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy where he produced excellent results 2 years in a row, therefore receiving a government reward. Along with these achievements, he was recognized for his contribution to the development of the government systems by fulfilling the roles of target management system TMPC consultant, the Korea Verification Association of Greenhouse Gas consultant, and emissions trading MRV research project consultant, for which he received the Minister Prize of Trade, Industry and Energy.

Hyosung R&DB Labs President Woo Gives a Presentation at the 5th Meeting of the Special Committee on Creative Economy

Hyosung R&DB Labs President Woo Sang-sun gave a presentation on the topic ‘Creative Economy Led by Carbon Fiber’ at the 5th meeting of the Special Committee on Creative Economy hosted by the Federation of Korean Industries (FKI) on October 24. Over 40 members of the Special Committee on Creative Economy including the FKI chairman as well as Lee Sang-mok, the 1st vice-minister of the Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning, and National Assembly member Kwon Eun-hee attended the meeting to discuss creative industries, ways to vitalize the carbon fiber industry, intelligent construction equipment, and future trend technologies. 

The first presenter was Doosan Infracore president Son Dong-yeon, which was followed by Woo’s presentation. “Our goal is to invest KRW 1.2 trillion in the Jeonju carbon cluster and achieve KRW 3 trillion in sales by 2020,” said Woo. “Though we are a latecomer, we must keep pace with the advanced countries in conducting researches within a short period of time to position ourselves as a major company in the global market that will grow to be the size of KRW 100 trillion, while also acting as a significant feature of creative economy.” He also suggested that the government must provide active support for domestic companies in order to promote the carbon industry as a national strategy.

In the free discussion after the presentation, various members of the Special Committee on Creative Economy including GS Caltex Corporation president Kim Byung-ryeol, Korean Air CEO Seo Yong-won, and Hanyang University professor Kim Chang-gyeong emphasized that it is necessary to intensively foster carbon fiber, which is an ultra-light, high-intensity and environmentally-friendly material. The government and corporate officials who saw the potential of carbon fiber all agreed that “future growth engines will contribute greatly to vitalizing creative economy.” Hyosung is expected to play a leading role in high value-added creative industry creating new added values, especially after succeeding in the originality development of high-performance carbon fiber.

Hyosung Vietnam Hosts a Picnic for Members of the Labor Union

The labor union at Hyosung Vietnam hosted a picnic for its members. The picnic began on September 15 and went on for 8 weeks with one-day programs every Sunday until mid-October. Over 500 members participated in each event, promoting friendship and solidarity and enjoying a nice rest.

Textile PG

Vietnam Materials and Parts Specialist Intensive Training Group Visits the Gumi Plant

As part of the Vietnam Intensive Training Program for Materials and Parts Specialists, which is a Korea-Vietnam cooperation project promoted by the DYETEC (Korea Dyeing Technology Center), over 20 people including Vietnamese government officials, research institutes, associations and entrepreneurs visited the Gumi Plant on October 9. They listened to an introduction of the three Pus of the Gumi Plant, after which they had a tour of the manufacturing process of polyester yarn. This visit was a good opportunity for the Gumi Plant to show its excellence in fiber manufacturing technology and increase interaction with specialists in the relevant field.

Hyosung Participates in the World’s Biggest Textile Fair ‘Intertextile Shanghai’

Hyosung participated in the Intertextile Shanghai’ held in Shanghai, China, for four days from October 21, where we hosted collaborative booths with 5 small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Korea and 17 client companies in China. The exhibit booths enabled the domestic partner SMEs to consult freely with the clients and provided the opportunity to expand new channels in the global market including China. Moreover, Spandex PU attended the fair with 17 client companies in China and is planning to reinforce cooperation with the clients to target the Chinese market.

“The Chinese spandex market takes up 57% of the entire world demand, and is a huge market that is growing over 6% every year,” said Cho Hyun-joon, head of Textile PG. “Hyosung has three manufacturing plants in regions such as Zhejiang and Guangdong, and occupies the greatest market share in China by managing 16 sales offices throughout the entire country of China. I’m confident that this fair will serve as an opportunity for us to announce the superiority of Korean textile companies and increase the synergy effect with Chinese partners so that Hyosung can lead the Chinese market and expand its dominance in the global market.”

Hyosung exhibited differentiated high-performance yarn in the nylon polyester yarn sector along with the introduction of the renewal product of Creora, the world’s top spandex brand. Hyosung will continue to make efforts to publicize its competitive products to the world.


Industrial Materials PG

Carbon Fiber Business Division Participates in North America’s Biggest Composite Material Fair ‘JEC Americas 2013’

The Carbon Fiber Business Division participated in the ‘JEC Americas 2013’ held in Boston, U.S., from October 2 to 4. The JEC Americas is the biggest composite material fair in North America held every year in Boston. 306 companies participated in the fair in 2012, along with 4,159 visitors.

The Carbon Fiber Business Division used this opportunity to promote Hyosung’s carbon fiber brand TANSOME and conducted sales activities as well as activities to find new customers. The Carbon Fiber Business Division will continue to enhance TANSOME’s brand awareness and expand new markets by participating in exhibitions and fairs.


Chemicals PG


Yongyeon Plant Conducts GWP Activity–Blood Donation

The Yongyeon Plant conducted the ‘3Q Team Cultural Event’ from July to September. Carried out as part of the GWP program, this event involved the participation of 243 people from 24 teams to enhance communication and teamwork among team members. All members of the Optical Film QA Team visited the Blood Donation House to donate blood this quarter. The experience of the Optical Film QA was selected as the Best Story by the SOAAM Hope . “We could share many stories as well as warm love with our colleagues thanks to this meaningful event,” said QA Team members. The Yongyeon Plant is carrying out a variety of GWP activities every quarter such as going to movies, bowling, trekking, museums, shooting galleries, archery experiences, ATV experiences, and blood donations. These activities provide an occasion for the employees to take a small break from the busy life and communicate and sympathize with their coworkers.

Yongyeon Plant Hosts ‘Special GWP Leadership Lecture’

The Yongyeon Plant hosted the ‘Special GWP Leadership Lecture’ on September 30 with 21 plant managers and team managers. The special lecture was delivered for two hours by the invited lecturer Cho Mi-ok, CEO of GWP Korea, on the topic of ‘GWP Leadership’. Through this special lecture, the Yongyeon Plant managers and team managers could think seriously about the importance of leadership in implementing GWP and the direction of actions to become a reliable leader. The Yongyeon Plant will also organize a special leadership lecture for foremen.

Power & Industrial Systems PG

Power & Industrial Systems PU R&D Center Holds ‘Sa. So. Han. Meeting’

The Power & Industrial Systems PU R&D Center changed the lunch event for birthdays that had been carried out since the beginning of the year into the Sa. So. Han. Meeting.’ The lunch event had been intended for the director and all researchers to meet face-to-face and dine together at least once a year for communication. The new Sa. So. Han. Meeting’ is an occasion for all employees (researchers) and the director to become united beyond mere communication by listening to the opinions and ideas of researchers. In this meeting, the director listened to the suggestions of researchers and gave feedback immediately. The Sa. So. Han. Meeting’ is implemented for employees to build trust through communication, based on which a great work place with greater research accomplishments can be established. This event has been carried out twice thus far, and the feedback for researchers’ suggestions is posted within three days after the meeting.



Information & Communication PG

Nautilus Hyosung America (NHA) Attends the ‘ATM, Debit & Prepaid Forum 2013’

Nautilus Hyosung America (NHA) attended the ATM, Debit & Prepaid Forum 2013’ held in Bellagio Las Vegas from October 21 to 23. Over 360 companies including major local finance clients as well as ATM manufacturers, ISO companies and credit card companies participated in this massive event. NHA attended the event as a leading NBS (New Branch Solution) company to enhance its brand image within the market and secure brand awareness. NHA introduced and demonstrated its NBS (New Branch Solution) product lines based on the theme ‘Evolution of the Branch.’ Moreover, NHA displayed Monimax7600 and Halo, a new model of Retail, which earned favorable reviews from the clients.

Nautilus Hyosung Organizes a Tour for Major Russian Client Banks

16 major client banks from Russia such as Sber Bank and VTB24 visited Nautilus Hyosung from October 14 to 18. Over 30 major clients visited the headquarters first to listen to the introduction of the company as well as Hyosung’s technological competences and have a meeting with the officials, after which they went to the showroom to examine the devices focusing on New Branch Solution.

They also examined how the state-of-the-art devices are actually being operated by visiting bank branches to which Hyosung’s latest technologies are applied. Then they had a tour around the Gumi Plant to examine the product manufacturing process and the production line.

Hyosung Capital PU Hosts ‘HOT! Photo Contest’

As part of the GWP program, Hyosung Capital PU hosted the HOT! Photo Contest’ after the ‘4F Mini-Athletic Meet’ held on the first-half year. The HOT! Photo Contest’ is a self-participation program for employees intended to create a warm and humane organizational culture by sharing memories and communing with other members. The contest received applications from all employees since the first-half year in three sectors: Group Shot, Art and Family Shot, and Comic Shot. 

Around 30 photographs were collected according to the standards for each sector, 25 of which passed through the first deliberation to undergo the voting for the final winners. Three photographs were selected and announced as the final winners, which received the most votes (online comments and reviews) on the collaborative website of Hyosung Capital PU. The winners received a small cash prize, and the winning photos will be posted around the company to share pleasant and warm memories. The employees laughed, shared memories and enjoyed their free time including the lunch hour as they looked at the photos posted on the website. This event is expected to provide an opportunity for the employees to feel and remember the value of family and colleagues, gathering the energy to spend the meaningful and fruitful second-half of 2013.


The Class Hyosung Holds a Festival to Celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the Foundation

The Class Hyosung held a festival to celebrate the 10th anniversary of its foundation as the official dealer of Mercedes-Benz.

The festival offered the following: 1) a premium Clarendelle Rouge wine by Chateau Haut Brion (top-class Bordeaux) for all buyers; 2) 2 tickets to ‘The Women Verdi Loved,’ a commemorative concert for the 200th anniversary of G. Verdi’s birth, for the first 100 buyers of The New E-Class/The CLS-Class/The S-Class (AMG and rental cars excluded); and 3) luxury air fresheners for customers test-driving A-Class /B-Class/C-Class and Daemyung Resort Seorak Del Pino Package (1 night in the hotel’s Family Room + breakfast buffet for two for the first 100 guests) for all buyers of A-Class /B-Class/C-Class (AMG and rental cars excluded). Moreover, various services are provided for customer satisfaction such as extension of the integrated service package (regular inspection, exchange of consumables and general repair) to 5 years for S-Class customers.

Hyosung ITX Opens Subsidiary Exemplary Workplace ‘Dream Space’

Hyosung ITX held the opening ceremony for ‘Dream Space’ on October 21. Dream Space has the meaning of creating happiness without distinction of disabilities, and it is Hyosung ITX’s ‘subsidiary exemplary workplace’ established for self-reliance and stable life of severely disabled people by employing them. Hyosung ITX is focusing on providing high-quality jobs be developing suitable duties for the disabled in cooperation with the Korea Employment Agency for the Disabled (chairman Lee Sung-gyu). Dream Space will be in charge of its parent company Hyosung ITX’s welfare duties to manage the company cafeteria, perform the Health Keeper tasks, and provide services such as nail art.

social contribution news


Hyosung Holds Social Enterprise ‘1st Goodwill Store Hyosung Branch’ Opening Event

On October 17, Hyosung held the opening event for the 1st Goodwill Store Hyosung Branch, a social enterprise to create jobs for the disabled. Hyosung Vice President Jang Hyeong-Ok from Human Resources, Seoul parliamentary deputy mayor Ki Dong-min, and Goodwill Store Hyosung’s honorary ambassador Yang Hak-seon (national gymnast) participated in the event.

To establish the social enterprise Goodwill Store combining donations, resource recycling and job creation for the disabled, the TFT was first formed in November 2012 and went through groundwork for a year, even building a 495 store in Jeungsan-dong, Eunpyeong-gu back in September. The store collected donations from Hyosung employees as well as all levels of the society. At the end of September, Hyosung signed an MOU with the Together Foundation (president Kim Woo-yong) on the foundation of a social enterprise, which was opened on October 17 as a result of a year’s efforts.

“I’m happy to see how Hyosung went beyond merely supporting social enterprises and established our own Goodwill Store Hyosung,” said Hyosung Vice President Jang. “We will make more efforts to increase donations and promote sale so that more disabled people can enjoy the opportunity to build their lives.”

Yang Hak-seon, appointed as the honorary ambassador for Goodwill Store Hyosung for a year, donated shoes and T-shirts and also held a signing event for visitors. Sports celebrities continue to donate their possessions such as rhythmic gymnast Son Yeon-jae’s hoops, balls, ribbons and clubs as well as Park Chan-ho’s autographed baseball. There are also donations of prized possessions of the employees such as former President Park Chung-hee’s handwritten frame from 1975 with the words ‘勤儉節約 國論統一 (thrift and saving, unity of public opinion),’ as well as the handwritten frame of Yi Bangja, Crown Princess Euimin of the late Joseon Period.


Hyosung Signs Agreement to Sponsor ‘Young Dream Mapo Camp’

Hyosung held a signing ceremony for an agreement with Mapo-gu and the Dong-A Ilbo on October 8 to sponsor the Young Dream Mapo Camp to support employment of young people in Mapo. The Young Dream Mapo Camp is established to overcome the issue of youth unemployment based on cooperation between companies and local governments. In this program, human resources specialists of companies provide mentoring services including ways to prepare for employment.

Hyosung will set up the Young Dream Mapo Camp in the civil service room on the 3rd floor of the Mapo-gu Office and send employees twice a month to provide lectures and information on the employment process, how to write the application, and interview tips for young job seekers in Mapo.

Textile PG Carried Out Changdeokgung (Palace) Cultural Heritage Protection Activities

The Textile PG employees and their families carried out Changdeokgung (Palace) cultural heritage protection activities on September 28. The participants gathered early in the morning on Saturday to clean up places around Changdeokgung (Palace). It was exhausting to clean up throughout the long distance due to the cloudy weather with drops of rain, but it was rewarding to see how Changdeokgung (Palace) was getting cleaner.

Anyang Office Conducts Anyang River Cleaning Campaign

The Anyang Office conducted an Anyang River cleaning campaign on September 25 as part of social contribution activities and Anyang’s ‘Clean-up Day’ event with over 40 employees from the Anyang Plant, Hyosung R&DB Labs, Power & Industrial Systems PU R&D Center, and Hyosung HR Development Center. They started cleaning at the back gate of the Anyang Plant and finished at Jeonpa Bridge over Anyang River for about an hour, working hard to clean up around the office as well as the community. The Anyang Office is making efforts to harmonize with the community by regularly carrying out environmental cleanups around the office every month.

Gumi Plant Provides Fire Safety Education for the Disabled Children

The Environmental Safety Team and the fire department of the Gumi Plant provided fire safety education on October 14 for Sarangteo Nursery School and Haneul Nursery School. Over 80 children and teachers participated in the education program, which consisted of a fire fighting demonstration and use of the fire extinguisher in the form of a field trip. After the program, Hyosung employees enjoyed a great time with the children by taking commemorative photos with them and distributing school supplies. Social welfare organizations Sarangteo Nursery School and Haneul Nursery School are educational institutions for the disabled children, which makes it more difficult for them to provide fire safety education compared to other regular educational institutions. The Gumi Plant has been providing fire safety education for 8 years counting this year, and will continue to carry out this activity in the future.

Gumi Plant Carries Out One-Company One-Mountain Cleaning Activity

Members of the BIF (bicycle club) and the bowling club, which are informal clubs of the Gumi Plant Spandex PU, carried out a cleaning activity at Mt. Cheonsaengsan as part of the social contribution activities. 18 club members and their families participated in the activity, repairing the drains and picking up garbage over an hour along the trail with trees that turned red in autumn colors. The Gumi Plant is leading the environmental cleanup for the community by regularly carrying out the One-Company One-Mountain cleaning activity once a month.

Gumi Plant Holds ‘Donation Day’ Event

The Gumi Plant held the Donation Day event in the security office at the main gate from October 14 to 18. The Gumi Plant employees donated various goods such as clothes, books, home appliances and household items, and a total of 120 donations were delivered to Goodwill Store Hyosung. The Gumi Plant will continue to hold the Donation Day event every month for a week to increase the participation of the employees. We expect your keen interest and participation in the event to vitalize the sharing culture.

Ulsan Plant Provides a Helping Hand for Junggosan Village

Over 40 Ulsan Plant employees reaped rice at Junggosan Village on October 21 to provide a helping hand for the sister village. This activity was more significant in that the fall harvest was an extension of the rice-planting in spring this year, and it also made a great appeal to the villagers. The Ulsan Plant is sharing love with the community through various social contribution activities such as One-Company One-Village, One-Company Two-Schools, One-Company One-River, and the Red Cross Service Association volunteer activities.

Yongyeon Plant Provides Free Meals for Those in Need

The Yongyeon Plant is carrying out volunteer activities in cooperation with Ulsan Namgu Community Welfare Center: bathing disabled people once a month, and providing a soup kitchen for the elders once a month. Twelve employees participated in the soup kitchen volunteer activity on October 19. The volunteers carried out various activities including cleaning, preparing ingredients, serving in the hall, distributing food and washing dishes. The Yongyeon Plant will continue to enhance the community spirit by actively carrying out volunteer activities.

Changwon Plant Volunteer Club ‘The Wings’ Goes on a Fall Picnic with Pullip Village Friends

The Wings, Changwon Plant’s volunteer club, went on a fall picnic with the members of Pullip Village (facility for the disabled) located in Changwon, Gyeongnam, to Miryang Chamsaem Herb Village on September 28. The members of the Wings made natural soaps and rosemary pots with the severely disabled people, and took a walk around the Herb Village gardens filled with flowers, trees and herbs after lunch. The Wings organizes outdoor activities 2-3 times a year in spring and fall for Pullip Village members who usually face difficulties in going outdoors


Changwon Plant Volunteer Club ‘The Wings’ Provides Food at a Marathon Festival

The Wings, Changwon Plant’s volunteer club, provided food at the 10th Gyeongnam Marathon as a regular activity in October. Seok Hyun-joo (Low-Voltage Motor Design Team) and over 20 other members of the Wings participated in this event, providing food such as fish-cake soup, stir-fried tofu and kimchi as well as makgeolli for participants and the audience at a booth in Changwon Main Stadium set up in cooperation with Gyeongnam Welfare Center for the Handicapped. Hyosung continues to sponsor the Gyeongnam Marathon which is beneficial in promoting the health of local residents, and the Wings provides food every year for the participants to enjoy a more bountiful festival.

Changwon Plant Holds ‘Donation Day’ Event for Smooth Operation of Goodwill Store Hyosung

For smooth operation of the social enterprise Goodwill Store Hyosung opened in October, the Changwon Plant held the Donation Day event in September. The Goodwill Store Hyosung donation event of the Changwon Plant was held in 6 areas of the plant, and various goods were donated such as clocks, watches, electronic dictionaries and bags. The Changwon Plant will continue to hold the Donation Day event every month. We request the Changwon Plant employees to show active participation and interest to vitalize the donation and sharing culture.

Chinhung International Carries Out One-Company One-Village Volunteer Activity

On October 12, Chinhung International provided a helping hand for the villagers of Bugeun 2-ri in Ganghwa-do, which is the One-Company One-Village partner village. ‘The Sharing Volunteer Group,’ which is a volunteer group of Chinhung International, is regularly visiting the village twice a year since forming partnership to provide a helping hand in the busy farming season during spring and fall. The company is also contributing to the development of the community by purchasing local specialties. During this visit, the participants helped the villagers carry out tasks that required help, such as planting crops like sweet potatoes. At the same time they donated supplies to be used efficiently in the community hall such as a kimchi refrigerator. Employees as well as their children participated in this activity.

If you have news you would like to share with Hyosung employees, please inform the relevant staff (Pyo Hee-sun: chloe.pyo@hyosung.com, 02-707-7337).

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