[CEO Letter] 47th Anniversary Commemorative Speech: Aiming to Grow Sustainably Until Hyosung's 100th Anniversary

2013. 11. 13. 09:00

47th Anniversary Commemorative Speech

Dear Hyosung employees in Korea and abroad,


In celebration of our company’s 47th Foundation Day, I would like to express gratitude for the 25,000 employees around the world who have made their utmost efforts for the growth and development of the company. Moreover, I would like to congratulate and thank those of you who were awarded for your long service for the company since you joined.


In three years we will celebrate a monumental moment of the 50th anniversary. Considering that the average lifespan of listed companies in Korea is 20 years, I am truly proud of our company for leading a long history of half a century.

47 Years with the Miracle of the Han River

47 Years with the Miracle of the Han River

Back in the 1960s when Korea was an industrial wasteland, the founder Cho Hong-je pondered on how to contribute to enriching the life for our country and people through business. Thus he fostered the textile industry that is directly linked to the national standard of living, and contributed to the high growth of the Korean economy, also referred to as ‘the Miracle on the Han River.’ Furthermore, he has made distinguished achievements by striving for fields that form the foundation of the national economic development such as industrial materials, chemicals, heavy industries, trading, construction and information communications.


However, settling for the past success is not enough for us today, as the business environment that surrounds us is extremely unstable. The industrial trends and lifestyles are changing rapidly due to the fast growth of the state-of-the-art scientific technologies including IT. Our key industries may lose competitiveness of we do not cope with these changes properly. Moreover, companies from emerging nations such as China are following on our heels based on quality improvement and price competitiveness, further intensifying the global competition.

Towards Hyosung’s 100th Anniversary

Towards Hyosung’s 100th Anniversary

Dear Hyosung employees, in addition to this rough business environment, we are recently going through a tougher time due to various external problems. However, as they say “After a storm comes a calm,” we must think of hardships and difficulties as the opportunity for reform and consider them as the starting point for a new leap. Then we must make a company of sustainable growth with the goal of a Hundred-Year Company Hyosung.’


For that we must first have ownership and firmly implement the responsibility management of doing our best in all our tasks consistently. We are all entrusted with tasks of the company according to our roles. Thus each and every one of you represents the company in terms of your job. Therefore, we must find and implement ways to perform our tasks efficiently based on pride and responsibility of Hyosung employees, and make efforts to maximize our performance. I expect all of you to become the leaders of our company’s growth and development.


Moreover, each and every one of the employees must have the world’s top-class competencies and make the most of the competencies. A top-class leading company can only be made if each and every member becomes top class. I request you to strive for self-development with the will to become the best in your own field and secure competitiveness. Furthermore, clearly understand the level of products and services demanded by the market and customers with a willingness to learn, and practice customer satisfaction at all times. I hope these competencies can gather to produce a synergy effect, and build a company that works with teamwork by actively communicating with one another.

Change, Innovation, and Trust

Change, Innovation, and Trust

Next we must do our best to find and develop new growth engines with changes and innovative minds taking challenges for new possibilities. Recently our company is promoting commercialization with remarkable R&D achievements in the high-tech material field such as polyketone, carbon fiber and optical film.


We must enhance competiveness based on technological skills and pioneer new markets to nurture them into our key businesses for our company to have sustainable growth. Moreover, we must strive to become a company that leads creative economy by endlessly pursuing businesses, products and technologies with high future growth potential aside from our current businesses.


Finally, we must become a company trusted and loved by our people by making more efforts to fulfill our social responsibility as a member of the society.


Thus far our company has fulfilled our responsibility as a member of the society through green management, ethics management and various social contribution activities. We have also contributed to regional development and actively pursued win-win growth with partners. I request you to participate in making Hyosung a model company that fulfills social responsibility.

Dear great Hyosung employees, even at this moment many employees are working themselves into a lather in various places around the world, bearing the name of Hyosung in their hearts. You are our company’s most precious assets and the patriots who contribute to the national economic development and happiness. Thus I request you to have pride and self-esteem in yourselves, do your best to produce good results, and always take challenges for new goals. Let’s join our forces to make a ‘Hundred-Year Company Hyosung’ leading a better life for the human race based on the best technologies and management competencies.


Finally, once again I would like to thank you for your hard work. I wish you and your family good health and happiness at all times.

Thank you.


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