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 The Signing Ceremony for the Agreement to Normalize the Management of the Floating Island

Hyosung held the signing ceremony for the agreement to normalize the operation of the Floating Island with the Seoul Hangang Project Headquarters on September 12th. “We expect the Floating Island to show off Hangang River, the rest area and great asset of 10 million Seoul citizens,” said Vice-Chairman Lee Sang-woon. “Seoul and our company will join forces and work hard to normalize the Floating Island as soon as possible.” The signing ceremony had significance in that it established the foothold to normalize the operation of the island after consultation with Seoul. This signing ceremony will be the starting point to transform the Floating Island into a place in which citizens can enjoy comfortable rest and leisure activities, as well as a place filled with attractions to draw the attention of global tourists. The normalization of the Floating Island is also expected to contribute to the creation of over 400 jobs and vitalization of neighborhood shopping districts and tourist agencies.

Hyosung R&DB Labs President Woo Gives a Special Lecture  at the 13th Technology Innovation Forum

The 13th Technology Innovation Forum, sponsored by the Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning and hosted by the Korea Industrial Technology Association (KOITA), took place at the Diamond Ballroom of the Renaissance Seoul Hotel on September 25th. The theme of the forum was ‘Future Prospects and New Business Opportunities,’ and over 300 participants including company CEOs, CTOs, professors, researchers from government-supported research centers and many others gathered to listen to relevant lectures and come up with ways for cooperation. Furthermore, KAIST chair professor Lee Gwang-hyeong and STEPI center chief Park Byoung-won gave a lecture on ‘Ways to Seek New Business Opportunities According to the Global Trend and Technological Paradigm Shift,’ followed by Hyosung R&DB Labs President Woo Sang-sun’s presentation on ‘The Future Megatrends and Prospects of the Materials Industry.’ “The seven megatrends such as the change in population structure and environmental/energy issues will provide opportunities to create new businesses,” said Woo. “The key to success in such new businesses is innovation in materials. I hope Korea leaps into an advanced country through industry-academy-research cooperation.”


Hyosung Textile Materials Sector  Selected as a Great Work Place

The Textile Materials sector of Hyosung is ranked No. 1 in the manufacturer textile materials sector of the ‘2013 Korea Great Work Place Index (K-GWPI)’ conducted by Korea Management Association Consulting targeting 5,330 workers in the industry and HR experts (5,030 workers in the industry and 300 HR experts). The winner was selected by the responses of clients and experts, which gave Hyosung the opportunity to realize how our company is receiving positive reviews in textile materials while also being acknowledged as a great company. Our company will further increase internal satisfaction with more efforts by the employees and the company and not settle for the acknowledgement of clients and experts.

Industrial Materials PG ››

Industrial Materials PG Holds ‘PG First-half Year Performance and GWP Status Sharing Session’

The Industrial Materials PG held the PG First-half Year Performance and GWP Status Sharing Session’ at the underground auditorium of Mapo headquarters on September 2nd. The employees of the headquarters as well as executives and plant managers of nationwide offices attended this event. The PG Planning and Management Team presented the first-half year business conditions of the Industrial Materials PG as well as the outlook for the second-half year, arousing crisis awareness on situations faced by the PG. Next the Sales Teams of each PU and business unit presented the second-half year sales plans and suggested ways to overcome the current crisis.

Cho Hyun-sang, Vice-President of the Strategy Division and the Industrial Materials PG Head, complimented on achieving the first-half year business plans of the PG. “To achieve the second-half management plans for 2013 and the business plans for next year, all PG members must have crisis awareness at all times, face up to the reality, and take action for self-help, through which they must accomplish the quality of work and maximize performance,” Cho added. “All members must share the common crisis awareness and find methods for improvement, while also making continuous efforts to implement GWP, as the Industrial Materials PG has pursued change and innovation with various activities to create a GWP first in the whole company.” The Industrial Materials PG members resolved to have the attitude of self-help in order to achieve the second-half year business plans and implement GWP.

Interior PU Holds the Opening Ceremony of  Hyosung Swan Cup Architectural Design Office Soccer Tournament

The Interior PU is holding the Hyosung Swan Cup Architectural Design Office Soccer Tournament by inviting the employees and families of large architectural design offices that are Hyosung’s major clients. The opening ceremony was held in the Anyang Plant on August 31st with the attendance of employees and families of seven major architectural design offices. 

The Hyosung Swan Cup Architectural Design Office Soccer Tournament is carried out from September 14th to October 5th every Saturday in the order of preliminaries, semifinals and finals. It is expected to provide a great time for the employees and families of the Interior PU as well as those of clients to enjoy their holidays. The Interior PU will continue to hold the Hyosung Swan Cup Architectural Design Office Soccer Tournament with this year as the start, while also gradually increasing participating firms to further enhance sports marketing.

Tire & Industrial Reinforcement Materials PU Headquarters Bead Wire Sector Holds  2013 1st Bead Wire Sector Workshop

The bead wire sector of the Tire & Industrial Reinforcement Materials PU headquarters held the 2013 1st Bead Wire Sector Workshop in the outskirts of Ganghwado for two days from September 6th to 7th.  The managers and members of the Bead Wire Sales Team and the Bead Wire Technical Planning Team attended this workshop to pursue ways to maximize the outcome in the bead wire sector based on GWP. 

First they shared the GWP Index of the Tire & Industrial Reinforcement Materials PU and discussed GWP ideas between the two teams, through which they came to the agreement that GWP is the most efficient way to create the outcome of the company. In this workshop, the bead wire sector of the Tire & Industrial Reinforcement Materials PU headquarters decided to improve and implement the bead wire sales management form for more efficient business. The members also institutionalized various ideas to promote systemized business such as working overtime only a certain number of days a month by implementing an overtime sign or coupon system. They will also hold regular gatherings such as monthly GWP discussions and Can Meetings (workshops) for communication among teams and employees.

 Tire & Industrial Reinforcement Materials PU Ulsan Plant  Offers the 2nd Superior Invited Lecture

The Ulsan Plant of the Tire & Industrial Reinforcement Materials PU offered the 2nd Superior Invited Lecture on September 13th. The Superior Invited Lecture is given by a former employee of the company that makes the current employees think about the past, present and future of the Tire & Industrial Reinforcement Materials PU. The 1st Superior Invited Lecture was given by former Vice-President Ahn Hong-mun back in May. This time, former Vice-President Baek Won-ki was invited to give a lecture. Baek held the posts of the Tire & Industrial Reinforcement Materials PU Head, Technical Yarn PU Head, and Interior PU. 

He also played a significant role in the tire cord approval process as well as technological development. He emphasized over and over again in his lecture that customer trust is the most important factor in purchase or customer service. The Ulsan Plant of the Tire & Industrial Reinforcement Materials PU will continue to offer lectures by superiors (former employees) to lay the foundation for senior-junior interaction as well as progressive future.

Technical Yarn PU Holds the “100-day Strategy Proclamation Ceremony of  PU Emergency Management and  Ulsan Plant Quality Innovation“

The Technical Yarn PU held the 100-day Strategy Proclamation Ceremony of PU Emergency Management and Ulsan Plant Quality Innovation on August 30th at the 201 Conference Room of the headquarters as well as the Ulsan and Jiaxing Plant. This proclamation ceremony was provided to share the current management conditions and issues of the Technical Yarn PU and discuss goals and promotion strategies to achieve. 

All members were to form a consensus regarding emergency management and quality innovation, and resolve to improve the results of the PU by achieving the goals. To get the entire Technical Yarn PU together, not only the employees (Level 3 and above) of the headquarters but also the administrative staff members (Level 3 and above) and foremen of the Ulsan Plant as well as the sojourning employees and site managers participated via video. Each team also presented promotion strategies to achieve the goals of the PU. The participants also listened to the words of request by PU Heads and plant managers, which was followed by the most important event of the ceremony: reading of the resolution. In this 100-day Strategy Proclamation Ceremony of PU Emergency Management and Ulsan Plant Quality Innovation, all employees of the Technical Yarn PU resolved to make their utmost efforts during the 100 days by sharing the crisis situations of the PU and implement team management plans to overcome the current situation.

Eonyang Plant Holds  the Management Condition Briefing Session  and Quality/Safety Education

The Eonyang Plant held the Management Condition Briefing Session and Quality/Safety Education for all employees from September 9th to 16th in three sittings. The Eonyang Plant Manager and Senior Vice-President Kim In-han were the lecturers for the occasion, and they inspired all employees to have a sense of belonging as the Eonyang Plant members by sharing the business performance of the Eonyang Plant. The employees who attended the education resolved to make further efforts to achieve the second-half year business goals based on quality-oriented mind and work safety.


Eonyang Plant Opens  the Big Fire Prone Area Firefighting Site Debate

The Eonyang Plant opened the Big Fire Prone Area Firefighting Site Debate on September 10th with the members of Ulsan fire stations. Ten people attended the debate including Executive Vice-President Hwang Jong-il of the Eonyang Plant as well as the head of the Ulsan Joongbu Fire Station. With the members of Ulsan fire stations, they discussed ways to prevent fire or minimize damage if a fire breaks out and reviewed plans to secure the safety of workers first in emergencies. The Eonyang Plant will continue to provide relevant education programs to prevent potential negligent accidents.


Yongyeon Plant Holds the September Meeting of GWP Promotion Committee

The Yongyeon Plant held the September meeting of the Yongyeon Plant GWP Promotion Committee on September 3rd with 17 GWP Agents in attendance. The participants reviewed the GWP activities of the Yongyeon Plant from May to August, and discussed specific directions for activities to be performed from September to December. As the third meeting held by the Yongyeon Plant, the atmosphere was much livelier than before. The Yongyeon Plant GWP Promotion Committee is planning to recruit seven more committee members for the October meeting to collect more diverse opinions. The active participation of the Promotion Committee is expected to further vitalize the GWP activities of the Yongyeon Plant.

Jincheon Plant Goes  Rafting to Activate Communication Among Teams

The Jincheon Plant of the Packaging PU send the office workers rafting to Namhangang River near Jecheon, Chungbuk on August 25th, in an attempt to increase unity and activate communication among teams and members as part of the GWP activities. Rafting with colleagues was a good opportunity for the employees to talk to their teammates freely at a place outside the office and maximize trust and communication among team members.

Power & Industrial Systems PG

Hyosung Good Springs Succeeds in Being the First in Korea  to Domestically Produce Centrifugal Charge Pump

Hyosung Good Springs succeeded in being the first in Korea to domestically produce the centrifugal charge pump, which is one of the core facilities of nuclear power plants, in cooperation with Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power Central Research Institute (KHNP-CRI) and Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction. The centrifugal charge pump is a facility that controls the recirculation flow of coolants (boric acid solution) and the concentration of coolants, and it is a core equipment of nuclear power plants that must be stably run 24/7 and year-round. 

It is also a pump with the highest operating pressure among various pumps used in nuclear power plants, and the level of its technological difficulty in production is so high that only two companies can produce it. Charge pumps of nuclear power plants had been supplied exclusively by foreign companies. By succeeding in developing the centrifugal charge pump that had been dependent on import, Hyosung Good Springs accomplished the 100% domestic production of pumps necessary in nuclear power generation. They will strive to export centrifugal charge pumps with high technological skills in the field of nuclear facilities in the overseas markets as well.

Industrial Machinery PU Signs Contract for Seawater Desalination Pump Motor

Senior Vice-President Park Jung-seok of the Industrial Machinery PU signed the contract for seawater desalination pump motor of Yanbu 3 PJT with Japan’s Torishima Pump on August 21st. This project is a multi-evaporative (MSF) desalination plant construction project at Yanbu, an industrial city in Saudi Arabia, and its goal is to supply water to be used by 1.8 million people in Yanbu and the neighboring areas with the daily freshwater output of 550 thousand ton (121MIGD). 

Hyosung had obtained the order of seawater desalination pump motor of Ras Al-Khair, Saudi Arabia, which was the world’s biggest scale, through Torishima Pump in 2011. With this project, Hyosung set a record for obtaining two consecutive massive desalination projects. Hyosung could be selected as the final contracting party as it received high praise based on trust from consistently successful projects thus far. This once again proved the technological skills of Hyosung’s seawater desalination motors.

Power & Industrial Systems PU R&D Center Holds the 3rd Hyosung Young Scientist’s Day

The Power & Industrial Systems PU R&D Center held the 3rd Hyosung Young Scientist’s Day inviting industry-academia scholarship students on September 10th at Anyang APTC Lab III. 21 scholarship students and total 33 employees from the Power & Industrial Systems PU R&D Center including director Park Seung-ryong attended the event. The programs consisted of introducing the company to the scholarship students who will lead the future of the Power & Industrial Systems PU R&D Center, conversation with senior staff, and interaction among the scholarship students, which reinforced the ties with our company. The students expressed gratitude toward Hyosung and resolved to devote themselves to study, preparing themselves as talented human resources to join Hyosung in the future.

Foreman Han Gwang-soo Wins ‘Changwon’s Best Worker of the Year’ Award

Foreman Han Gwang-soo (Production Support Team Electricity Maintenance Group) won ‘Changwon’s Best Worker of the Year’ award at the celebration of the 2013 Enterprise Loving Citizen’s Festival on September 26th. This award is presented to the most outstanding winner among workers who won the Best Worker of the Month selected every month by Changwon. Han contributed to improving electricity-related quality and productivity of the Changwon Plant since joining Hyosung in 1977. He also made efforts for self-improvement by acquiring 13 licenses including the Master Craftsman Electricity and earning a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering at Changwon Polytechnic College. 

Changwon also highly appreciated Han’s 500 hours of volunteer activities and his initiative in energy reduction of the community as the representative of the residential area. “I’m honored to be the Best Worker of the great city of Changwon,” said Han. “I will continue to devote myself to the development of the city.”

Information & Communication PG

Hyosung Information Systems Presents Infrastructure Management Strategies

Hyosung Information Systems announced that they must “prepare thorough infrastructure strategies in advance to maximize the big data analysis effects,” quoting the results of the big data survey conducted by Hitachi Data Systems on about 200 companies in the UK. According to the survey, while there is an increasing expectation for the value of big data analysis, “firms that implemented big data analysis feel the need for more systematic technological support to achieve more tangible results.” 

Based on the investigation, Hyosung Information Systems established the four core strategies to maximize the effect of big data analysis: 1) sufficient use of the existing infrastructure, 2) establishment of plans to build a strategic storage, 3) quick data processing, and 4) high-performance system. “This investigation showed that big data analysis is not just a term cited for a mere trend, but is rather perceived as a strategic tool for business,” said Technical Support Division Head Kim Young-tae. “However, it’s true that there are certain gaps between the demand for creating business opportunities through real-time analysis and implementable technologies.”

Nautilus Hyosung Offers a Special Lecture for Executives and Team Managers

Nautilus Hyosung offered a special lecture on ‘Communication of Leaders that Revives the Organization’ for over 60 executives, team managers and leaders on September 10th in the Global Training Center located on the 16th floor of the headquarters. The lecture was given by Professor Han Geun-tae from Hans Consulting and it went on for an hour and a half in four sections: ‘Enemies of Communication that Develop Problems,’ ‘Principles and Actual Strategies of Communication,’ ‘Rules of Successful Communication,’ and ‘Modes of Communication among Organizations that Move Like a Single Body.’ Participants concentrated on the special lecture and resolved to become leaders who communicate well.

 The Class Hyosung Offers ‘September Journey Package’

The Class Hyosung, the official dealer of Mercedes-Benz, offered the ‘September Journey Package.’ The various benefits of September, which will further enhance the autumn flavor, provided the dream opportunity to own Mercedes-Benz. 

The ‘September Journey Package’ includes the following: 1) Daemyung Resort Seorak Del Pino Package (1 night in the hotel’s Family Room + breakfast buffet for two for the first 100 guests) for all buyers of B-Class and C-Class; 2) Daemyung Sono Felice Package (Silver Suite room + breakfast for two for the first 100 guests) for buyers of The New E-Class and CLS-Class (all types of E200, E300 EL, CLS and excluding AMG) in September; and 3) extension of the integrated service package (regular inspection, exchange of consumables and general repair) to 5 years for S-Class customers.

Moreover, the new model of The A-Class, which had received great attention since before the release, has been recently launched with an opportunity of a test drive in the showrooms. Details about The Class Hyosung, events and premium sales promotion including interest-free installments are provided by the showrooms or the website.


Hyosung in the Media

Hanbok and Ao Dai’: Hyosung Advertisement Receives Attention during President Park’s Visit

Hyosung advertisement printed in local newspapers during Park Geun-hye’s visit to Vietnam received great attention. It is considered to have contributed to building friendly relations between Korea and Vietnam in terms of quantity, content and time. For 5 days from September 7th when President Park entered Vietnam to the 11th when she left after the state visit, the advertisement was printed in major daily and weekly newspapers in Vietnam. This quick step received attention from Korean government officials as well as entrepreneurs in Vietnam.

The content itself was also a sensation. Considering that a syllable (Geun) of President Park’s name indicates the rose of Sharon (Mugunghwa), the national flower of Korea, the welcoming ad displayed the rose of Sharon right next to the lotus, the national flower of Vietnam. There was also the farewell ad printed on September 10th and 11th, featuring hanbok, the Korean traditional clothing, and ao dai, the Vietnamese traditional clothing. This ad was printed immediately after President Park appeared onstage wearing hanbok in the ‘Hanbok and Ao Dai Fashion Show’ geld in Keangnam Hanoi Landmark in Hanoi on the 8th, which clearly imprinted Park’s image on the minds of local residents. This ad was created in advance along with the welcoming ad and delivered to the relevant media beforehand, with the intention to help Korea build friendly relations with Vietnam. The Korean media also printed stories about this ad.

Social Contribution News

Children with Developmental Disabilities Fly with the Wings of Music with Hyosung

The Wings, the cello ensemble and orchestra for children with developmental disabilities sponsored by Hyosung, held an impressive concert in celebration of the first anniversary in the evening of September 13th at the Ceramic Palace Hall in Irwon-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul. This concert was a celebratory performance a year after the persistent cello lessons twice a week since the cello ensemble was formed by the 28 children with developmental disabilities back in last October, since Hyosung promised to provide sponsorship. 

“The students worked hard to participate in the rehearsals for the past year, and enjoyed the lessons by communicating with one another through music,” said conductor Oh Sae-ran, who prepared and supervised the concert. “I hope this concert serves as a momentum for the students to have confidence in not only music but also their lives, and grow up to be great individuals.”

“Hyosung decided to sponsor the cello ensemble for the disabled children to find their artistic talent through music lessons, reinforce social rehabilitation skills, and obtain a sense of achievement by playing instruments,” said Cho Hyun-sang, Vice-President of the Strategy Division and the Industrial Materials PG Head. “We will continue to provide support activities and cultural art education for the disabled children and the underprivileged class, and contribute to giving hope and making this society a bright and healthy place.”

Sharing Rice with Mapo-gu Neighbors for Hangawi (Korean Thanksgiving Day)

Hyosung delivered 500 sacks of ‘Rice of Love’ to the Mapo-gu Office support the elders who live alone or the low-income families in Mapo-gu on September 16th before Chuseok (Korean Thanksgiving Day). This event was provided to be of some help for the underprivileged residents in Mapo-gu to spend a rich and abundant holiday. This donation was prepared by the Matching Grant system. “We hope these donations by our employees help the neighbors in need,” said Cho Hyun-joon, Head of the Strategy Division (President). Since 2006, Hyosung has been sharing the ‘Rice of Love’ for the low-income families in Mapo-gu in which the headquarters is located. The Mapo-gu Office takes these donations to each dong offices and the Mapo Happiness Sharing Food Market to be delivered to 500 households with elders living alone, recipients of the National Basic Livelihood Security, and the lower-income families.

Gumi Plant Forms One-Company-One-Traditional-Market Partnership

The Gumi Plant enters into an agreement to form the One-Company-One-Traditional-Market partnership with Indong Market on September 5th at the situation room of the Gumi City Hall, with over 40 participants including Gumi Mayor Nam Yoo-jin, CEOs of various companies and those working in traditional markets. Gumi is developing a campaign for One-Company-One-Traditional-Market partnership to seek regional economic development by enhancing community spirit of companies, practicing win-win and cooperation, and vitalizing traditional markets. Moreover, the gift certificates presented as gifts in various awards have been changed from hypermarket gift certificates to Onnuri gift certificates to be used for traditional markets starting this March.

Gumi Plant Sponsors 2013 Visiting Culture ‘Vision Concert’

The Gumi Plant attended the 2013 Visiting Culture ‘Vision Concert’ held on September 26th at the Gumi General Social Welfare Center to deliver 200 thermos bottles as a sponsorship. The Vision Concert is a program hosted by the Gumi General Social Welfare Center and the Gumi Branch of the Music Association of Korea and sponsored by the Gumi Plant to provide hope for the underprivileged people in the community by sharing love and building a beautiful world. This sponsorship was prepared by the Matching Grant donation of employees and the company by sharing the salaries of the Gumi Plant employees. The supplies will be given to about 80 senior citizens and local underprivileged residents who attended the Vision Concert. The Gumi General Social Welfare Center has been carrying out family welfare projects, community protection projects and education culture projects for the past 20 years with the local residents, and the Gumi Plant is participating in the side-dish making volunteer activity on the 1st, 3rd and 5th Wednesdays every month.

Gwanghyewon Plant Supports the 21st Worker-Resident Harmony Athletic Meet

The Gwanghyewon Plant participated in the 21st Worker-Resident Harmony Athletic Meet held on September 8th in Gwanghyewon-myeon for harmonization of local residents and provided 10 bicycles as prizes. Workers, local residents, institutions and social organizations that contribute to the development of Gwanghyewon-myeon participated in this athletic meet. The Gwanghyewon Plant also provided gifts for the residents and participated in the meet, adding more significance to the event.

Changwon Plant Spends Chuseok Holidays with the Disabled

The Changwon Plant sponsored the ‘Holidays with the Disabled’ project hosted by the Gyeongnam Welfare Center for the Handicapped on September 16th in celebration of the Chuseok holidays. The Changwon Plant prepared foods and goods for the ancestral rites with the donation of the Matching Grant in which the employees collected money in the One-Person-One-Account campaign and the company added the same amount of money. This was delivered to 30 handicapped families in Changwon and 20 handicapped families in Geochang-gun. The Changwon Plant has been providing foods and goods for the ancestral rites every Chuseok and New Year’s holiday as part of social contribution activities so that the low-income disabled families can enjoy a happy holiday.

The ‘Holidays with the Disabled’ project of the Changwon Plant is positioning itself as a meaningful project that reduces the financial burden of low-income disabled families and sends mental and emotional support.

Ulsan Plant Holds the Industry-Academia Cooperation Scholarship Presentation Ceremony

On September 16th, the Ulsan Plant presented the industry-academia cooperation scholarships for Noh Sun-young and Yeo Seung-wook, students of University of Ulsan, as part of social contribution activities. Noh and Yeo showed their appreciation by expressing their aspirations to become future industrial leaders by concentrating on their studies of biomolecular engineering and electricity and electronic engineering. The Ulsan Plant is offering industry-academia cooperation scholarships every year to foster the students of University of Ulsan with financial difficulties and outstanding academic records into the future pillars of the community.

Anyang Office Cleans Hogye Neighborhoods Parks

The Anyang Office carried out cleaning activities at Hogye Neighborhood Parks nearby for about an hour on August 28th. This month, over 20 employees of the Anyang Plant, Hyosung R&DB Labs, Power & Industrial Systems R&D Center, and Hyosung HR Development Center voluntarily cleaned the path starting from the main gate of the Anyang Office to Hogye Neighborhood Parks through Bangchuk-ro. The Anyang Office is making efforts to improve the environment in the community by regularly cleaning up the areas around the office once a month.


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