[Hyosung Stories with Numbers] Stories of 30,000 Hyosung Employees in 400 Issues

2013. 10. 16. 11:00

[Hyosung Stories with Numbers] Stories of 30,000 Hyosung Employees in 400 Issues

Total Cumulative Circulation of <HYOSUNG>: 4.2 Million Copies

4.2 Million Copies

26,000 copies of <HYOSUNG> were published when it was first founded in December 1980, and 10,000 copies are published for every issue since September 1983. Therefore, the number of copies published thus far adds up to 4.2 million. Currently we are publishing a monthly average of 10,000 copies, but the recent distribution of PDF on blogs and company bulletin boards indicates that the actual number of readers is much greater.

No. of Hyosung Employees Featured <HYOSUNG> So Far: Over 30,000 People

Over 30,000 People

<HYOSUNG> always welcomes the participation of Hyosung employees. An average of 80 Hyosung employees every month is featured in the newsletter. Over 30,000 employees participated in 400 issues of Hyosung newsletter.

No. of Celebrities <HYOSUNG> Has Met: Over 50 People

Over 50 People

Famous figures making outstanding achievements in various fields were featured in the celebrity interview section of <HYOSUNG>, adding more excitement to the newsletter. Since October 2010 when the interview section was first printed, the number of celebrities who participated in the column is over 50. Some of the well-received interviewees were Goyang Wonders baseball team manager Kim Sung-keun, mountain climber Um Hong-gil, baseball player Yang Joon-hyuk, ballerina Kim Joo-won, Hector and the Search for Happiness author Francois Lelord, hanbok expert Park Sul-nyeo, psychiatrist and doctor Lee Si-hyoung, singer Insooni, and comic Misaeng creator Yoon Tae-ho.

Total Thickness of 400 Issues of <HYOSUNG>: 2m

xiat campaign

If we pile up the 400 issues of the newsletter one by one, the entire thing will be as high as the height of a basketball player. The thickness of one issue is 5mm in average, which add ups to 2m for 400 issuesXIAT CAMPAIGN’ was the column created to make Hyosung Way a way of life. The March issue of 2012 featured an interview with the members of the Special Device Design Team of the Industrial Machinery PU Changwon Plant. The team members requested that all members get into one picture; so the photographer took a risk and climbed up to a high position in the plant to take the picture. As a result, 26 team members could appear in one column.



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