[Wondering About GWP] Their Efforts to Create a ‘Cheerful, Pleasant and Exciting Work Place’

2013. 9. 12. 10:04

2013 First Half Year GWP Agent Conference Their Efforts to Create a ‘Cheerful, Pleasant and Exciting Work Place’

A total of 46 people including the agents in each organization attended the GWP Agent Conference, which was held in two separate sessions on July 25th and August 1st. This conference started off with the time to think about Hyosung’s GWP vision, followed by a lecture on GWP Index diagnosis questionnaires and effective implementation plans, and a discussion of ways to reinforce our organization’s GWP based on implications drawn from the cases of each PU and other companies. This conference was a good opportunity for the agents to share their concerns and difficulties, while also showing their passion, dream and will to create a greater work place.


Cheerful, Pleasant and Exciting Hyosung


Cheerful, Pleasant and Exciting Hyosung


The GWP Agent Conference started off with an abstract question: “What is a cheerful, pleasant and exciting work place?” The agents freely shared their usual ideas and images about GWP. There was one common thing among various perspectives and views: the ultimate goal of our company’s GWP --- Hyosung’s ‘GWP vision’ --- is to create a ‘work place where we are proud of our jobs and work pleasantly and excitedly with our coworkers based on mutual trust.’



What are the agents’ ideas of a cheerful, pleasant and exciting work place?>


Time to Set the Direction for Future GWP Activities


Next, the participants listened to a lecture about ‘the meaning of GWP Index diagnosis questionnaires and effective implementation plans’ by Dr. Cho Mi-ok of GWP Korea. The GWP Index Survey is widely used as a scale to diagnose and determine the company’s organizational culture in 45 nations worldwide. However, our company used the scale for the first time in March, and thus we generally lacked understanding of its meaning. This was a good occasion for the agents to broaden the scope of understanding the meaning of the GWP Index diagnosis results and the implications. They could also picture future changes of the survey that will be conducted through improvement activities suitable for the organization.


The agents also had some time to listen to excellent cases of other companies and cases of Hyosung PU, from which they drew implications. Dr. Cho introduced various experiences of consultation with Korean companies and research of outstanding global companies, and emphasized, “GWP can succeed only if the head of the organization continues working on it with strong driving force. The agents must assist the management to effectively take the initiative.”



Leaders must show constant care and symbolic actions



Then there was an introduction of GWP activities carried out by HGS, Hyosung Capital, Yongyeon Plant, Packaging PU, and Anyang Plant, after which the agents had a Q&A session and discussion on setting the future direction. The cases of Hyosung touched their hearts with much more significance than those of other companies in their efforts to enhance communication and build trust in various ways. In particular, the Packaging PU promoted core activities focusing on communication and work efficiency, showing signs of transformation into a true GWP. “Reorganize the current GWP-related activities, and start focusing on core activities,” advised Dr. Cho regarding the promotion of PU activities. “Leaders must show constant care and symbolic actions.”


Presentation of GWP Promotion Cases in Each PU



After the case presentation and a heated discussion, there were presentations on GWP activities carried out at the corporate level such as improving evaluation/promotion systems, working methods (meetings, reports, orders/receptions), the corporate bulletin board to activate communication, and clubs. This rounded off the GWP Agent Conference in which all Hyosung employees participate to make changes.


GWP Shall be Created Together in Cooperation!


GWP Shall be Created Together in Cooperation!



The agents talked about concerns and issues they had such as lack of members’ participation or burden from other PU activities. As they shared these concerns and listened to professional advice, they “realized that it is necessary to establish substantive plans to suit the characteristics of each organization.” For the efforts of the agents based on the ideas they shared in the conference to shine through, the interest and constant efforts of all the employees are most necessary. Let’s join all our forces to create a GWP, which comes from the voluntary participation of all the members.






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