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Group News

 [Corporate General] Investment Delegates from Vinh Phuc Province, Vietnman Visit Hyosung

On April 3rd, Vietnamese investment delegates representing the Vinh Phuch Province visited corporate headquarters in Mapo. Corporate management lead by Vice President CHOI Hyeon-sang, Head of Chemical PG PARK Joon-hyeong, and Head of PP/DH Performance Unit CHOI Young-gyo, sat down with secretary of provincial Party Committee Hoang Thi Thuy Lan and other delegates to discuss on various economic cooperation projects and promised to implement a closer cooperation between the parties.

Vin Phuc Province accommodates numbers of global corporates including Toyota and Suitom. The region’s emerging automobile material businesses and finished vehicle trading suggest bright growth potential.

 [Corporate General] Environmentally Friendly Idea Contest for Science and Engineering Students

Hyosung is holding ‘Hyosung Environmentally Friendly Idea Contest’, gathering environmentally friendly ideas related to solving climate change, 4th industrial revolution or Hyosung’s businesses. This contest is open to graduate and undergraduate Science and Engineering students can participate individually, or in a group no larger than 3. Applications are accepted at the exclusive website (www.hyosung-contest.co.kr) between the 12th and 30th of June. Selected entries will be awarded with Grand Prize (1 entry, 7 million KRW), First Runner-up (1 entry, 4 million KRW) and Second Runner-up (3 entries, 2 million KRW), each honoree will be granted with waiver or additional credits for their document review if they apply for joining Hyosung.

 [Textile PG] Participate in INDEXTM17 Switzerland, the Largest non-woven textile convension

From April 4th through 7th, Hyosung participated in the INDEXTM17 event, held in Geneva Switzerland. Hyosung drew the attention from spectators by displaying its highly elastic and anti-heat performing ‘Creora Powerfit’ and its diaper’s spandex, ‘Creora Comfort’. Moreover, Hyosung presented ‘OETO’ on site and was applauded for the demonstration of the equipment. OTEO is a spandex yarn production machine specifically developed to produce spandex yarn applicable to diapers. The global demand of spandex for diapers has been increasing in recent years since the population of senior citizens led to a larger adult diaper market.

 [Textile PG] Participate in ‘INDO INTERTEX 2017’, Largest Fabric Exhibit in Indonesia

From April 19th to 22nd, Textile PG participated in INDO INTERTEX 2017, the largest fabric and fabric machinery exhibit in Indonesia heled in Jakarta Indonesia. Hyosung has participated this exhibit since 2013, and in this year’s exhibit, Hyosung displayed the largest exhibition booth among all textile suppliers, drawing the attention of spectators. The premium spandex textile of Creora is anticipated to gain more attention in the local market benefiting from the growing trend of Muslim sportswear among the youth of Indonesia.

 [Industrial Materials PG] Executing Academic-Industrial Cooperation MOU with POSTECH

In the attendance of President CHO Hyun-sang, Head of Industrial Materials PG, Kim Do-yeon, President of POSTECH, Lee Byeong-joo, Head of Academic-Industrial Integrated Research Center, both parties gratefully executed the MOU related with the opening of the Center and research projects. Under the MOU, Hyosung and POSTECH will proceed with steel Cord basic technology innovation R&D projects for the following three years. Before signing the MOU, Lee Byeong-joo, Head of Center shared his research plans, and explained the optimal process conditions will be concluded from various researches.

 [Industrial Materials PG] Spring Event “Blossoming Deputy Department Chiefs”

On April 14th, the Industrial Materials PG held the “Blossoming Deputy Department Chiefs” event, inviting the middle managers of the organization who are soundly supporting the organization to a spring picnic. Deputy Department Chiefs came with his/her partner to address spring messages to fellow PG members, and their partners wrote cards of moral and handed their cards to the Deputy Department Chiefs. The best message was awarded with a small prize making the atmosphere warmer than the blossoming spring.

 [Power & Industrial Systems PG] Win-Win Growth Meeting with employees and directors of Partners

On April 21st, the Power & Industrial Systems PG held its annual Win-Win-Growth Meeting with its partners and hiked around the Bookhan-san Doollae-gil. Employees and directors from 25 outstanding partners joined the event. Employees and directors from Power & Industrial PG and Partners strengthened their partnership throughout the hiking course by communicating with each other and finding mutual understandings. 

In its 9th year of this event, the Power & Industrial Systems PG is planning to open more diverse measures to seek win-win growth.

 [Power & Industrial Systems PG] Changwon Plant, Receive Plaque of Honor for Outstanding Workplace In Pursue of Win-Win Cooperation for Safety and Health.

On April 19th, Changwon Plant received its Plaque of Honor for being an outstanding workplace in pursue of win-win cooperation for safety and health from the Gyeongnam Branch of KOSHA (Korea Occupational Safety & Health Agency).

In the attendance of the technical director and head of branch office of KOSHA visiting Changwon Plant, an overview of Changwon Plant was presented and discussions were made on how to support KOSHA. After rewarding the Plaque of Honor, visitors from KOSHA went to Bay 3 of Changwon Plant, and toured the motor manufacturing process including explosion proof motors.

 [Power & Industrial Systems PG] Real-time Product Training for Overseas Residential Employees

On April 6th and 18th, Power & Industrial Systems PG held an on-line remote product training by connecting residential employees stationed in seven countries including Vietnam, Arab Emirates, and Italy. The first session held on the 6th was comprised with information to allow employees to grasp a better understanding of products manufactured by Industrial Machinery PU and Hyosung Goodsprings. The second session held on the 18th was comprised with information regarding products available from Power Systems PU. This training is expected to be helpful in increasing overseas residential employee’s understanding of the various products provided by the PG and in responding to customers.

 [Power & Industrial Systems PG] Changwon Plant, Undergo Surveillance Audit on Quality & HSE Management System

From April 4th to 7th, Changwon Plant underwent Surveillance Audits for ISO 9001 (Quality Management), ISO 14001 (Environmental Management), OHSAS 18001 (Occupational Health & Safety), and KOSHA 18001 (Occupational Health & Safety). These audits are conducted to maintain the quality & HSE management system and sustain and improve Hyosung Comprehensive Management System. Auditors from DNV.GL and KOSHA (Korea Occupational Safety & Health Agency) conducted the audits, and 22 teams were audited including, Transmission, Circuit Breaker, Industrial Machinery, Administration, and General.

 [Power & Industrial Systems PG] Changwon Plant, Operates Junior Engineering School for 1st Half of 2017

From April 10th to 18th, Power & Industrial Systems PG held a Junior Engineering School for 5, and 6 grade students from Nae-dong elementary school and Han-deul elementary school.

Hyosung has held Junior Engineering Schools at least twice a year from 2004, and up to now over 2,600 students had the opportunity to experience this event. Employees and directors provide an experimental education allowing students to actual “do” and “see” scientific stuff, where students and parents are thrilled with the event. This Junior Engineering School was taught by 10 employees and directors from Changwon Plant, and taught how transformers and circuit breakers work with textbooks made by Industrial Systems PG, and helped students make a mock transformer by themselves.

 [Chemicals PG] Yongyeon Plant of Neochem PU, My Zone Activities

Yongyeon Plant of Neochem PU initiates My Zone, an activity to make a safe workplace and embody responsibility management. My Zone designates employees to each and every area of the plant to manage and control the area he or she is responsible for. Every Wednesday is designated as the “Site Day” where employees from Neochem PU goes to his or her My Zone to clean and manage the area from 1PM to 3PM. Any needs of improvement identified on Site Day will be registered in Suggestion Management System available on HOPE. Once registered on HOPE, the improvement team shall check the need of improvement and improve such points if applicable. The overall process will be logged on a database to enhance work efficiency through an integrated management.

 [Chemicals PG] Yongyeon Plant, Dormitory Meeting

14 representatives from each dormitory and members from management team gathered together to share their thoughts on how to improve the dormitory used by employees and directors. Employees and directors shared the current status of each dormitory and figured what the current problems are and how to improve such problems. Conclusions from the meeting were immediately fed back to the site to seek further improvement.

Yongyeon Plant expressed its dedication to change and improve ultimately to provide a convenient and comfortable accommodation for its employees and directors.

 [Information Communication PG] Nautilus Hyosung PU, Open Launching Event in France.

On March 21st, Nautilus Hyosung PU and its French agent, Moneyline Banking Systems invented major financial entities and jointly held a launching event. In October of 2016, Nautilus Hyosung PU executed an agent agreement with Moneyline Banking systems aiming to expand its ability in sales and service supply in the French market. This event is on the same path of the agreement by announcing the partnership between the two companies to increase customer relations. Over 80 participants from the six major French banks and significant retailers attended the event to witness presentations of the new BAU and NBS models, and to learn more of Nautilus Hyosung’s vision of the French market.

 [Information Communication PG] Gumi Plant of Nautilus Hyosung PU, Executing Labor-Management Partnership Cooperation

On April 18th, Nautilus Hyosung held a Labor-Management Partnership Cooperation ceremony at Seoul Women’s Plaza to execute a support agreement on Labor-Management Cooperation with the Labor-Management Development Foundation. The Labor-Management Partnership Program provides governmental funds in joint Labor-Management Programs which are implied to establish cooperative relationships between employees and workplaces, and to innovate the workplace. Over 100 domestic workplaces were selected to receive this support. The selected workplaces may use the funds for internal events including workshops and teambuilding events.

 [Information Communication PG] Nautilus Hyosung PU held HQ-Plant Sports Exchange

On April 8th, Nautilus Hyosung held “HQ-Plant Sports Exchange, 2017 1H” at Gumi’s Gupo Sports Park. Both teams draw in soccer sharing 3 goals each, and in the following baseball match, team Plant took the best out of team HQ beating them 18:9.

In its 4th year, the HQ-Plant sports exchange of Nautilus Hyosung has now established itsef as a stage for employees from HQ and Plant, who do not have enough chance to communicate with each other, to come together, know each other and bond as a team.

 [Information Communication PG] Hyosung Captial PU, Hold 2Q Town hall Meeting

On April 25th, Hyosung Capital PU held its town hall meeting for 2Q. The business performance from 1Q, major projects for 2Q and CEO message were presented during the meeting. KIM Yong-deok, head of PU emphasized establishing high-earning generating business strategies, elaborating profit management and response measures to FSS’s (Financial Supervisory Service) enhanced financial soundness management of the 2nd financial sectors as major projects of 2Q. 

He also requested that best practices should be shared between team members and divisions to revitalize communication, establish consensus and help achieving the ordinary profit goals of 2Q.

 [Information Communication PG] Hyosung Capital PU, Rank Meetings for Corporate Development

On April 26th, 40 Department Chiefs and Deputy Department Chiefs of Hyosung Capital PU from the Gyeong-in region gathered to discuss increasing sales assets and enhance operation yield. Mjaor subjects of the meetings were: necessity of heavy support on highly profitable products by reorganizing product portfolio; measures to recover losses from livestock loans; generating future business items; and making channel agent management more efficient, and every participant honestly addressed the field’s opinion without any addition nor reduction. Hyosung Capital PU will consolidate the opinions from each ranks and reflect those opinions in its corporal development plan.

Social Contribution

 Blood Donation for Children Suffering from Leukemia and Cancer

Blood donated by employees and directors were sent to the Korean Association for Children with Leukemia and Cancer (KACLC), along with blood certificates donated by employees and directors, to aid children who is in need of blood transfusion. Hyosung, continuously conducting blood donation activities, is planning to continue its efforts to provide the opportunity to share the warmth and love of Hyosung People.

 Anyang Plant, 38th, Azalea Festival

On April 8th and 9th, alongside with the fully blossomed azaleas, Anyang Plant held the Azalea Festival opening its azalea hill and grass field to local citizens. Every citizen attending the event were served with free coffee and tea, and children enjoyed various experience including face-painting and calligraphy. Hyosung Goodwill Store and the Mother’s Club of Hogye-dong held a flee-market and donated all proceeds to those in need of help which made the event more meaningful.

 Industrial Materials PG, Hold Sports Event at Young Nak Anea’s Home, celebrating National Physically / Mentally Challenged Day

As part of celebrating national physically /mentally challenged day, on April 20th, Industrial Materials PG held a sports event at Young Nak Anea’s Home, a facility providing shelter to those who are severely challenged. Under the slogan of ‘Unified with an open heart, To the future overcoming our challenges’, physically challenged children teamed up with the employees and directors of Hyosung and enjoyed sports activities, which are difficult for them to experience on an ordinary day.

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