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With a population larger than 200 million, Brazil is an upcoming economic whale, having the largest fabric market in Central and South America. Brazil Division is establishing the production network of Industrial Korean Wave. Here is the story of the Brazil Division, pioneering further than only Brazil.

 The seventh Spandex Factory of Hyosung, Brazil Division


In Brazil, you can experience tropical, subtropical and temperate zone in the same country. The Brazil Division is located in Estado de Santa Catarina, a region with rich forests, with sunny and humid days where you can appreciate the blue sky. 

The Brazil Division is the home of the seventh Spandex factory of Hyosung, and since its facilitation in 2011 by producing Creora, its production has only increased and now holds the largest market share in Brazil. The Brazil division is expanding its territory from Brazil and is now challenging the Argentinian and Columbian market, to enforce the reputation of a global brand.

Brazil is anticipated to provide prosperous business opportunities. As the steppingstone to the Central & South American fabric market, Korean products are gaining more interest, and Brazil is the pinnacle to discover overseas sale routes to enter the adjacent Argentinian and Columbian market. To conquer such opportunistic Brazilian market, the Brazil Division is conducting diverse marketing and sales activities.

 Customers Comes First Amongst Everything

Observing the low recognition of Creora, employees of the Brazil Division is focused on interacting with customers to get familiar with. Various marketing activities are implemented such as inviting customers to tour the production facility which can directly lead to new deals. Regular technical meetings are held with customers to listen to their voice and complaints, their inputs are further dealt with the production site night and day to achieve the best possible quality.

The employees of the Brazil Division, sincerely approaching marketing and quality issues raised by customers and continuously improving such issues, are endeavoring not to forget to put customers in front of everything.

 Creora School, for sales agents of Central & South America


Hyosung is operating ‘Creora Workshop’ for fabric and fashion entities to introduce contemporary global fashion trends and to suggest fabric development schemes adopting Creora. Customers are highly appreciative of these kinds of marketing activities helping customer develop new products and expanding sales routes.

Last April the Brazil Division held its first Creora Workshop for sales agents operating in Central & South America. It was an upgrade from the previous workshops where only employees and customers of Hyosung was allowed to participate, and opening the workshop for sales agents where only Creora School Program was available to them. 

Throughout the workshop, attendees were provided with useful contents for the sales of the agents including differentiated products of Hyosung’s brand, merits over competitors, examples of VIU (Value In Use) materialized in Brazil. Basic training for each category of use was also conducted to allow attendees to support initial trouble shooting of quality issues.

Size sales agents from Mexico and Columbia attended the Creora School. The attendees showed great interest in all sorts of technical material and various information. The workshop was conducted in their mother tongue, Spanish, which was highly appreciated by the attendees for the considerosity helping them having a more valuable time. Based on these communications with customers, the Brazil Division is cementing its position in the local market. Another Creora School is planned in May, with sales agents from Peru and Argentina.

 Stories of Customers and Employees in Brazil Division

Brazil Division, Materializing Infinite Possibilities.

Cho Do-joon, Head of Brazil Division

“The Brazil Division is driving at full speed to provide products and services optimized to the local market. Since the completion of Santa Catarina Factory, all employees are focused on analyzing our competition and customers before launching our products. Our employees visit customers in person, suggesting reliable and affordable prices, and by efficiently forwarding technical services from the manufacturers, the Customers seem to be impressed with us. To make the Creora brand a household-name, we are targeting other Central & South American markets as well as Brazil. All members of the Brazil Division will not rest until the infinite possibilities of this market are materialized.”

Happy Workplace, Growing Together


Joao Aurelio Schlogl, HR, Brazil Division

“I have grown alongside with the Brazil Division for over seven years since the factory’s establishment. The efforts of each and every member of the Brazil Division resulted in excellent performance in the Brazilian Market and established its reputation as a role model in the local community. I would like to thank my colleagues who are the foundation of this rich corporate culture which makes me work with joy in a positive atmosphere.”

Proud Member of the Brazil Division

Edecio Strama Filho, Technical Marketing Team, Brazil Division

“I am proud to be a part of the Technical Marketing Team of the Brazil Division. This year is a special year for me. I hope that I can achieve personal growth as a member of the team to bring larger revenues. By far, I will acquire more technical and sales know-hows to have sufficient communication with customers in Central and South American market.”

Delighting an Enlightening Spandex Technical Training


Nicolas de Zubiria D, from Columbian Agent Corbeta

“This Spandex Technical Training I am going through is delightful and is enlightening me with very useful information. I have enjoyed my time in the warm accommodation of the excellent personnel of the Brazil Division. I am looking forward to have great business opportunities in the future.”

Written by | Lee Yoon-jeong (Section Chief, Public Relations Team 3)

Photo Provided by | Kim Seon-pil (Deputy Department Chief TS Team, Brazil Division)

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