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Hyosung has invested a significant amount of effort to lead the 21st Century’s green growth. As part of such efforts, Galaxia Electronics is providing customers ‘Environmentally Friendly and Highly Efficient” lighting products adopting next generation LED technology. Here is the story of Galaxia Electronics, that is expanding its business of providing efficient technology solutions based derived from user-oriented research.

 LED, the environmentally friendly, next generation light source


LED Media Façade presented on the glass exterior of Samsung D’Light Building

LED (Light Emitting Diode) is a semiconductor device converting electric energy to light energy. LED became familiar with daily lives with appliance to TV remote controls, indicating lights and signs on electronic devices. LED can be easily found in various applications including traffic lights, streetlamps, billboards, automobiles, LCD backlights, portable home appliances, and plant factories.

LED has low power consumption and high energy efficiency which leads to reducing energy up to 90%. Emitting without a filament, LED is highly resistant against impact, and also is a environmentally friendly and safe light source without containing mercury, thus is now substituting conventional light sources.

 Attacking Global Markets with Original Technology and Quality


Seoul Square, 7,722m2 Large LED Media Facade

Galaxia Electronics is an LED solution supplier providing the best solutions in the field of advanced LED including displays, media facades, and lightening. Based on its global technology, products of Galaxia Electronics is a fundamental part of major events including world-wide sports events like Super Bowl, and entertainment events like concert of pop-stars such as Beyonce, and the Disney’s Fantasmic Show. 

Under partnership with global corporates including Disney and Universal Studios, Galaxia Electronics is recognized in the global market as the owner of original technology in media façade design, creating gigantic art pieces by displaying colorful videos on buildings converted to screens after sunset. This technology was selected by various art pieces of Julian Opie, an installation artist from UK.

 Disney California Adventure, Round type LED Screen


Kuwait Wataniya Telecom, LED Outdoor Lighting, Screen

Galaxia Electronics, earning customers’ trust with its endless R&D to immediately respond to the market change and to fulfill customer needs, is rapidly growing, and is expected to accelerate its global growth based on its vision of ‘Delighting People with Light’.

 Participating in KOBA 2017


Galaxia Electronics participated in the KOBA 2017, held at COEX Convention & Exhibition Center in Samsung-dong Seoul from the 16th of May to “Winvision Neo’, a high definition indoor display. Winvision Neo materializes the differentiated technology offered by ‘Winvision’, a world class display rental service, and is the flagship model for Galaxia Electronics’ indoor display. 

Unlike conventional projectors, Winvision Neo provides a perfect vivid color presentation regardless of the surrounding brightness. It also adopts high definition bezel-less large screen displays, distinguishing itself from previous LCD-TV type large displays, enhancing the viewers’ concentration and is drawing the market’s attention being optimally applicable for auditoriums, situation rooms, educational seminar rooms, broadcast studios, and corporal meeting rooms.

Written by | Lee Yoon-jeong (Section Chief, Public Relations Team 3)

Photo Provided | Jang Sook(Deputy Department Chief, Galaxia Electronics)

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