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Group News

 [Corporate General] Hyosung Group,

    Hold 62nd Annual Shareholder Meeting

On March 17th, the 62nd Annual Shareholder Meeting was held at corporate HQ in Mapo. In the attendance of shareholders and institutional investors, the business showings from 2016 were reported. Important business decisions regarding the management of the company were resolved. In 2016, Hyosung recorded annual revenue around 11,929,100,000 KRW and operating profit around 116,300,000 KRW, which was the first time Hyosung has surpassed the 100,000,000 KRW barrier in operating profits to secure its position in the global market. 

 [Corporate General] Establish and Release PC Security Guide 

    to Ensure Security Awareness

On March 6th, Hyosung established a PC Security Guide to prevent disclosure of important corporate information and security incidents that viruses may cause. This guide is expected to institute security awareness in employees and directors when accessing their PC. 

The PC Security Guide provides detail safeguards in PC access control, data protection, using internet in a safe manner, using vaccines and software, and personal security policies.

 [Textile PG] Site of Win-Win Cooperation,

    2017 International Textile Fair in Daegu

From March 8th to 10th, the Textile PG participated in “Preview in Daegu, 2017”, the annual international textile fair. Jointly operating its exhibition booth with 10 partners and customers, Hyosung displayed the largest exhibition booth amongst all participants. Hyosung shared contemporary information of customers and provided on-the-spot support in expanding sales routes, reinforcing its dedication to win-win cooperation.

 [Textile PG] Creora Workshop,

    Suggest Spandex Fashion for 2019 S/S Season

From March 6th to 17th, the Textile PG held its “Creora Workshops” visiting global clients in China, Taiwan and Hong Kong to provide customized consult. The workshop was held for over 20 companies of fabric, sewing and brands. The world famous fashion columnist Louisa Smith suggested customers, in person, fashion trends that will go viral in Spring/Summer of 2019 including casual and active ware. Hyosung is planning to expand its customized service strategy toward global clients.

 [Textile PG] Gumi Plant,

    Hold 2017, Quality, Process Index Achievement Workshop

From March 14th to 15th, Gumi plant held “2017, Quality, Process Index Achievement Workshop” at its Education Center in Changnyeong. In the attendance of every site employee, the management policies and the implementation plans to achieve KPIs from all three Performance Units were shared among participants. Participants also established and implemented action plans oriented to the production site. The action plans, established based on the voice of site employees, will be executed after review of Production Section.

 [Textile PG] Senior Manager LEE Sang-gon from Ulsan Plant, Received Commendation from Mayor of Ulsan Metropolitan City

On March 22nd, Senior Manager LEE Sang-gon from PET Polymer Team of Nylon Polyester Yarn PU at Ulsan Plant received a commendation from the Mayor of Ulsan Metropolitan City for his contribution to chemical industrial development as part as the 11th annual Ulsan Chemical Day ceremony. Senior Manager LEE Sang-gon, throughout his tenure as the head of PET Polymer Team, contributed to becoming the largest Polyester supplier in Korea by expanding the production facility for polyester chips, and his dedication to innovation activities, and accident-free workplace were honored.

 [Industrial Materials PG]

    Participate in French Composites Show, JEC World 2017

From March 14th to 16th, the Industrial Materials PG participated in ‘JEC World 2017’ held in Paris, France. This event is the world’s largest composite show where over 1,200 companies stationed in over 90 countries participate. Hyosung displayed numbers of products applying TASNOME®, and actively marketed TANSOME®’s features targeting the promising market of high pressure containers and other industrial markets.

 [Industrial Materials PG] Accompanied with Loved Ones,

    Family Day 

On March 25th, Industrial Materials PG held its Family Day event in Paju, Gyeonggi-do. Directors, employees and their loved ones gathered at corporate HQ at Mapo and traveled to Paju Cheese School to participate in pizza & cheese, making & tasting activities. The event provided families the opportunity to make good memories by enjoying animal farms, riding rail-sleds and visiting Heyri art valley and participants showed great enthusiasm in the event.

 [Power & Industrial Systems PG]

    13th Hyosung Technology Innovation Forum

On March 17th, Power & Industrial Systems PG held the ‘13th Hyosung Technology Innovation Forum” (the “TIF”). This year’s theme was “The 4th Industrial Revolution and Power Industry”. In the attendance of directors, employees and professors of the technical consult, the future of industry was discussed with presentations by experts from Korea Electric Power Research Institute and GE. TIF is a quarterly event and is expected to secure prior arts and improve productivity.

 [Construction PG] Construction PG, Hold 2017,

    Win-Win Growth Meeting with Partners

On March 23rd, Construction PG held its 2017 Win-Win Growth Meeting with partners at the convention hall of Sebitseom, Seoul. In the attendance of over 150 partner representatives, personnel related to technological MOUs, directors and employees, Construction PG explained its business showings from 2016 and plans & major projects for 2017. In particular, the win-win growth policy implemented by Hyosung was presented and every participant shared the achievement of win-win growth by honoring the best partners.

 [Construction PG] Landmark of Ganbbook,

    “Dream Forest, Hyosung Harrington Place” Parceled Out

The parceling out of ‘Dream Forest, Hyosung Harrington Place” which will be sited at Miah-dong Gangbook-gu, Seoul commenced on March 3rd. Dream Forest, Hyosung Harrington Place, the future landmark of Gangbook will be adjacent to Mia-sageori Station of Line No.4 of Seoul’s subway, and accommodate 1,028 households to a doubled premium experience. The model house opened on March 3rd, and the complex will provide excellent living infrastructures and high-class education.

 [Information Communication PG] Hyosung Capital PG,

    Hold 20th Annual Shareholder Meeting

On March 24th, Hyosung Capital PG held the 20th Annual Shareholder Meeting at the auditorium in the corporate facility in Banpo. KIM Yong-doek, President of PU announced the opening of the meeting, followed by attendance & share count, opening statement by the chairman, reporting and resolving issues, and closing. Throughout the meeting, the financial report, amendment of articles of incorporation, appointment of auditors, approval of directors’ remuneration were resolved.

 [Information Communication PG] Nautilus Hyosung PU, 

    Ethical Management Training

Nautilus Hyosung PU held ethical management training sessions at its headquarters (March 21st ~ 22nd) and its production facility (March 29th). During these sessions, cases of violation of Monopoly Regulation and Fair Trade Act and Unfair Competition Prevention and Trade Secret Protection Act were introduced and participants went through guidelines to avoid any violation of the law. Participants were ensured to embed ethical management and shared the sense of ethics.

 [Independent Corporations] The Class Hysoung,

    Provide Free Spring Maintenance

The Class Hyosung is conducting a “Spring Service Campaign” at all of its service centers around the country. This campaign includes free maintenance of 12 items and gives away windshield wipers to customers who purchase maintenance products (warranty plus, compact plus packages). The Class Hyosung is also holding a “Ride to Motor Show on a Starcruiser” event where participants can win a ticket to the motor show and be droven to the show on a starcruiser, the luxurious limousine bus.

Social Contribution

 Financial Support to Cultural Welfare Expanding

    Social Enterprises.

On March 22nd, Hyosung held a ceremony ate Sebitseom Seoul, to provide financial support to social enterprises endeavoring to expand cultural welfare. Barrier Free Films Committee (KOBAFF), It-da and Memory Plant were selected to be granted the donation. KOBAFF operates businesses to interpret movies into audible or visual versions for the blind or the deaf. It-da is a cultural contents provider supporting artistic activities of mentally challenged people. And Memory factor provides a platform for the elder to socialize and have emotional stability.

 Anyang Complex, 1 Company – 1 River Cleaning Activity

Celebrating the ‘2017 World’s Water Day’, Anyang Complex held its 1 Company 1 River Cleaning Activity on March 22nd. Directors and Employees from Anyang Plant, Hyosung R&C Center, Power & Industrial Systems PU R&D Center, and Hyosung Training Institute cleaned the scenery of the bank of Anyang River. This year’s event was held on the ‘2017 World’s Water Day’ and over 500 participants from local companies, environmental groups, military, social institutes gathered and shared the importance of water and expressed their dedication to preserve and manage the local river.

 Ulsan Plant, Sharing the Love

    with Ulsan Orphanage at Jajangmyeon with Love Event

On March 18th, over 20 members of the Ulsan Plant Volunteers Corp visited Ulsan Orphanage and held a Jajangmyeon with Love event. Ulsan Orphanage is a social welfare facility where over 120 children (from infants to college students) reside, and corp members provided jajangmyeon along with a hand to improve the facility’s environment. Ulsan Plant is planning to continue its efforts to help and support local social welfare facilities and the less-privileged households.

 Ulsan Plant,

    Research & Industry Cooperation Scholarship Ceremony.

As part of social contribution activities, Ulsan Plant provided scholarships to KIM Geon-woo and HA In-ha of Ulsan University on March 10th. With the intent to support future talent in the region, Ulsan Plant has provided scholarship to students at Ulsan University who show excellent grades despite their difficult situations. KIM Geon-woo and HA In-ha, majoring Electrics and Chemical Engineering, respectively, expressed their ambition to lead the future industry by fulfilling their academic expectations

 Hyosung Goodsprings ‘The Angel’,

    Visit Tongyeong Orphanage

On a beautiful spring Saturday of March 11th, ‘The Angel’, an informal volunteer sharing group of Hyosung Goodsprings visited Tongyeong Orphanage and lent their hands. Volunteers cleaned up the cafeteria to help children dine in a better environment and brought along a samgyeopsal party to give the children something to remember. After the party, small presents were handed to each and every children.

 Nautilus Hyosung PU,

    Visit Gumi Hetsal Local Youth Center

On March 4th, Nautilus Hyosung PU visited Gumi Hetsal Local Youth Center and donated stationaries to students from lower-income households. Directors and employees wrapped the tools for experience study and necessities such as backpacks themselves hoping to deliver hope and dreams to the children.

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