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The Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy carefully examines and selects the “World-class Korean Products” every year. A variety of products manufactured by Hyosung have been selected as World-Class Korean Products throughout its existence. Now meet Hyosung’s Technology, recognized throughout the global market.

 1/20 of the Thickness of the Human Hair

Polyester Ultrafine Fiber: M2

Micro Miracle, M2, awarded as a World-Class Korean Product, is a polyester ultrafine fiber manufactured in a direct-yarning process. Relieved from any loss or wastewater during production, M2 enjoys a significant cost reduction effect and is gaining attention as an environmentally friendly yarn. The high-performance of polyester and the emotion of natural fiber fluently meshes to display features of soft texture, bulkiness, flexibility, and in-depth colors. M2 is generally applied to dolls, cleaners, cushions, beddings, sportswear such as golf wears and swimsuits, undergarments, and outers such as mustang jackets, and raincoats.

 Enjoy Your Summer Workout with aeorcool

Fresh Feeling Polyester Filament Yarn: aerocool

Aerocool, a high-performing polyester yarn enjoys its prolific quality and was awarded as a World Class Korean Product in 2002, and Best Korean Fabric Product Award in 2004. Aerocool is a remarkable functional yarn rapidly absorbing and drying moisture through tiny channels imbedded in the surface and is applicable to sports and leisure activities. It absorbs sweat and dries fast to be suitable to sportswear than any other available product.

 Environmentally Friendly Plastic Pipe

PP Graded High Pressure Piping Resin for Hot/Cold Water Piping : TOPILENE R200P

TOPILENE R200P, manufactured by Hyosung’s outstanding PP Technology, is a PP graded high-pressure piping resin selected as a World Class Korean Product since 2005. It is a Polypropylene(PP) product, which is one of the 5 major universal resins. To secure a stable supply of the main material for polypropylene production, Hyosung supplies itself with high-purity propylene from the propane dehydrogenation (DH) process where it has adapted cutting edge manufacturing technology. From raw materials to the finished products, Hyosung has successfully established vertical integration of its supply chain, and is recognized for its advanced technology. The applications are hot and cold water supply pipes, radiator pipes, and the product is appreciated for its durability (over 50 years of service life), chemical stability, and environmentally friendly aspects.

 Essence of Automobile Safety, Tire Cord.

Yarn for Tire Reinforcement.

The World Class Korean Product from 2004, Tire Cords that are fabricated with nylon and polyester, display high-functionality essential to high quality tires. Selected for over 45% of the world’s passenger cars, Hyosung supplies tire cords to the top 10 tire suppliers in the world including, Bridgestone, Michelin, Continental, Hankook Tires, Kumho Tires, and Yokohama. Tire cords are the main tire reinforcement material assuring the safety of an automobile, whereas Hyosung’s competitiveness in the polyester tire cord market shall be safe and sound supported by its world-class technology.

 Easy-care High-performance Fiber

Elastic Polyester Yarn: Xandadu

Xanadu, having similar elasticity with spandex, is widely applied to elastic materials. Its shape stability and durability has been improved from conventional polyurethane fabrics. It is an easy-care high-performance fiber with exceptional moisture absorbance / drying features and is easy to dye, wash, store and handle. It is applied to a variety of products including casual wears of denim or shirts, formal suits of jackets or blouses, and leisure wear of alpine clothing or cycling suits.

 Securing Safety of Movement

Seatbelt Polyester Yarn

Seatbelt Yarn, holding the largest market share all over the world, presents the best qualities in strict quality assurance and process management processes, exceptional durability, and excellent dyeing ability. Hyosung’s technology has been respected by renowned seat belt makers including Seat Belt Weaver, and the ARS (Automotive Restraint System) yarn produced by Hyosung is expected to have greater demand along with the growth of the global automobile market. ARS yarn is a total solution of technology featuring exceptional strength and durability to withstand the incidental impact applied to the passenger in a car accident, along with uniform dyeing ability. The in-house technology has been recognized and accredited by global seat belt manufacturers including Takata, Autoliv, Voa and Wonpyung Industry. ARS yarn has earned its title as a flagship product in the textile division along with other key automobile materials of tire cords and airbag fabrics.

 No.1 Global Market Share! The semiconductor of Fabrics

Spandex Yarn: Creora®

Since commencing production of spandex in 1992, Hyosung has grown as the world’s leading spandex maker based on its exceptional technology, R&D and global marketing activities. The spandex brand Creora®, is opening a new frontier in the fabric industry by relentlessly launching customer-needs-meeting new products supported by the world-class technology and quality.

 Comprehensive Shutdown System for Reliable Energy Suply

GIS(Gas Insulated Switchgear) : 245kV – 420kV

GIS is a comprehensive shutdown system to prevent and limit the effect of incidental accidents around transmission lines or transforming facilities. To stay in competition with other advanced European competitors, Hyosung produced its own technologies and products and its efforts to pioneer the global market are now recognized by supplying products in Russia, India, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Algeria, and Venezuela

The 245kV GIS and 420kV GIS were designed to be exported and to attack the global market, by combining individual equipment including disconnectors, arresters, and circuit breakers into a single package to remarkably reduce the footprint. The compact size reduces the overall costs born by customers and by lowering the consumption of inert gas, SF6, to one-third of existing products, the switchgears are praised for their environmentally-friendly aspect.

Written By | KWON Oh-sang (Deputy Section Chief, Public Relations Team 3)

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