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The common denominator of world-leading companies is their unique, sound and secure technology which do not flinch an eye to any confrontations. This is why we have to pay attention to Hyosung R&C Center, innovating and leading the high-added value material market with carbon fiber and Polyketone. Here is a glimpse of innovation initiated at the archive of cutting edge material technology, Hyosung R&C Center.

 Heart of Differentiated Technology, Research & Development

Inauguration of Research Technology in the 1970’s

Hyosung, anchoring the economic development of Korea for over 50 years with uninterrupted innovation, has materialized the success DNA of Hyosung People in the fields of textile, industrial material, chemical, heavy industry, construction and information & communication. As a result, numbers of products are recognized as world-class products such as spandex, tire cords, airbag fabrics, seat belt yarns, nylon yarns, and polyester yarns, and these achievements were possible only because of our technology. Hyosung R&C Center, is the heart of this technology.

“Hyosung R&C Center was founded in 1971 as the first private industrial R&D center in Korea. The center kicked the tires on research and development of differentiated technologies for textile, industrial materials and chemical substances. Based on research technology in synthetic fiber, the pinnacle of industrial development of Korea, the center expanded its fields of research to raw chemical materials, chemical products, and new materials. Based on their Vision 2020, established in 2011, each laboratory is endeavoring to sustain the reputation of “Technological Hyosung” by implementing short and mid-to-long term projects.”

Hyosung R&C Center established its Vision 2020 as ‘Technology Leader creating the future with No.1 technology’ and is dedicated to establish the group’s growth engine oriented to 5 major new products.

The 5 major new products are high-performance textiles, optical films, environmental/energy materials, ENPLA/composite materials, and electronic materials. Among these 5 major new products, Spandex, having the largest market share in the world, and Carbon Fiber & Polyketone, the next generation cutting-edge material shall fuel the new growth engine of Hyosung.

 Generate New Added-Value with In-house Technology

Dream New Material, Derived from In-house Technology.

The value of Hyosung R&C Center, fulfilling its heritage of challenge and achievements, is epitomized with the development of high-added value new materials. The innovative ideas and technologies forming the foundation of Carbon fiber, under mass production since 2013, and Polyketone being the first to commercialize Polyketone were cultivated by Hyosung R&C Center.

“Whereas the material industry was strongly dependent to foreign countries like US and Japan, developing Carbon Fiber and Polyketone with in-house technology bears a significant meaning. Such convergent and complex material pursues ultra-lightness and maximization of performance through new physical and chemical combinations to generate new added-values.”

Carbon fiber is a dream material which has one-fifth of the weight of steel, yet is 10 times stronger than steel. Carbon Fiber produced by Hyosung, titled as TANSOME® is applied in various fields including automobile and sports leisure, only to display its value.

Carbon fiber also left a significant footprint in the electronic material industry. Hyosung broke through the luminous LED material market, once 100% dependent on import, and established a broad portfolio by developing oxides and nitrides from in-house technology. Hyosung is the only manufacturer in Korea that has certificates for both settling membranes and pressurized membranes in the water treatment membrane industry. 

Valuable Achievements from Unprecedented Technology

In-house technology is not the only modifier of Hyosung R&C Center. “Unprecedented” is another adjective describing Hyosung R&C Center. In 2013, Hyosung released an environmentally friendly engineering plastic with unprecedented in-house technology. With phenomenal durability against heat, friction, impact and chemicals, Polyketone was born. JANG Doo-won, head of Hyosung R&C Center explains his pride of such accomplishment.

“With a decade of work, countless sweat and ruthless passion, we developed the unprecedented Polyketone. US and Japan tried to commercialize this material since the late 1908’s only to encounter more obstacles, and failure. However, we did it and I am proud of our success. The unique technology integrated in POKETONETM, the commercial brand of Hyosung’s polyketone, is contributing to our path to Global No.1 Company.”

Benefiting from its prolific strength and impact resistance, polyketone has high applicability in automobile connectors, fuel lines, interior & exterior outfitting, and electric/electronic housings. Hyosung R&C, the cradle of this technology is second to none, the center of new material technology innovation.

 R&D of Value, not R&D of Volume for Technology Independence

Leader to the Future, with No.1 Technology

To survive the lingering global economic depression, competitiveness must be secured with exceptional technology. Adding differentiated products with technological innovation and efforts to explore new business areas will enhance the strength and longevity of business. Therefore, Hyosung R&C Center emphasizes securing source technology of material. With source technology, a business can stand on its own feet and enhance its cost competitiveness and technology security. By pursuing R&D of value with exceptional technology rather than R&D of volume, Hyosung R&D Center, will be our compass to technology-oriented growth.

Hyosung R&C Center Research Fields

1. Textile Research Group

Develop spandex, tier cords, strong industrial yarn, aramid fiber, etc.

2. Polymerization Research Group

Develop Polyketone. Secure source technology of propylene propane dehydrogenation process

3. Electronic Materials Research Group

Develop carbon nanotubes, pastes and polymer composites using carbon nanotubes. Develop exceptional technology for oxides and nitrides of luminous LED materials.

4. Film Research Group

Develop TAC films for LCD polarizers, anti-reflection films, retardation films and other films for next-generation displays. 

5. Functional Materials Research Group

Develop Carbon Fibers. Research membranes for water treatment which is an environmental/energy material.

Written by | BAEK Hyon-joo

Photo | HAN Soo-jeong (Day40 Studio)

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